Modern Salon in Bronx

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Bronx, NY

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Guests will be renting out chairs / stations within your salon or barbershop.

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Hosted by Christina


About the Salon

This salon has great ambiance and a great, friendly hairstylist.  There are currently 3 stylists including the owner. The salon services multi beauty hair services, and works on all hair textures.  This salon is looking for someone who has a clientele, is hard working and has great customer service skills! This is a multi-cultural salon, with the belief that “All hair is beautiful hair, no matter type or texture”!


About the Neighborhood:

This salon is in a residential area in co-op city.  The location is surrounded by a very safe residential area with a wide variety of activities for everyone in the community!  There are movie theaters, restaurants, smaller shops and several shopping centers all within walking distance of the salon!

(Bonus: Parking garage nearby!)


About the Host:

Host Christina has been in business for seven years and they service a great community! Christina loves to work with passionate stylists and is always willing to lend a hand or knowledge if needed!  A top priority for Christina is customer service. She also is very particular about keeping a very professional environment and she looks forward to hosting you during your ShearShare stay!