Unique spa in heart of Streeterville/Gold Coast

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Chicago, IL

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Guests will be renting out chairs / stations within your salon or barbershop.
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amenityOnsite Bathroom
amenityBike Parking
amenityBreak Room/Area
amenityCentral Temperature Control
amenityCoffee/Tea Machine
amenityKid Friendly
amenityLocker/Secure Storage
amenityStreet/Public Parking
amenityValidated Parking(garage)
amenityBroom & Dust pan

Hosted by Cathy Lang


About the Salon

This salon provides nails, skin, hair, eyebrows, tanning, and more! The unique and groundbreaking community includes moms who aren’t making it in because of childcare challenges…and childcare is always challenging. We also welcome moms to bring their talents to us. Motherhood doesn’t have to sideline your passion or your career. PRO TIP: Street parking available, as well as an attended garage (2nrs $7).




About the Neighborhood:

Located in the Streeterville/Gold Coast neighborhood, smack dab in the middle of Chicago’s hottest landmarks, restaurants, and shopping. 


About the Host:

Host Cathy is a veteran of the fitness industry, and has reimagined the seemingly unattainable goal that is ‘work-life balance. Modern moms agree that the list of things to do in any given day is long and generally leaves no time for themselves. Cathy is no different. She decided to solve her own challenges by creating spaces for moms! She looks forward to hosting you during your ShearShare stay!