Beauty Industry: Policy Reforms Headed Our Way

by Fred Jones, reprinted from this news site In January 2016, Fred Jones provided a general overview of some policy and regulatory reform trends that he saw coming down the pike. Among those was my prediction there’d be a backlash to a New York Times series that ran in early 2015, exposing many workplace violations in NYC […]

3 Tips to Creating a Healthy Salon Environment

by Ali Davidson, reprinted from this site Creating a healthy environment for your salon team is more than just carrying safe products, investing in ergonomic equipment and ensuring good ventilation. Have you heard of the term “mind over matter?” The mind is an extremely powerful muscle. Keeping the mind strong, flexible, and positive is the root […]

Operation Destination: Building a Tourist Clientele

by Marco Pelusi, reprinted from this site When your salon is located in or near a travel destination, it makes sense (and cents) to become a “must-see” attraction. You also have an advantage of attracting traveling hairstylists, traveling barbers, traveling makeup artists, etc., to your salon or barbershop. Be sure to become a host and […]

4 Steps to Avoid the Inevitable Hairdresser Burnout

By Christian Gaytan, reprinted from this site  There are many reasons why people leave the industry: a move, an injury, or a change in family structure. One of the most dangerous and often overlooked is burn out. It is a very real threat to our mental health and exercise behind the chair. Doing the same […]

Texas Cosmetology Schools, Regency Beauty Institute Closure FAQ

Regency Beauty Institute Closes All 79 Campuses All Regency Beauty Institute cosmetology schools suddenly closed on September 28, 2016. Our first priority is to provide answers to common questions for students and those affected by the closure. These schools have contacted TDLR about the possibility of enrolling displaced Regency students in their programs. You may […]