Beauty Matter Highlights 2017 L’Oreal Women in Digital Winner Courtney Caldwell

Beauty Matter Founder Kelly Kovack provides a fresh voice to the beauty industry with content from her perspective, and through her lens. BeautyMatter also publishes highly curated news and exclusive original pieces by thought leaders and beauty insiders. L‘Oréal’s Women in Digital Next Generation Awards have, for five years now, been elevating and encouraging women in […]

ShearShare Named “Startup to Watch” by Techweek100

Techweek recently named ShearShare to the top 100 tech companies in Dallas! Techweek is a media company that sees a causal reversal at work in the rise of technology cities. Rather than being just a feature of success, the emergence of substantial and sustainable businesses – which it terms “Hero Companies” – is an input […]

ShearShare Passes the Torch to the 2017 Tech. Co Startup of the Year Winner Oska Wellness!

Last Year’s Winner, This Year’s Finalists Last year’s Innovate Celebrate Startup of the Year, Shearshare, won for their platformdesigned to connect salon and barbershop owners to individual beauty operators. They returned this year to the event where it all began in order to witness the reveal of their successor, and to discuss what they’ve been up […]