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barber and beauty professionals
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Save Money
Save 20%-70% compared to traditional insurance
Open Network
Keep or choose your healthcare provider, your access goes wherever
No Surprise Bills  
Low rates for major medical & hospitalization regardless of networks
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Why this Mini Salon Suite Owner Chose indipop!

As a ShearSharer, you also have access to these special promos and negotiated rates!
Upgrade to the premium version for free for two months after signing up!
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Indipop RX
Get your generic medications for $0 + free home delivery! Just $15/month
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55% off monthly rate, plus we waive the $30/month admin fee for you
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Why Choose Indipop?
Industry pros love indipop because they finally have healthcare focused on THEM
24/7 Telehealth
Have a quick question?Access primary and urgent care providers online day or night!
Plans that travel with you whenever, wherever in the US and internationally.
Preventive Care
Plans include screenings, immunizations and annual wellness visits.
Set Rates
Get one set transparent rate for all major medical and hospitalization.
Open Enrollment
Enroll at anytime! In just 3 minutes, you can have healthcare.
All indipop plans have both pre- and post-natal care.
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Frequenty Asked Questions:
You've got questions, we've got answers.
Can I Keep my Provider?
Yes! indipop plans are not PPO's or HMO's they work with any provider.
When is enrollment?
You may enroll any day of the month all year long.  Most plans will be active the 1st of the month. Dental+Vision and Rx plans will start  the day you enroll.
Can I use my health savings account?
Yes! We offer a plan that you may roll over or start an HSA.
Do I need to be self employed to use this plan?
No. You can be any employment status, the plans are not based on earnings, income or zip code.
What is a medical advocate?
All indipop plans have a concierge, care or membership team who help you navigate a massive healthcare system and ensure your bills are correct.
What is indipop?
indipop stands for "Independent Population", the population that does not get healthcare through an employer. We have created a marketplace of top rated membership based health plans, an alternative to traditional insurance.  With dozens of options to research it can be overwhelming, stressful and hard to know which ones to trust. indipop does the work for you.  We curated high value plans and match members with excellent options for care at an affordable price.
What is subscription healthcare?
Healthshare, cost sharing, or subscription plans, they might use different names, but regardless of the term used, it is a different approach to managing your health. Instead of a premium and deductible, like traditional healthcare you become a member of a “community” that shares the cost in the “medical need”. Your membership rate depends on the plan for individual or a family. Each membership can function differently and may offer different services, but the premise is the same: you have a set member responsibility amount or sometimes called an initial unshareable amount and that is your payment responsibility if a major medical need occurs.
Are these plans religious based?
No. The health plans indipop chose to work with do not have a statement of faith.