ShearShare Investor Debunks 5 Crypto Currency Myths

5 Tips From A Crypto Currency Guru – James Sowers 12/20/2017 09:06 pm ET Updated 2 days ago   “An ICO is often confused with fundraising. This is a total misconception! ICO is not just a mechanism for fundraising, but a way of distributing a token to as many as possible in the network, to the benefit […]

Beauty Professionals Look Ahead to a Great 2018

Originally printed by Jayne Morehouse  To end the year on an inspirational note, I asked some of my beauty friends what they’re looking forward to professionally and personally in 2018. What’s clear is that they’ve made BIG plans and they’re ready to go. Here are some of their answers: Beth Minardi, hair- colorist, educator and […]

Overcoming Burnout for Cosmetologists & Barbers

Originally printed by Jon Gonzales on Texas Stylist Building and growing a hairdressing career or owning a salon/spa can be daunting. Balancing your personal, professional and financial devel- opment can cause a series of peaks and balances which can easily lead to feeling a major burnout. In trying to seek a better life for ourselves […]

Where the Money Really Goes in a Salon/Spa

Where the Money Really Goes in a Salon/Spa In an industry almost entirely driven by skilled, creative and passionate professionals, it’s easy to understand there is a significant lack of interest in the numbers side of business. So much so, that it’s not unusual when owners and managers try to share financial and critical numbers with staff to hear service providers […]

Medical VR Startup Takes First at UTD Big Idea Competition

PHOTO GALLERY | Neuro Rehab VR creates virtual and augmented reality therapy games to help patients with traumatic brain injuries, neurodegenerative diseases, or those who have suffered a stroke. Steve Guengerich speaks at the UTD Big Idea Competition 2017. BY HEATHER NOEL • NOV 17, 2017 From giving attraction maps the augmented reality treatment via a mobile app […]

18 DFW Startups Vie in Tech.Co’s Reader Poll

BY LANCE MURRAY • JUL 10, 2017 Tech.Co is asking its readers to name their favorite startup in its South region — Central Texas, excluding Austin — in an online Reader’s Choice Poll. The list of startups on the ballot includes 18 from the Dallas-Fort Worth region, and the poll will help Tech.Co in the selection of the top 100 startup […]

Webinar: The Beauty Industry is Changing: Are you Ready?

With members in over 20 different states, the Association of Natural Hair Care Professionals is the largest professional association established to serve the needs of hair care professionals specializing in or interested in the care of naturally curly and tightly coiled hair without the use of chemical relaxers. On October 9, 2017, Dr. Tye Caldwell, Author of Mentored by […]

9 Problems Only Hairstylists Will Understand

Originally published here. by  Michelle McKelvey | Nov 1, 2017 11:00am Let’s be really real for a minute—hairdressing is hard. Sure, the industry has its fair share of perks and the art itself deserves an award, but there’s a long list of challenges that no one really warns you about before beauty school. For starters, you’ll need to be […]

Meet the Finalists of the Penfolds Wine “Maximum Funding” Competition

by Adam Rowe Winning a startup competition and a celebratory glass of wine tend to go together. But with the Penfolds Wine competition, that wine is the official host of the event. The event’s title, Maximum Funding, is reminiscent of the business figure being honored: Pioneer Max Schubert, Penfolds first Chief Winemaker. And since Max earned […]

25+ Black Startup Founders Share Priceless Business Lessons

by Kevin Payne One of my personal beliefs as an entrepreneur is that if you want to be successful, do what successful people do. That is why I enjoy reading success business stories, especially about Black startup founders. As an African-American myself, there’s a sense of pride reading their stories. If they can do it, why […]