Family Owned Salon in Brooklyn

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Brooklyn, NY

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Guests will be renting out chairs / stations within your salon or barbershop.

amenityOnsite Bathroom
amenityCentral Temperature Control
amenityReception/Waiting Area
amenityKid Friendly

Hosted by Ndeye Seydi


About the Salon

This is a welcoming , family-owned braiding salon with a warm and friendly atmosphere. Metered street parking available. 


About the Neighborhood:

The salon is located in the bustling section of Brooklyn on Flatbush avenue. The closest transportation is the B41 local bus and well as Dollar cabs that can be taken from the Brooklyn College train station. Mixed residential and commercial neighborhood with the 63rd police precinct in close proximity. There are many local restaurants and delis for quick and easy lunches as well as taking a trip to the Flatbush Junction for more options.






About the Host:

Ndeye will be your host at this shop that has been a member of the community for over 15 years! She is looking forward to hosting you during your ShearShare stay!