[VIDEOS] The Value of Continuing Education

In a 4-part series, Dr. Tye answers a viewer question about the value of continuing education. So many beauty and barbering professionals feel that they were taught all they need to know early in their career and discount the value of seeking advanced knowledge. Know that success in this industry is not just about your skill set . . . your long-term success depends on your ability to be teachable.



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[#VIDEO 3:3] How do you become a leader in your field of study? To all our #beauty and #barbering instructors worldwide, double tap if what Dr. Tye says resonates with what you see as you teach students in #beautyschools and #barbercolleges. #Knowitalls have a tendency to be selfish and to be followers. True or false? Live a little bit, and you'll see that those who are teachable create an organic following because they're always looking for ways to #giveback. (Insert the likes of @tedgibson, @jay_majors, @mac_daddyy, @vandagoat, @guy_tang, @oliveskinbeauty, @popular_nobody, and others). Watch the video, then leave us a comment below. Thanks! #hair #hairstylist #balayage #unicornhair #beardgang #barberlife #barbershop #barber #makeupartist #salonlife #cosmetologist #podcast #beautyblogger #motivationalspeaker

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