3 Reasons Why Your new Clients Aren’t Rebooking . . . and How To Change That


New clients? That’s great, but we need some bread and butter! That’s going to come from loyal, repeat clients. While it’s important to make sure you’re driving new clients to your hair salon, it’s equally, if not more important to have your regular clients return. You might be on a constant loop of new clients, and there might be a few reasons for that. Here are four reasons why your salon clients aren’t rebooking:

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You’re Not Reminding Them To Come Back

You can usually break hair salon clients into three categories. The first client never goes to salons and only showed up because someone dragged them there. The second client is the one who returns periodically like clockwork. The third client is the one you need to prioritize with this point. These clients don’t go to the salon for a multitude of reasons. It usually boils down to them not having the time or simply forgetting. Because of this, they eventually stop going and by the time they pick up again, they’re ready to go to a different stylist. This is why you should be sliding right into their DMs. While a direct message might not be the best choice of communication, you should make it a point to get all your clients email addresses or phone numbers to send them periodic reminders to head back to the salon.

Your Services Are Too Basic

No one likes to be called basic and you especially shouldn’t like it on this occasion. While it’s great and essential to know the basics, especially when dealing with hair, that’s not what’s going to keep some of your clients coming back time and time again. In fact, only offering the basics is what’s going to stop some of them from coming back. Most clients might want a trim or a dye job on the regular, but what happens when they feel a rush of spontaneity? Social media can so easily influence the trends and rainbow hair, for example, has become increasingly popular. If you have a client who wants this style and you’re unable to perform, don’t be surprised if you never see them again! Whether it’s you or another hairdresser at the salon, you need to diversify the skills of your business to cater to as many clients as possible.

They Can’t Afford It

This might be something that can’t be helped. When it comes to paying for a service, clients are paying for both the service and often the experience of the person performing the service. Changing your prices might not be economically feasible for your business, but there are ways you can help accommodate these clients without breaking the bank. Offer deals where they can get a slight discount once every few visits. Having initiatives like this will help you retain your clients while also driving new clients to your business.

There’s always room for improvement in business, but if you’re a new business, your window for mistakes and improvement has to be immediate in order to keep your business afloat. While there are tons of amazing marketing initiatives to bring new clients to your salon, you also need to focus on building a group of regular clients who will become the backbone of your business. Knowing the issues is going to be your first tip to fixing the problem and helping you get clients cycling through your hair salon on the regular.

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