10 Ways to Add Revenue to Your Business with ShearShare

ShearShare provides more than the ability to list or rent a booth in a salon or shop at your convenience. We are here to add more revenue to your pockets in a myriad of ways! When you join the ShearShare community, you are given the tools and resources to take your business to the next level. Whether you are a beauty professional or a small business owner, ShearShare offers a way for everyone to add revenue to your business.

1. Rent Your Salon or Barber Booth

The beauty industry is changing and we’re here to help you adapt. With our access to tens of thousands of certified ShearShare Professionals, you can fill whatever empty salon or barbershop space you have at a time and price that’s convenient for YOU. As a ShearShare Host, you’re able to manage your multiple listings and locations from the palm of your hand. The patented ShearShare app makes space rental efficient, safe, and scalable.

2. Create a Profile

If you are a beauty professional, you can book the chair of your dreams at your convenience. Simply create your profile and be sure to complete all sections with an asterisk before submitting. Don’t forget to add your education and photos of your work to your profile! Access thousands of prime spaces by the day, week, month, or long-term starting at just $15 a day. It’s the new definition of hybrid—designed by you, powered by ShearShare.

3. Instant Liability Insurance

As a ShearShare Host, every in-app reservation that you accept comes with complimentary liability protection that covers you and your business up to $1,000,000 in specified damages! Shearshare is the only rental platform that provides automatic usage liability coverage for every ShearShare stay, no questions asked. Run your business with peace of mind and accept each reservation with confidence.

4. Business Listing Dashboard

With the release of our newest app update, we’ve introduced several features and services that help each one of our ShearShare users grow and protect their business. One of the features is our Business Listing Dashboard. With the dashboard, you can manage data about your in-app listings to understand how they are performing, compare them with similar listings in your area for the optimal price, and make sure they are earning you consistent revenue.

5. ShearShare Resource Hub

In our ongoing commitment to support our community and the industry at large, we launched our ShearShare Business Resource Hub. Our hub serves as a one-stop shop for all business, COVID, and financial aids that are directed towards cosmetologists, aestheticians, and barbering professionals. Whether you are an owner, operator, or independent professional, you can visit our hub to learn about what options are available to assist you in your success as a business owner.

6. Promote Your Business

As a ShearShare Host, you can market your space directly to your consumers. Cosmetologists, estheticians, barbers, natural hairstylists, makeup artists, and all other specialties search ShearShare more than 500,000 times a year looking to book the chair of their dreams! By posting your space in our app, you’ll have access to thousands of potential ShearShare Professionals. Don’t be afraid to post that you’re a ShearShare Host on social media too!

7. Choose Who You Want, When You Want

Being a Shearhare Host means you have the autonomy to pick the perfect person for your space. Before accepting a request, you have the chance to look at their profile and make sure they are the right fit for your salon or shop. You can also chat with them before their stay! Meet the autonomy requirements of today’s modern stylist while leasing your empty stations and suites efficiently and safely.

8. Keep Your Calendar Open

Once you’ve created your profile and listed your space, you will have the capability to manage all of your reservations directly from our app. The more you keep your calendar open, the more money you can make renting out your empty space!

9. Network Opportunities

When you join ShearShare, you join a community of thousands of professionals and small business owners that share in your passion for the beauty industry. When you meet a Host or Pro, don’t miss your chance to interact with each other and network. Whether you bond over what brought you to ShearShare or you make a new industry buddy, it’s one more person that can attest to you and your skills.

10. Sign Up for a Demo & Receive $30

We understand that it takes time to become accustomed to our new app. So, we are offering a 15-minute demonstration with an onboarding specialist to help you learn all the ways our new app can make your life, and your business, easier! Our specialists will walk you through the account creation process, show you best practices to get your private suite or station noticed, and answer any questions about the overall ShearShare experience. Plus, we’ll give you a FREE $30 gift card to Nift – an online gift card retailer that houses over 7,000 businesses across the US.

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