100-Plus ChatGPT Prompts for Salon and Barbershop Owners, Cosmetologists, & Barbers

If you’ve joined any one of our Instagram lives recently, you’ve heard our ShearShare cofounders say that “software is eating the world.” From appointment apps to mobile payments processing to ShearShare and others, we’re all finding new ways to save time and energy with emerging technology.

Next up is ChatGPT! But what is ChatGPT?

ChatGPT allows you to take hours off your content creation and simply type in prompts like “Write an Instragram post for balayage box braids” or “Write a blog post about the benefits of cleaning your makeup brushes,” and ChatGPT will generate a rough draft in seconds for you to edit and refine!

“ChatGPT can scan Google way better than a human can, and it can write a generic article about grizzly bears in a few seconds, where I might take a few hours. And truthfully, my article wouldn’t be any better than ChatGPT’s,” confesses writer Dan Kay on Medium. Prediction? “Content is about to be roiled by revolution. We will drown in a wave of robot-written ‘content’ … A human generating content will no longer be an economical use of one’s time.” (So we can save that money on a salon assistant!)

But for every salon assistant worried about A.I.-generated content, there is someone else suggesting these tools will instead eliminate drudgery and increase efficiency. This could potentially be great news for beauty and barbering business owners. 

Here’s an article from Wired presenting preliminary MIT research showing that when professionals used ChatGPT during their office days to assist them in everyday tasks, “they were able to complete the assigned tasks in 17 minutes, compared to an average 27 minutes for those without the bot, and that the quality of their work improved significantly.” The workers were also more satisfied with their work. 😉 So what are you waiting for?!

Start experimenting with ChatGPT now to stay ahead of the curve:

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