20 Bold Predictions for Beauty & Barbering in 2020


A wise person once said, “Nothing is constant except change.” Honestly, that person must have been in the beauty or barbering industry. So as we jump into this new decade, here are 20 bold predictions we’re seeing

 as trends (but will probably change by the end of the year):

  1. Beauty regimes will include products that buy back time and si
    mplify the daily routine. As professional makeup artists serving a variety of clients, we will have to adjust for the increasing number of women who want to reclaim a bit of their time.  The LipBar’s Fast Face gives makeup enthusiasts an option.
  2. Men’s grooming will continue to evolve past a simple haircut, beard trim, or mini chair facial. More intense services like man weaves and beard lowlights will gain some traction.
  3. Our amazing industry service providers–hairstylists, barbers, makeup artists, nail technicians, braiders, estheticians, microblading artists, massage therapists–will be more mindful of self care. As a hair magician-psychologist-dermatologist-marriage counselor-small business mentor-cheerleader, these multi-hyphenates will start pouring into themselves so that they can give more to those they service. ShearShare CEO and 26-year industry veteran Dr. Tye Caldwell offers self-care tips, while beauty boss Cyn Doll offers guidance to her more than 148,000 YouTube subscribers.
  4. Beauty will be more about the whole body versus just the face. 
  5. Licensed cosmetologists and barbers will continue to do their best work with their hands–which is why their mobile device will become an important tool as they run their businesses on the go–from leasing salon and barbershop space near their clients, purchasing products, promoting their lookbooks, engaging with clients, and managing their business finances
  6. “Eyebrow lamination near me” will start to overtake searches for microblading and brow tattoo on Google.
  7. Overall, makeup will tend towards a more natural look of years ‘yore.
  8. Consumers will demand earth-friendly products that play up their natural features (think newfound appreciation for natural and curly hair, beauty marks, unibrows, albino skin, etc.)
  9. The #1 hair accessory = hair scarf. We’ll see it wrapped around buns, braided into plaits, and mixed with updos to help embellish hairstyles. 
  10. Dipping gel or dip powder nails will get a refresh. We’re guessing a French manicure but with color tips.
  11. Wellness centers for men will continue to pop up, each with their own unique selling point. The Nuber-T Men’s Wellness League in Atlanta is a great example. They tap into a male’s spirit of competitiveness to see results and offer testosterone enhancement, hair restoration, face and skin rejuvenation, erection correction, IV vitamin cocktails, weight loss, face enhancement, etc.–all in the name of men’s wellness.
  12. Preventative, anti-aging skincare (facials, chemical peels, microdermabrasion) will be coupled with whole body maintenance under one roof. Sugar Suite Lounge in Dallas launched vitamin IVs, fat augmentation, and yoni egg treatments for the woman on the go–busy moms and executives who prefer a trusted one-stop-shop.
  13. Two words describe hair in 2020: Color. Melt. Clients will request color melts to freshen up their “start of the new decade” ‘dos. Respected hair artists like @mohesco in Chicago offer these hair education classes.
  14. Massage therapy will be coupled with chiropractic appointments to get the biggest bang for the buck–and to reset clients’ over-worked, over-stressed bodies.
  15. “Baby hair designs” will move front and center and continue to steal the show.
  16. Plaits and braid designs will become more prevalent on both Main street and on the runway.
  17. As many have invested in individual eyelash extensions these last few years, there will be a surge in lash care products.
  18. Indie brands will start to earn more shelf space in established retail outlets and gain more market share with consumers. 
  19. Partnerships between influencers and big brands will become par for the course.
  20. By December 31, 2020, something else will have changed, so we’re leaving room for it here!

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