10 Lessons These Businesswomen Learned From Powerful Female Role Models

Even the smallest advice can grow to have a big impact.

IN THE BUSINESS world, it’s not uncommon for aspiring entrepreneurs (and seasoned ones) to have someone they look up to or whom they hope to be like one day. While this person can often be a fellow entrepreneur or business leader, they can also be an everyday person — someone in their family, a friend or an inspiring acquaintance. Regardless of their role, their wisdom can have a profound effect on their ability to lead and have the confidence to do so.

Below, 10 business leaders from Rolling Stone Culture Council share the lessons they’ve learned from powerful female leaders in their life or their industry, the impact those lessons had on them and why these lessons remain so important to them today.

Be Your Authentic Self

Venture capitalist Arlan Hamilton of Backstage Capital always says, “Be uniquely you so that the people looking for you can find you.” As a first-time tech founder, married co-founder and not a technical founder, I have felt encouraged by these words in difficult times. Arlan reminds me that the people who are supposed to be on the journey with you will find their way to you. – Courtney Caldwell, ShearShare, Inc.

Confidently Pave Your Own Path

I am inspired by women who continuously pave new roads for themselves and others. They are far from complacent, rarely following the usual or expected path. Our deputy CEO, Barbara Lavernos, is a powerful leader who has inspired me to consider all boulevards, while feeling the legitimacy to do so. Whatever your interest or goal, you should not be asking yourself “why” but “why not”! – Angelike Galdi, L’Oréal

Understand That Failures Are Opportunities

Resilience and adaptability in facing challenges and failures are vital. My mentor taught me setbacks are opportunities for growth, learning and pivoting toward more effective strategies. This lesson is crucial because it embodies the strength needed to navigate the ups and downs of professional life, encouraging me to embrace challenges as stepping stones to success rather than obstacles. – Kristin Marquet, Marquet Media, LLC

Advocate for Your Younger Self

Women can often struggle to advocate for themselves in boardrooms, in job roles and in relationships because we want others to be comfortable. My female therapist once told me, “Advocate for the younger version of you inside.” Would you let someone treat them this way? What do they need? Vocalize that externally and defend her like hell. It’s made it much easier for me to verbalize self-advocacy. – Sarah Jenkins, The Romans New York

Find Your Determination in the Face of Adversity

I was told by an older woman a long time ago, “The journey is going to be hard, so what are you going to do to get through it?” This statement taught me determination and resilience in the face of adversity. It also taught me to persevere through challenges with grace and to embrace all the experiences, good and bad, as a part of my personal and professional growth. – Sonia Singh, Center of Inner Transformations

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