Support Your Employees’ Mental Health and Wellness

3 Ways to Support Your Employees’ Mental Health and Wellness this Holiday Season

The holiday season can be stressful for anyone. Salons and barbershops will often see an increase in appointments during this time, which may leave employees feeling overworked and overtired. Along with the stress of the holidays, employees may be having a hard time managing their mental health. To avoid any of your employees getting burnt out, provide them the tools to cut out any extra stress that can build up during the holiday season. Don’t let your employees drown in the stress of December by utilizing the following tips.

Remind Them Of EAPs

Providing your employees with the resources they may need to cope can help reduce any extra burdens in life. Whether it be options for counseling sessions, finding the right insurance, or financial literacy courses, give the gift of a stress-free work environment and make the holiday rush easier to handle. With all the people coming for last-minute visits, this may be a time of increased appointments and thus increased tensions. Your employees might be talking to clients all day, but not always about what’s worrying them in life. Talking to a professional counselor, in-person or online, can help them work through any negative thoughts or major life events they don’t feel comfortable sharing with just anyone. It’ll let them focus on work and being present in the salon without interference from external stressors.

Providing them with stability in their job and resources to help them financially can provide incredible relief to any employee. Remind them of insurance benefits that can help them feel safe and secure in their position and work. Showing them options for beautician insurance on a daily basis can be a good option for employees, especially those with an unusual schedule. This way, if they tend to be out for long periods of time, they won’t have to worry about paying for more than they need. Having this type of security can significantly increase their confidence in the work they do and get them ready for anything the holiday season throws at them. 

Provide Financial Support

Along with the benefits of counseling and insurance, helping an employee out with their finances can give them relief during the holidays. Especially in the gift-giving season, they might be tight on money or trying to save up. With financial planning courses, they can learn how to manage their money, especially with an income that may not be as consistent as a typical 9-to-5 job. Showing them how to save and where they can invest their money safely can support your employees’ overall well-being and grow their financial confidence. 

These classes can also provide them with a view into their financial future. Seeing the expected increase in their finances as they grow in their career can help them plan what they can afford and motivate them to advance their careers. Knowing that they’ll have an increased income with advancement, they may now opt for financing options that’ll be affordable to them at the start. If they’re just starting out and their first big purchase is buying a home, they may want to look at the benefits of an adjustable-rate mortgage. As they learn the ropes of their career, they can pay a lower interest rate and as their skills grow and income changes, they’ll have the knowledge to refinance if needed. \Financial stability is something that may worry those in an industry with less structure, but providing your employees with supportive resources can help them feel secure in their career choice. 

Give The Gift Of Training

While the holiday season may not be the best time to provide training, making it known that you will provide it as a gift after the holidays are over can show your appreciation and support for your employees. Letting them know that you’ll bring in a trainer after the busy time of year can give them confidence in what benefits the salon has to offer them. They don’t have to seek out any extra training on their own to grow their skillset and they can do it with their fellow stylists. Showing your employees you care about their careers and want them to succeed can help their confidence grow. It can also give them more of a team mindset to go through trainings together, since being behind the chair can sometimes feel lonely. 

Giving your employees extra support this holiday season can make their busy schedules and stressful lives more manageable. It shows how much you appreciate their work, and the respect you have for them and their mental health and wellness, even outside of the salon. It can keep the salon’s environment cheerful and positive during the holidays, and make the season less daunting for salon employees.