3 Ways to Double Revenue During 'RONA with Your EXISTING Customers

3 Ways to Double Revenue During ‘RONA with Your EXISTING Customers

Not only is it cheaper to keep an existing client happy, but it’s more economical for your business to increase revenues with the clients you already have! Grab your notebook and watch this informative interview between host Lamar Tyler and guest Charis Jones, owner of Sassy Jones, 7-figure jewelry and accessory brand. They explain why it’s not about selling to more, it’s about selling more to your existing audience! Tune in for these killer strategies that can make you more money today.

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repeat customers to double revenue wolf

miss rease-jones pajamas boutique so

we’ll have a ton of time guys so let me

do an intro to me won’t bring her in

Charisse Charles Anasazi Charles created

an award-winning accessory brand deeply

rooted in the belief is helping women

feel undeniably confident about

themselves after ranking as a top sales

professional for fortune 50 companies

like brides and the Geico she left her

corporate position to build her brand

full-time at the most inconvenient life

stage and becoming a twin mom through

much perseverance and persistence today

says he Jones has become a

multimillion-dollar brand in just one

year earning twenty eighteen móvil of

the year 2018 National Association of

Women business owners Rising Star Award

at ESP Freedom Award view at espy live

last year you remember that moment all

our bowls of the 72 percent 30 day

customer return rate doesn’t we talking

about today y’all and repeat customers

currently the brand is built of

multi-channel shopping his friends

include the mobile app a thriving

e-commerce division a rapidly growing

subscription revenue model and a

flagship brick-and-mortar store based in

Brisbane where she currently lives let

me tell y’all I was yes I was in Vegas

last week cerise came up right we’re

talking about I’m squeezing a stole so

uh somebody like

oh no I asked them I said I said hey

where you at in enrichment and they say

well I’m not really I’m like you know on

outskirts a little bit as I said okay

they said I’m not in Richmond like

Surrey service but I said you just reach

them they enrichment I said we’re to the

office the office is like right open

like I was you know prepared they’re

always like right all 495 right they

took me to the store is that go to brick

and mortar brick and mortars like

downtown downtown you know I got because

they oh this is this is like really

downtown like we doubt that so y’all

like she’s the truth y’all know I’m a

big fan of what her husband her building

was that’s John’s boutique without

further ado let’s welcome Cherise to the

chat what’s up Cherise helping these

businesses increase their revenue we are

you and it’s so important you know I

always say Sheree stood on everybody

talks about doubling their business but

they’re so focused on double it with

more customers right but they also can

double their business with the same


let’s get those people come back and

spend again so that they work on I think

this is one of the things you’ve really

mastered yeah yeah so it’s like in order

to grow is to not grow innocence

you know like using what you have in a

much much smarter way and I love doing

it it’s so much fun I love it so so

let’s jump right in right and y’all if

you got questions make sure you write

them down at the end we won’t take time

for a few questions I’m gonna make sure

you get a min but Cherise let’s talk

about it cuz you said yeah kind of three

things you wanted to share with the

community around how can we get those

repeat customers in and what it look

like to you

well you have to understand something I

have been able to build these things by

learning these things from my corporate

background so like I worked at Bank of

America the big thing was customer

service worked at Geico the big thing

was customer service so first and

foremost for me there has to be an

incentive for your customers to come

back right so many brands are missing

out on either a rewards program or a

reason why their customers should come

back like a discount program or

something like that so for example I’ll

give you a little nugget so we use of

course we’re on Shopify but we use a

system called swell right and so

with us every time that you shop you

earn one point per dollar spin and now

you can turn those points into cash off

of your next purchase you can turn those

points into free merchandise but you can

also turn those points into joining

something that we’ll talk about later

which is our community but it gives

reason it gives reason for you to

continue coming back and continue to

shop regardless of whether we hey

Jacqueline because you want to use your

points that you’ve earned right because

they’re burning a hole in your pocket

the other thing is to actually not just

have a rewards program because you know

some brands do but to actually show the

value of what the rewards program can do

for you so we send out emails every

single sparkle party I talk about the

rewards program and how to use it but

you have to teach people how to use what

you have available yeah I love that

because I think a lot of times business

owners right we just create something

launch it and just assume people should

just get it right and then if they don’t

get it right away we just ready to just

drop it and go on to the next thing yeah

but you know a really good idea is try

sending out an email with a customer

testimonial of a person that has used

your rewards program so how we do that

is if we had Suzy Suzy bought a $36.99

necklace but she had a rewards right and

then so she got $20 off that she only

walked away paying 1699 that’s what you

remember is that 1699 and you get to

look at Suzy and her cute picture of her

necklace right and it really drives the

point home like she really only paid

less than $20 for that necklace I really

need to get on in this rewards program

but that’s how you show the value of

what it is that you have available to

offer hey this is your hope you got this

y’all get that was a nugget right Adams

two or three nuggets right yeah y’all

the actual tool we use to get you a

couple of tips make sure you you got

that hey somebody in the question when

the devil swell is what you say it right

well is what we use for our rewards

program our rewards program generates

create like over $50,000 in revenue for

us each month just offers rewards so if

you are not on it get a reward

to be alright y’all now let me ask you

this who wants an additional 50 K in

business right who would like let me say

in the comments have you bath additional

pity right not even fifty additional fit

in right exactly let me know let me know

if you are down for that real quick or

we should talk about something else

so I love it I love it Charisse so so

what was something else that you guys

have seen there’s been successful right

to get those repeat customers back right

so piggybacking off of the rewards

program so when you earn a certain level

of points ie twelve hundred and fifty

points with our brand you are welcomed

into our community and so you have to

segment your customers just like you

segment your customers for your email

list or whatever

you can’t treat all of your customers

the same Modi you cannot there are

levels to this thing right and so we

have something that we feel caught the

sassy Joe secret society and when you

get enough points did you can get in

there right but what it is is that’s

where they get all of the new stuff

first like when people maca stuff sold

out and they can’t get it anymore or or

whatever they get it all first

it is a legit sisterhood and we Emily

it’s it’s community on a different level

like we are going to a wine and polo

experience in June we are vacationing

together and these are women from all

over the globe they fly into Richmond

Virginia for our event that is the

community that we’ve built great off of

her rewards program and because because

they get everything first it’s kind of

like having all of your VIPs in warm

room what do you think is gonna happen

your top height customers all in one


and they talk if you got this necklace

on but you got this other one now I want

that one right and so they are having

community they’re having conversations

they’re teaching each other how to style

the pieces and that’s only going to

increase your revenue and your return

customer rate as well I loved it hey

y’all getting this ready y’all picking

us up if you’re getting this a yes down

in the comments Lo and now let me know

and I love that you know I did a um I

don’t know what I was I do like a

two-hour live

tonight right so great know if y’all

missed it make sure you check now but

that was one of the things that

fisheries I say hey look I was talking

about how we’ve grown like tis be

against a thousand percent over thousand

sitting last four years one of the

things I say it was that we do not treat

everyone the same because everyone’s not

say yeah about that now we we love

everybody right ain’t like we it ain’t

like we don’t have we don’t have a

certain people right it’s not like um we

don’t look out for Miz not like we don’t

want them learn but when someone is

willing to invest the time to resource

the effort and the money to get from

home to a TSP event there has to be some

type of trade-off it has to be something

that makes them feel special

wants to invest twelve months right of

their life with us right in their

family’s life to be a part of mastermind

and they make engage with it alright

that person just like the person is

hanging on in the free Facebook group

yeah I love that and so if y’all didn’t

catch that I want to make sure you catch

that and I think it ties back into the

fact that again Fredo principle 20

percent of your audience right now your

cousins be responsible for 80% of your

revenue so you have to do like Charisse

is talking about it find out who that 20

percent is and didn’t let that 20

percent know that they value they’d

appreciate it

you love what they bout right and then

we kind of find more people like that so

yeah and then tell other people about to

20 percent right on of me like let it be

known that this is a thing that you can

aspire to just like with the mastermind

you need to talk about the mastermind a

lot but you got folks like wanting to be

in a joint right but the same thing with

like sassy Joe secret society people

need to know that it exists is not a

secret and this is what it looks like

will you get here right so and that’s

exactly it I mean y’all you know a lot

of you may look and say well alright

Charisse Lamar you know I don’t I don’t

have to money to do this kind of thing I

can’t um you know I ain’t bowling like

says he Jones yet so I can’t bring

everybody do something

but one of the things you do have you

can’t give his attention one things did

you kick image like Sheree said right is

prestige prestige is one of those things

that people love so how can you lift up

the people that you have that are your

best customers and showcase them off in

front every

so that was enough y’all is nuggets

falling I’m just baby so you catch I

don’t want y’all to be so enamored by

Cerises coffin necklace y’all miss it

was being dropped here you know come on

y’all is so it’s Rocky alright so give

me one more thing that we can talk about

or semitone but I’ll about our

getting these returned customers back

and getting them to spend more with us

what’s something else that you guys do

well you know what you actually drove

the point home right there retargeting

and we do it in a number of ways right

so what a retargeting pretty much means

what that campaign might look like is

you might have a shopper that comes to

your website walks through the doors of

your brick-and-mortar or comes in

contact with you in some way shape or

form they may not convert on average it

takes a customer at least seven times to

make a purchasing decision right so you

can’t always expect to get the sale on

the first go but what you can do is what

I call sassy haunt them you can you can

definitely haunt them right so that is

with your paid ads you can be target

them you can do it with your emails when

email system that we use is called Clay

Bo so there’s something that you left of

your car we gonna hit you up my homie

did you forget about this SMS campaign

we use SMS bump for that so if you did

forget something in your car either on

our mobile site or on our app or mobile

app we gonna hit you up via text like

hey this is Charisse did you forget

something to your car and then something

that we do call the sparkle party and

it’s all about curating and experience

for your customers so that’s the

scientific way to do it but also you

have to be able to infuse a little bit

of you in there because customers are

gonna convert better and keep you top of

mind if they know who they’re doing

business with right you shop at Amazon

you don’t necessarily know who you’re

doing business with but if you had

someone that came on livestream who

answered your questions on a one-on-one

basis and also taught you how to use

their product you’ll instantly become a

part of their life right and so that’s

what we do with the sparkle party it’s

just a weekly livestream event it’s just

pretty much our way of an old-school

product demo and we’re teaching

customers maybe you looked at that

necklace or maybe you

that scarf but you didn’t know how to

style it you left it in your car but I’m

about to show you how to style this

today that way that overcomes all

objections like any any last one right

so there’s a number of ways that you can

retarget but make sure you are

retargeting don’t leave no money on the


you cannot alright y’all so I want to

make sure you go her we not leaving any

money on the ground that’s doesn’t

direct fit direct instructions amazing

we are extremely clear on that hey we

got a few minutes left if you got

questions for serese I want you to drop

them down in the comments now we will

spend a few minutes answering y’all

questions and making sure you get a

chance to get those answers directly hey

so if you’re gonna sell me right like

overall what a man’s two-part question

did you guys always focus on getting

those repeat customers in and if you did

like what kind of impact does that may

just on the business overall since you

have oh my gosh so the answer to the

first question is no we’re just trying

to get sales why I was just trying when

I first started out I was just trying to

pay make enough money to get out of my

house get take the business out of my

house so I could put in the Pam right

somewhere so for me it was all about

finding new customers in the beginning

I’m CEO we started to get the new

customers and I didn’t have a whole lot

of money to run ads or to do all these

things or continually bring in new

inventory in the beginning so I’m like

what hey okay I had these existing

customers why don’t I just nurture the

relationship with them right and then so

when I did when we developed the things

like the sparkle party in the secret

society and all of that

it has exponentially exponentially grown

our business like last year our return

customer rate was in the 70s like 7 or 9

percent average we ended and that’s in a

30 day period so if you shopped in


symchay percent of chance you won’t come

back again in February and buy something

because we’ve retargeted you that

complements your January purchase right

and so it’s just the gift that keeps on


keep on hey I love the hey Charisse is

you were talking right it made me think

of a conversation dead we at last year

aims like a small group I was on a call

we at last getting I don’t

how much you talk about this publicly

that’s not one shift gears for a second

sure um can we talk about what it took

for you in the early days to get to

where you are I think I think a lot of

people sleep on it and that may and may

be you talk about maybe I just uh

dress see you a lot but maybe maybe

we’ll talk about I remember bill on a

call and it was a young lady right there

that we want to call trying to help you

know kind of do some things were

business and you talked about loading up

your Honda Odyssey and I told you I

could respect that because an hourly we

were doing our movie tour seven eight

nine ten cities a Honda Odyssey as we

got us across I said that must know

grateful success you talked about you

know it was conversation I don’t know if

you you wouldn’t even ever say you talk

about many hotel points you had would

you say you have somebody hotel points

because you were doing truck shows and

bending up and down the east can we talk

about that for a second cuz that’s a

fart no Arne like people it’s easy for

you because it’s you do Facebook lives

was easy for you because you photogenic

or is easy for you for this and then we

talk about the hustling to get to that

point we weren’t always a siege owns

that we are today correct and there’s

still more ways to go tons of ways to go

but in the beginning when I left my

corporate job like a dummy thinking that

I’m gonna have like this big business

and fell flat on my face I had to figure

out how to make money because to me

going back to my corporate job looks

like failure right so yes we had a

minivan for our family a Honda Odyssey I

think it’s like a 2004 right and I load

it I sold my Mercedes I had a Mercedes

Benz it was paid off I sold that in

order to buy inventory to do this road

trip right so what this looks like is

four months old twins as a new mother

sleepless nights a postpartum all of

that right putting the stuff in my trunk

and drive in maybe just in a thirty day


New York Philly and Florida right in a

thirty day period and I did that for a

whole year that year I did about 40

shows and then because it was like a

jay-z says get it how you live

it was the only way I knew how to get it

by putting myself in front of people I

knew that if I tried the necklace on a

girl she would buy it

you know I mean like I I knew that if I

could interact with the customer I had a

better chance so at that point that’s

the only thing that I knew how to do to

make money was to do two business shows

and so we did all of that until I just

couldn’t anymore until the end of that

year and then I was like this is whack

because I’m physically tired I’m

mentally tired I’m broke and I need to

try something new maybe I’ll give this

ecommerce thing ago but that those were

my early days and yes we live stream out

of my kitchen you know with my cell

phone sitting on to diaper boxes you

know all of that so it definitely was

not overnight success we’ve been in

business this year we’ll be six years I

love it and I just wanted to kind of

bring that up to Mitch because I know a

lot of times newer businesses will gloss

over like what it what it takes to get

there right or ill or they’ll kind of um

they’ll gloss over that part of what it

took for you and say like say it’s it’s

easy for you to do this because XYZ and

exercising always be different

but I think which all saw here right is

that it was hustled and before to

Facebook lines before periscope whoever

else it was it sounds like you had a

determination and hey this thing is

going to be successful mm-hmm never I

knew I wasn’t gonna cuz I wasn’t gonna

let myself fail whatever that looked

like whatever I had to do I was gonna do

it I loved it

I loved you know getting this so y’all

get these nuggets I’m up just don’t

understand man like like there’s a

certain amount you may not be able to

hustle your business up to five ten

million dollars but you probably can

hustle it up to a good 50k a good

hundred favor just by literally getting

out of the house and doing what’s

required to make it happen now there’s a

better way and you may need to get to a

better way but but this is what I’m

saying you only just get up and do


you gotta start when I have a corporate

job I was doing trade shows my very

first year in business I was just doing

pop-up shows whatever they’re for

whatever they would have them

I made $25,000 that year still working

my job and doing you know maybe like a

trade show every now and again

25k I mean who cannot use an extra 25k

but I wasn’t gonna let my corporate job

be my excuse oh I work and I was working

overtime to be able to supplement the

income for my business so there are no

excuses no excuse and and I would I

would would bet money on it did you

became a lot better sales person by

talking face to face with people that

did you those customers were by talking

face to face book by getting up out the

house and doing something I had to go

through those things to know and be

where I am today I had to know who my

customers I had to get in front of her

face I needed to see who was naturally

attracted to me because now virtually I

can market to her and I can it can be a

sea of people of women at a festival or

at a mall I can pull the sassy Jones

girl like that I know what she looks


I know but she smells like I know how

she wears her hair right even if she is

not yet I know who has the potential

right because I know my customer I love

that hope y’all got I love all right so

y’all I’m tickled I got one quite as

amazing question in the comment I’m

gonna take that question and then hang

around no go anywhere because sharise

has a special offer we have to bring a

special offer this is a good one it’s a

great one so don’t go anywhere right

branagh ask this question first um

Jacqueline Gina what’s up Jacqueline she

said what has been the biggest challenge

with your exponential growth the biggest

challenge I would have to say it would

be between team ah I got it

cash flow that’s the biggest challenge

cash flow is the absolute biggest

challenge hands down because with all of

this growth things cost the growth a

free homey right so when you want to

invest more into your marketing budget

or if you want to design your own

handbags or your own necklaces or

whatever it is that you want to do when

you want to scale those things cost when

you want to increase your staff all that

stuff costs right and so you got to make

sure and I had one now you have to have

the integrator you have to have someone

that can come in and tell you know

sometimes right to be able to make sure

that you all can stabilize and

maintain the growth because it’s like if

you’re going to too fast or like st.

Francis if you want to run Facebook ads


you think Facebook ads is like the

end-all be-all that’s the answer it’s

not it’s not news flash it’s not because

you have to be able to maintain what it

brings you in if not it could be to your

detriment it could be you’re in you know

so the infrastructure has to be tight on

the back end to so I don’t have to say

yeah cash flow cash flow with the width

all of the growth like it’s just always

turn and turn and turn and turn a tiny

target on there we go I love that right

you know and even as you say cash moms

think about that too because I think

part of is like like the acceleration of

how fast the money comes in and out it’s

one thing like when you got money come

in but the old money sitting there for a

month what an old inventory sitting

there for a month and is going out but

whatever you got to turn inventory every

week or you know I’m saying like like

two or three days right or whatever

everything’s turning over and keeping up

with that keeping the track on it and

the importance of knowing all of that

not only re-upping but also reaping and

growing yeah okay but you’ll need a

future all that kind of stuff this is


hey y’all oh oh y’all have enjoyed just

kind of a messiah Charice you said you

had a special hookup you want to share

it oh you want me to share me this I’m

excited I’m excited just read okay okay

so I’m seal tomorrow at 8 p.m. Eastern

Standard Time 4 TSP only if you go to

the site use the code our side of shop

Jesse Jones comm if you use the code TSP

I am going to give you a free sassy Joe

style box with your purchase of $50 or

more what is a style box

well it is a box of 5 accessories that

are valued over 120 dollars and it is

our last month’s box and it was it got

the best reviews out of anything so you

can go to our site you can see the

pictures if you go to shops st john’s


so again tomorrow 8:00 p.m. is when it

expires the code is tsp as long as you

use that code and spend $50 I am going

to give you the style box for free all

right y’all hopefully you got that my

team we are putting it down and

the into the chana see some Lau’s coming

through already but make sure y’all jump

on it I guarantee you you’ll be blown

away by imma cuz imma say I’m in the

database yes pull me up in the bathroom

I’m going to decide bought some things I

get the emails every day I’m something

y’all pieces that you’ll love you’ll

love the customer service you’ll love

becoming a part of communities hey if

you think this thing is a game and you

think she’s talking customer service I

challenge you right now to make a $50

purchase get your freestyle box and use

their code TSP and and walk through the

customer experience yourself as an

actual customer right

yo sometimes you can’t just sit on the

sidelines when during right trying to

get all the free pieces to everything

you know go through the process become a

customers see what that actually looks

like there we go

you better do it so um Cherise thank you

any last words man I love you guys I

love TSP I love this entire community

when I was first introduced to it it

blew my socks off blew me away

so I’m so happy to be a part of it all

right awesome again guys we appreciate

you joining hey I almost forgot to say

you come see sure beats you laugh it

just got my patient right I’m all into

it you know making my nose you come see

Sri Sri slap she’ll be speaking and

talking about all right 20 19 this year

June 14 15 in Atlanta for more

information go to WWE ckets comm TSP

live tickets calm check it out make sure

you check out Theresa Sparkle parties

every week and make sure you take a hold

of her offer $50 purchase you get a free

style box we use the code TSP and check

out and it expires tomorrow so don’t

wait right

mostly all probably on lunch right now

before you go back to work you ain’t

doing that no way well you go back to

work I’m just go ahead and I go over to

site stop sassy John’s calm if may sit

down in the chat we appreciate you and

we’ll see you on our next Lunch and

Learn may 7th we’re bringing back to

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so the sharise’s Jena beast or what so

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but yeah she’s gold goes y’all night

y’all so Jones may 17 appease African

ancestry we’ll see y’all then thanks

against your recent appreciates – no

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