Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the top questions and answers to help you become a ShearShare expert!

For any questions or concerns you can also reach out to support@shearshare.com

General FAQ

  • What happens if I book with a ShearShare host or visiting stylist directly?

    By joining ShearShare, you agree to abide by our terms and conditions, including our Terms of Service, which we receive the right to enforce at our sole discretion. In order to protect our community and business, users are prohibited from taking transactions off of the ShearShare platform for new, partial, or future bookings. In the event of repeated or severe violations, we may suspend or permanently deactivate a user’s account.

  • What is ShearShare?

    ShearShare is the only B2B rental platform that connects salon, spa, and barbershop owners to licensed cosmetologists, estheticians and barbers to fill unused suites and booths on demand. With ShearShare, owners can rent their stations or suites by the day, week, month or even long term occasions! When you join ShearShare you receive access to business tools, services and platform support so that you can focus on growing your business

  • Is there a ShearShare referral program?

    Absolutely! Any individual who refers a salon, barbershop or spa to ShearShare receives a $30 gift card when that user downloads and joins.

  • Any other questions not covered here?

    We’d love to hear from you! Reach us at Support@www.shearshare.com.

  • What is the ShearShare cancellation policy?

    Cancel up to 48 hours before your ShearShare stay to receive a full refund, minus the 15% service fee. If you book within 24 hours and cancel, no refund will be remitted. *Any reservation made prior to April 7, 2022 will be honored at the 8% service fee.

    ShearShare bookings are by the day. If the visiting stylist reserves multiple days and decides to leave early after arrival, the days not spent in the salon or barbershop are not refunded.

    If there is a complaint from either the ShearShare Host or visiting Pro, notice must be given to ShearShare within 4 hours of check-in. ShearShare will mediate when necessary and has the final say in all disputes.

  • What cities are you available in?

    ShearShare host locations are currently available in over 900 US cities including New York City, Dallas, Los Angeles, Miami, Washington DC, Chicago, San Francisco, Atlanta, and Houston. View our Featured Listings page or download the app to search for available rentals near you or to list your location.

  • How do I delete my ShearShare account?

    While we would be sad to see you leave our community, to delete your ShearShare account email support@www.shearshare.com and our customer support team will remove your account from the system.

Stylists FAQ

  • Do I need to carry professional liability insurance in order to book on ShearShare?

    Professional liability insurance is not required in every state, but we recommend that independent professionals carry insurance because it further protects you and the host.

    Some listings on the Platform do require insurance, in which case users will need to provide proof of insurance upon the booking request.

    ShearShare is proud to offer our beauty and barbering professionals usage-based liability insurance directly in the ShearShare app for just $5/day. To learn more about our usage based insurance go to https://www.shearshare.com/insurance/

  • Why do licensed cosmetologists and barbers like ShearShare?

    “I don’t want to commit to a long-term contract. ShearShare provides me with professional space to work while saving me lots of money, and I still have tons of flexibility.”

    “I switched from weekly booth rental to ShearShare. It’s really fun to work in different and new salons, and I’m also saving money. Plus, my clients are happier to meet in locations that are more convenient for them.”

    “ShearShare has been a life saver! As a traveling stylist, I enjoy being able to book temporary salon space in just a few clicks. It puts me at ease to know that I can service my out-of-town clients in a professional salon environment. This service is totally genius.”

    “I just graduated from beauty school. I love the idea of being able to pay daily instead of renting per week or month since I’m building up my clientele from scratch.”

    “I’m working on some projects outside of beauty, and I only want to work 2-3 days/week in a salon. ShearShare has been phenomenal for providing professional space whenever I need it.”

    “I’ve been working in LA for 12 years, and I’ve had clients move all over the metro area. Now I can meet my clients and work from gorgeous salons in different parts of town. I love it, and they love it!”

    “Moving to a new city was really daunting, but ShearShare gave me the opportunity to try out different salons and gradually build out a new clientele.”

    “I love the ability to be able to pop in wherever is most convenient to my clients. It’s also nice to break up the monotony of being in the same location every single day.”

    “I didn’t think I’d have many options to work as a new mom. But with ShearShare, I can move all my clients to 1-2 days in a salon, and then have my time with the family.”

    “I travel frequently and do a lot of destination weddings. I much prefer working in a professional space vs. a hotel room with terrible lighting and never enough plugs.”

    “My partner travels a lot for work. Now, I can come along and work in great salons all over the country!”

    “As a mobile stylist, ShearShare has made life worth living! It’s so simple to use and cuts the brunt work of trying to figure out new areas, salon environments, and availability in half.”

    “I use ShearShare because I need a new space to do skincare. Don’t want the commitment of opening my own place…been there, done that!”

  • Who can lease salon or barbershop space on the ShearShare app?

    Any beauty or barbering professional with a current cosmetology or barber license can book a ShearShare Host. If you are a licensed barber, hairstylist/hairdresser, colorist, esthetician, nail technician, massage therapist, or makeup artist, you can lease affordable salon and barbershop space near you on ShearShare! Braiders and microblading artists are also included but do not require a license per state and federal laws.

  • How do I view available salons and barbershops to rent near me?

    Simple! Just download the free ShearShare app on either iOS app or Android app to get immediate access.

  • How much does it cost to rent a salon suite or barbershop station with ShearShare?

    It costs nothing to download the ShearShare platform and see all the available salon and barbershop space to lease near you. Once you find a Host salon or barbershop, the price you see on each listing is the price you pay! Daily rates for each listing are viewable by downloading either the ShearShare iOS app or Android app.

    To help cover the costs of running ShearShare, we charge a service fee every time a reservation is confirmed. The amount of the service fee varies and is based on a percentage of the reservation total. Service fees for professional transactions is 15% in addition to the listing price.

    For example, if the list price is $100 the final invoice will come to $115 ($100 + service fee of $15).

  • Is the backbar and towel service included in the daily rate?

    Yes, 99% of our salon and barbershop Hosts provide complimentary towel service and access to the backbar (shampoo/conditioner only). Details for each Host are included in their Listing Details on the ShearShare iOS app and Android app. If you have additional questions about Host retail products, you can message your Host from your ShearShare Inbox.

  • What if I have questions for the Host about my ShearShare reservation?

    We get it; questions come up! To message your Host directly from our iOS app and Android app, click on “Contact Host” from any listing screen. All messages from Hosts will appear in your ShearShare Inbox. Be sure to have push notifications enabled so you don’t miss any messages!

  • How do I book with ShearShare?

    It’s really easy to get started with ShearShare.

    1. First you have to download the ShearShare app from the App Store or Google Play Store.
    2. Once the app is stored on your smart device, you’ll have to create a profile.
    3. Once you are registered you can search the city or zip code where you would like to work. You can tap on “CHOOSE FILTERS” to select your preferred dates, workspace types, price range or amenities.
    4. Select a listing from the available inventory and tap on “BOOK”.
    5. Enter your payment details and tap on “DONE”.

    Congrats! You’ve just created a reservation request. You’ll be notified via push notification and email when your Host has accepted your request. Be sure that push notifications are enabled for ShearShare on your device.

  • When am I charged for my ShearShare booking?

    When you make a reservation request using the ShearShare app, we request your credit or debit card details. Once the request is made, ShearShare places a temporary hold (pre-authorization) on your mode of payment.

    However, your mode of payment is not charged until the Host reviews and accepts your reservation (approval time varies by Host). If a host declines your request, the pre-authorization hold is removed.

  • I’d like to rent temporary salon or barbershop space today. Is that an option?

    There are many hosts on the platform who welcome same-day reservations. By filtering your search criteria, you can see only hosts who have same-day space available.

  • I made a ShearShare reservation but have not received confirmation. What do I do?

    Once a rental request has been made, the host has 48 hours to respond to the request before it expires. Once the request expires, the professional will be notified so that they can choose another listing to rent.

    If two of your ShearShare requests expire in a 48 hour period, please dial us at (562) 7-SHEARS, and we’ll work to help you find and book a space immediately.

  • I have a cosmetology or barber license, but it has expired. Am I still able to rent ShearShare space?

    No. In order to lease ShearShare space, you must have a current cosmetology or barber license.

Host FAQ

  • What happens if I really like the visiting stylist and want to hire them?

    That’s great! Remember that our mission at ShearShare is to help beauty and barbering professionals maximize their earnings potential! However, if you’d like to hire a pro as staff, we only ask that you email us at Support@www.shearshare.com to inform us of your connection.

  • Why do salon and barbershop owners like ShearShare?

    “I usually have at least one empty chair, so it’s nice to be able to fill the space with a vetted stylist that I don't have to spend hours interviewing.”

    “ShearShare is now part of my sales pitch for new stylists when I lease my salon suites. Instead of turning them away because they can’t afford weekly booth rent, I tell them to book me on ShearShare.”

    “Signed up and in 48 hours had my first booking! Then a repeat in less than a month. Love this.”

    “ShearShare stylists are professional and have their own clientele. We don’t have to worry about new hire training. It’s really easy and convenient for us to host them.”

    “Using the app as a host is so rewarding! It’s easy to navigate, a great networking tool and a great way to earn extra revenue if/when I have empty chairs.”

    “It’s costly to run a salon, and this is a really nice way to lower my overhead.”

    “These days it’s difficult to get a stylist to sign a long-term contract. We’re using ShearShare to provide more flexibility, and it also helps us operate at full capacity.”

    “We care a lot about our shop culture, and we want to bring in barbers with the right energy. ShearShare is a great way to have them come in on a trial basis, to see how they work with the rest of our barbershop team.”

    “I’m always interested in new technology, and love trying out new platforms that can help to make our business successful.”

    “I sometimes rent out my entire salon for events, or when a celebrity wants privacy. ShearShare has been good for bringing us new opportunities to expand our network.”

  • Who can list space on the ShearShare platform?

    Any salon, barbershop, or spa owner with a registered business license can list their available space on ShearShare.

  • How do I list my salon studio, spa suites, or barbershop stations on ShearShare?

    The process is simple. To get started listing your salon studio, spa suites, or barbershop stations on the ShearShare app all you have to do is download the ShearShare App (Smartlink), and follow the instructional prompts to create your profile and your first listing. Once your listing is complete and submitted, our operations team will vet and approved your listing within 24-48 hours.

  • Is there a cost to list my empty stations or suites with ShearShare?

    ShearShare hosts have the ability to list the space of their choice on the platform at no cost. ShearShare takes a service fee of 15% from the total payment when a ShearShare pro makes their payment for the ShearShare stay.

    For example if a rental costs $100. ShearShare receives $15 from the transactions and the host keeps $85 ($100 minus 15% service fee)

  • Do ShearShare stylists only work during a Host’s normal business hours?

    About 99% of stylists work during the Host’s normal business hours. However, if you’d like to extend business hours for your visiting stylist or barber, we can specify that time within the salon rules section of your listing.

  • As a Host, do I need to provide access to the backbar and towel service?

    Yes, most of our salons and barbershops provide these services and price their daily rates accordingly. You can provide specific details about your services when you create the Listing Details for your space.

  • How do I choose a daily rate for my space?

    Hosts can view available salons and barbershops in your city via our iOS or Android app to get a sense for daily rates in your area. If you have additional questions, our pricing team will work with you during the onboarding process. You can email us at hello@shearshare SUBJECT: Pricing Help, or you can use our chat feature on ShearShare.com.

  • Does ShearShare provide advertising support for its Hosts?

    Yes. Once our ShearShare Hosts approve their listing(s), our team will post a promotion on our company Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook channels. Here is an example.

  • How soon can my available salon suite or barbershop station be listed on the ShearShare app?

    Completed listings can be made visible on the ShearShare app by clicking the “make live” button as soon as your business profile is verified and approved by our customer support team. Business Profiles are typically verified within 24 hours as long as all the applicable information is provided.

  • As a ShearShare Host, how do I receive notification that I have a booking request?

    Make sure that you have downloaded the ShearShare iOS app or Android app, signed in, and that push notifications are enabled for ShearShare. Booking notifications go straight to your phone.

    Once a booking request for your listing has been made, the ShearShare app will send a push notification to your mobile device. When you receive the notification, open the ShearShare app, go to “Requests” to review the booking request for daily booth rental, and then tap either accept or reject.

  • What Information can I review about a professional before accepting a reservation?

    As a host, when you receive a booking request, you’ll be able to review the pros profile which includes: photo, ShearShare rating, licensed specialty, years of experience, and a personal introduction.

  • Is there a way to have multiple admins for a single Host?

    No. At this time, only one mobile number can be associated with a single Host account.

  • Should I expect to receive a tax form from ShearShare?

    The U.S. Internal Revenue Service (IRS) requires U.S. companies that process payments, including ShearShare, to report gross earnings for all U.S. users who earn over $600. We encourage you to consult a tax professional for assistance reporting your income..

    We encourage you to consult a tax professional for assistance reporting your income.

  • Are background checks performed on ShearShare users?

    No. Background checks–either for the visiting cosmetologist/barber or the Host–are at the sole discretion of the user.

    ShearShare is a matching service, must like monster.com or match.com, where we only allow licensed beauty professionals to use the ShearShare platform. Once a booking request has been made, ShearShare connects the stylist to the Host to discuss specifics. At that time, each individual is free to go through any additional vetting and/or background checks.

  • How do I receive payment from ShearShare?

    We schedule our host payouts to be completed Monday thru Friday, 24 hours before the reservation. If a reservation takes place on a Sunday, the host will be paid the Friday (48 hours) before. If a reservation takes place on a Monday, the host will be paid the same day.

    Multi-day listings are paid out per day individually, 24 hours prior to the day of the reservation. Reservations that take place on Saturday and Sunday will be paid out on the Friday prior to the booking.

  • As a host, how do I make sure I’m covered when a professional books my listing?

    We’ve made it easy! Every booking on ShearShare is covered by $1,000,000 in liability protection– at no cost to our hosts! In addition, when a ShearShare Pros purchase professional liability insurance by the day when booking your listing on the ShearShare platform, hosts automatically receive a copy of the digital certificate. Just check your email confirmation or notifications in your ShearShare profile.

  • How do I remove my listing from the ShearShare app?

    To temporarily remove your listing from ShearShare, you can select the "inactive" status on the listing you would like to have removed. To permanently remove a listing, email support@www.shearshare.com.

  • How do I remove my business profile from the ShearShare app?

    To remove your business profile email support@www.shearshare.com.

Premium FAQ

  • What are the premium options for pros?
  • What are the premium options for hosts?
  • How do I sign up for premium access?

    You won’t  see a signup option on the app. It’s not ideal, we know. But go to https://www.shearshare.com/web/premium to review your options and sign up in seconds!

  • How do I cancel my premium access?

    Go to https://www.shearshare.com/web/premium and select the FREE option. Your premium plan will be canceled at the end of the billing period

  • Do I get a refund?

    Cancel anytime. Your premium plan will be canceled at the end of the current cycle.

  • Is there a free trial?

    Yes, you can sign up for a 7-day free trial! Go to https://www.shearshare.com/web/premium to start your trial immediately.

  • How will I know which plan I’m on?

    Go to your profile, click PREMIUM, and your CURRENT PLAN will be highlighted. If you don’t see the update automatically, log out of the app and log back in in order for your plan to show up.

  • How do I upgrade my premium plan?

    You can upgrade to a premium plan at any time. The changes will take place immediately, and the new amount will be prorated.

Liability Insurance FAQ

  • As a stylist, can I cancel my policy and receive a refund?

    When you purchase your by-the-day liability insurance on the ShearShare platform (woohoo!), a certificate is instantly created and emailed to you and the host, so the policy is non-refundable.

  • Where can I find proof of coverage?

    Just check your email! You can also find confirmation of coverage on your confirmed reservation(s) within the ShearShare app. Please note that your confirmation of coverage is evidence that you have liability insurance. Therefore, we suggest that you keep your digital certificate in a secure location.

  • Any specific cosmetology or barbering services not covered?

    A policy purchased on the ShearShare platform does not cover invasive services or any services that use lasers. The policy will not provide coverage for charges of sexual harassment.