How Salon Owners Can Create Eye-Catching Digital Signage for Their Spaces


As a brick-and-mortar establishment, you most likely use visual signage like banners, boards, and window displays to catch passersby’s attention. But static visuals are no longer that catchy in the sea of ads and digital displays that bombard people’s retinas with every step they take on any given street.

So, to make sure your salon won’t be left behind, it may be time to upgrade your signage to digital. Digital signage uses digital displays, such as LCD, LED, or projection screens, to show content like videos, images, text, and interactive media. 

Unlike traditional static signs or posters, digital signage can dynamically change its content in real time based on preset schedules or user interactions. This means that, on the same screen, you can display promotional offers, client testimonials, and images of your best works.

But there’s more to digital signage than simply running the same content on a loop. In today’s article, we’ll talk about how to make sure your content is relevant for those who see it and how to make sure no one will be able to ignore it.

Understand Your Audience

Knowing your clients’ preferences is key to creating effective digital signage. Different demographics respond differently to various types of content, so tailoring your displays can make all the difference.

For instance, teens engage more with trendy, vibrant visuals and social media integrations. Imagine a digital sign showing the latest TikTok hairstyle trends or featuring Instagram photos from clients tagging your salon. This kind of content speaks directly to their interests and creates an interactive experience that resonates.

On the other hand, adults might prefer more informative and sophisticated content. Consider showcasing detailed service descriptions, high-quality before-and-after photos, or special promotions on premium treatments like hair coloring or spa services.

Understanding these nuances helps you craft messages that truly connect with each segment of your clientele, ensuring your investment in digital signage pays off significantly.

Design Visually Stunning Content

To make your digital signage pop, you’ll need visually stunning content that uses high-quality images and videos. Keep in mind that digital displays are usually large and display content at high resolution. Therefore, you can’t get away with low-quality images or subpar graphic design. Every mistake or forgotten detail will be on full display. 

This is why the best digital signage uses professional photography and graphics. For a salon or barber shop, crisp, well-lit images of hairstyles or spa treatments will show potential clients what they can expect from your services, setting the right first impression.

If hiring a photographer isn’t in your budget, don’t worry—you can design your own visuals using specialized tools like Canva or Adobe Spark. You can also use stylish banner templates that are easy to customize, even if you’re not a design expert. 

By investing time into creating polished content, you’ll elevate your salon’s visual appeal and attract more customers through compelling imagery.

Focus on Dynamic Content

Static images are great, but dynamic content like videos, slideshows, and animations take your digital signage to the next level. 

Why? Because moving visuals naturally draw more attention and keep viewers engaged longer.

Imagine a short video highlighting a client’s transformation or an animated slideshow showcasing seasonal styles—these elements can captivate anyone walking by your salon. They also make it easier to convey complex information quickly, whether it’s about new services or special promotions.

To create engaging video content without breaking a sweat, consider using software like Animoto. It’s user-friendly and packed with templates that help you produce professional-quality videos in no time. With tools like these, you can continuously refresh your content to keep it exciting and relevant.

Incorporate Interactive Elements 

Interactive elements like touchscreens and QR codes can make your digital signage more engaging and functional. With touchscreens, clients can browse services, check prices, or view stylist profiles.

QR codes are also quite powerful in allowing passersby to get more information without having to stop and use a touchscreen or wait for the ad to end. Place a QR code on your display that leads to special promotions or an easy booking page. Clients can simply scan the code with their smartphones to access discounts or schedule appointments.

These features turn passive viewers into active participants, enhancing their overall experience at your salon.

Strategic Placement within Your Space

We know how important salon space optimization is, but if you’re going to use digital signage, you must ensure it’s placed where everyone can see it. 

Here are a few ideas:

  • Entryway – Placing a dynamic display right at the entrance captures attention right away and sets the tone for a memorable visit. Passersby and clients walking in will be greeted with your latest promotions or service highlights.
  • Waiting area – Clients often have idle time here. Use it to showcase slideshows of hair transformations or video testimonials. It’s an effective way to keep them engaged and informed about what you offer while they wait.
  • Stylist stations – Showcase hair care tips, new product launches, or personalized messages for clients. This keeps the conversation flowing and adds value during appointments.
  • Wash stations – Entertain clients with calming visuals or informative content about the benefits of specific treatments they’re receiving.
  • Retail area – Highlight product features, demo usage through videos, or promote special discounts. It’s like having a virtual salesperson guiding your clients.

Wrap Up

Ready to elevate your salon’s appeal? Digital signage isn’t just a flashy trend; it’s a smart investment that can transform client experiences and boost your brand. 

From stunning visuals to interactive elements, the possibilities are endless. Start small or go big – either way, incorporating digital signage will set you apart in the competitive beauty industry. Give it a try and watch your salon thrive!