FBIC Statement on Occupational Licensing

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Reprinted from the Future of the Beauty Industry Coalition:

For years, leaders in our industry have raised concern about the threat of deregulation, and players outside of our industry are looking to remove occupational licensing altogether.

Last week, The Atlantic published a piece taking a look at what they call “the onerous, arbitrary, unaccountable world of occupational licensing.”

This article shows the mainstream interest and bi-partisan efforts underway to reform occupational licensing laws and standards — across industries — claiming occupational licensing has become “less about consumer protection than about economic protectionism.”

Our industry has always been about inclusion, diversity, and opportunity. We must keep cosmetologists licensed in order to protect public safety, but we can also look ourselves in the mirror and find ways to streamline licensing standards so we can continue to be an industry that tears down barriers and creates opportunity.

The beauty industry’s time to be a leader in reform and have a voice in the occupational licensing debate is now.

Please read the full article below and stay informed on all occupational licensing news by following our industry updates.

Check out the latest curation of industry news articles that bring awareness to the threat of deregulation and issues relevant to the FBIC.

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