5 Ways to Build and Keep Your Clientele

In this webinar, licensed barbers and cosmetologists get tips on how to build your book of business, generate customers, and keep client retention high.

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3:07minute hey Courtney and ty Caldwell here

3:44with share share happy Monday to you and for all those who are on this

3:52this webinar you’ve never seen the face this is my lovely wife and co-founder

3:58Courtney oh thanks babe he’s the bestest lights might be at this guy’s we really appreciate you joining today

4:04today’s topic for the webinar is five ways to build and keep your clientele we

4:11know that there are plenty of ways to try to start building up your book of business whether you’ve been in the industry for 20 years or you’re just

4:16launching out today so it’s our goal with dr. time and he’s going to share his 25 years of experience yeah some

4:25some ways you’re gonna some things that he shares today you’re gonna think oh that’s a no-brainer and some things you’re gonna say gosh I’d never thought

4:30about that but his goal is to help all of us get over the hurdle of trying to get out there and build our business and

4:37be able to keep our clients coming back for more because we all know that it’s a lot less expensive if we keep client

4:45retention up instead of having to go out and fish with new people coming over you guys know this man he is a 25 year

4:52industry veteran master barbers stylist salon owner of an award-winning salon in

4:58North Dallas and in Texas he’s spoken on huge stages anywhere from the AAC s

5:05which is the American Association of Cosmetology schools to Pro Beauty Association Cosmo Prof he’s being asked

5:13to speak a different barber ecologist and beauty institutions around the world his work has been featured in Fast

5:19Company Forbes he won Google for entrepreneurs demo day which is the

5:24first time that any Texas startup has done that and we’re in a great relationship with our fine friends over

5:29at L’Oreal so super excited about what he has to share going forward and with that let’s get started

5:36good afternoon everybody you know one of these according said is you know I don’t

5:42I don’t claim to know everything but I do know a lot in this industry for 25 years one of the things I will say is is

5:49that a lot of times we kind of get caught up and not understanding the whys you have to understand why something is

5:57a certain way you have to understand why what it takes first to bill conti why that clientele isn’t growing and how

6:06can you get that clientele to grow so I mean a lot of things that I can talk about I try to piece them out I could

6:12talk about four hour or two and just count just like give you the game get you understand the the reason why

6:19your clientele is growing or why your reason your clientele is not going whether it be slow or whether be reppin

6:24I really like to share wisdom because I think that social media has come in and it’s allowed people who are really not

6:31educators or really not instructors who really don’t know the industry because social media takes away the really hard

6:37work it kind of gives people a glimpse of what they think they know and and this is over years of experience I do

6:43think social media works now as a platform to kind of help you bridge the gap and get you where you want to go but

6:50they’re gonna be certain themes that you that you can you can’t know unless you actually have gone through the trenches

6:55so the first one I would definitely say is promote yourself with integrity when

7:00I say you know promote yourself integrity I mean like always promote yourself properly think about what

7:06you’re doing with your in with your information and think about what you doing with yourself really be the person

7:12you are promoting clients or visual potential clients are visual so if you’re not promoting yourself visually

7:19that’s really false marketing if you’re in the beauty and style industry because it’s really all about show you have to

7:26you have to think about it like this if you’re gonna give someone a business card and you do hair if your hair is not

7:32looking nice then why would somebody would want to do business with you if

7:37you’re if your person is promoting makeup why wouldn’t you wear makeup give them an idea of what they would look

7:43like if you do brains I mean I think most people in this industry who are really skillful on what they do they’re

7:50promoting that on themselves so if you have got down with a beard artist we have a big beard if you’re a person who

7:55does Bali I’ll treat you well you’re promoting that in your hair if your person does makeup a little you’re promoting that you here so that’s one of

8:02the things that you don’t do will capitalize on promoting particular skills is really awesome if you’re if

8:09you’re good at certain skills promote that firms even though you know how to cut if you know people

8:15are looking for certain things some people are looking for people who actually do color well and and some

8:21people are looking for someone that actually knows how to do a razor shave if you know how to do these things

8:26promote that and all that other stuff will follow too because it’s almost like a bono package no one would think a

8:32client would not think that if you color hair that you can’t cut it so promote your high-skill promote that

8:38skill that’s really bringing in the money for you and that’s bringing in the dough you want to be able to to help understand how you can upsell your

8:45business now you get more people to you just not as a licensed professional but

8:51as someone who is skillful at what they’re doing you have to focus on those things one of these I will say some

8:56clients are really particular they’re super particular they search and ask for recommendations whether it be from

9:02customers whether it be from friends with people family or they go out and search it for themselves so capitalize on those things because

9:08it’s gonna make a major difference when it comes to building clientele I think that one of the things that really made

9:15me feel my clientele well was the fact that I could really you know utilize my skill it was I came in at a time where

9:21there wasn’t fibers there wasn’t makeup and if it was it was very very small and it was done for pitchers only so I think

9:28what helped me is that people go out hey you know what I have a guy that cuts my hair he’s really good and my skill was

9:34natural I didn’t have to have enhancements so you would actually leave out looking very well with the haircut

9:40with the shade and I was good at that because that’s the foundation not learn how to use that skill so my clientele

9:46really really got got really really big really fast because people would come in

9:51based on the results of what they would see someone else walk out with with the service and even if they were in there

9:57for to see someone else because I was doing what I was doing so well they were like hey you know next time I come in

10:03and can you get me so it wasn’t no disrespect to the barber or to the stylist that was there it was actually someone walking in that had never gotten

10:10a service before that said the next time I come back I’m gonna try you out that client potentially came a client for 10

10:16years so these are things that you got to think about promoting yourself with integrity and always just the part you

10:21know saying we’re very unique and artistic people utilize that take advantage of the fact that you’re in the industry it

10:28doesn’t mean you have to come to work in flat sand or flip-flops shorts show

10:33people your artistic value don’t just get up in the morning just cause you’re running late and throw something on you have to look the part and if you look in

10:39the part you can always gravitate to people because you are that the clients

10:44are who you are and you have to make sure that you’re bringing in the type of people that you want so the first one is

10:50always promote this stuff properly and with integrity number two you definitely want to

10:56educate your clients I think this is so super vital to growth I think a lot of

11:01times we we get into this I know I know what I’m doing just tell me what you

11:06want no you have to educate your clients clients always have questions and and

11:12this is your time to shine this is a time to build that clientele and introduce them to products things that

11:19you know about this business people think that we just go to school and we just cut hair and we just come up with a license no they teach you about skin

11:25care they teach you about texture they teach you about angles they teach you so much in school they teach you to color

11:31wheel we know we know they can do we do because we have been educated properly and then we get out of school and then

11:37we do continuing education so you can’t if a client come in your chair and they say hey you know what I want this you

11:43have the opportunity if they ask the question what do you think you have the opportunity to exercise that that

11:49knowledge that you have that wisdom that you have I think about you see about

11:54almost about two years ago I was in the shop and a guy came in use from New York

11:59and I’m in Texas and he say you know what I want to get edged up and that’s like okay cool and he sat in the chair

12:04and I could I said how much time you have I said I don’t have 15 minutes for my next client coming in he was like hey

12:10man just give me an edge I said I tell you what I’m gonna give you I’m gonna give you a great edge and he said good one of these that he under P liked about

12:17me was my confidence I said I’m gonna give you an edge up that is gonna look like you have a haircut I said but what I’m going to do I’m going to edge you up

12:24I’m gonna trim your loose ends and I’m gonna clean the back of your taper and I’m tasting the one I got done with his

12:30hair he looked tremendous and one of these he said about me sound like your

12:35confidence I like the fact that you know what you’re doing and you actually met you actually fixed an area of my hair that the last barber

12:42didn’t do so one of the things you got to understand is its clients are always looking to be educated and and realize

12:48this too confidence is key educating your clients would include will increase

12:53their ticket price and and people don’t care how much that how much you charge and if you’re doing what you’re doing right and if you’re educating them on

13:00products that’s a whole nother upsell to increase your to increase the average

13:06ticket to a higher ticket price you have to understand that based on your knowledge they’re listening to you if

13:11I’m going to someone to service to get a service that I don’t know about I’m gonna listen to everything they’re talking about most of the time you’re

13:18going to the doctor Epsom so you haven’t here actually you have any questions for me we’re the same way we’re actually

13:23good at what we do and you can ask their client do you have any questions for me and sometimes they may have a question

13:29that can get them back in your chair the next time so how do you know that that client can be repeated client the reason

13:35you know that client could be a repeated client is because you’re talking to them you’re asking them questions and you

13:40give them opportunity extra questions back so always educate your clients don’t just let them sit in your chair

13:45you give them a haircut let them see the mirror let them see what you’ve done so they can know that next time they come

13:51in there they may not need the mirror they’ve trust what you’ve done and maybe they may want something different but you’ve given them the opportunity now to

13:58say you know what I like what they’re doing I like how they today they told me something that no other barber no other

14:04stylist has ever told me and now I have an understanding about what I’m getting and why I’m getting it why my hair spin in certain areas why my

14:11heart can’t take color or why my skin is giving me the issues that has given me some people don’t even know that if you

14:17if they have a skin issue while they’re getting razor bumps some people don’t even know why they’re why they have alopecia some people don’t know why they

14:23have eczema understand they don’t know these things so you’re able to be there to educate them so think about that as

14:29you think about another way to build your clients heal and keep them number

14:34three I always say focus on quality focus on quality don’t focus on quantity so many times we go into the shop and

14:40we’re hoping that we cut 10 people you know I’m saying that’s that’s a good quantity number if you want to reach

14:46that number on a Tuesday one of the Tuesday or Wednesday products possibly slow day but what

14:51doing five and being getting and getting a quality time out of that day and making more money than you would if you

14:58did ten you know you’ve got to make that that new client or that potential client

15:03that you’re that you’re trying to reach out to you got to make that that service be a memory and a lasting memory at that

15:09so think about the things when it takes to to get that client if you’re gonna put as much time on your feet walking

15:16through the malls if you’re gonna put as much time only your on your on your day off talking to friends and family about

15:22getting more clients in the shop you have to make sure that you make that that first service a lasting memory and

15:29and make that client know that they’re gonna only get that service with you whether it be from your personality

15:35whether it be from from how you conduct yourself professionally but at the end of the day focus on the quality of your

15:42service because this is what’s gonna make it memorable I think about time when you get that new

15:49client time is key clients don’t like to feel rushed they don’t want to feel like okay I’m coming in I’m just gonna get

15:55this haircut and they’re gonna rush me out your service should be an experience never think of it in any other way the

16:01service that you’re providing is an experience I tell people even in my shop when I’m there I’ll say you know what

16:07clients need to know that the reason they’re paying the price Taipan is because it’s not just a service price

16:13it’s an experience so it’s just shop clean is is where you add a professional

16:18environment do people feel welcome things like this will will be the reason

16:24that the service is not just the price but it’s the whole conglomerate of the experience never think about it as a

16:30service price always think about is a full service part price of the experience that’s what’s gonna make you

16:36memorable people don’t understand that they think oh man I’m good at this it

16:41goes back to old saying talent alone is not enough it’s not enough it’ll give them in the door but it won’t keep them

16:47in there you have to understand that you have to focus on the whole conglomerate which is quality not not quantity the

16:55numbers don’t matter if the quality is not there so make sure you’re doing the right things first and watch them repeat

17:01number four deaf Google incentivize your clients to share

17:08incentivize your clients to share if anyone has never built their clientele

17:15off of their current clientele you are wasting your time completely wasting your time I think that my first 10 years

17:24in the industry I was building so many clients so much clientele but after building so much clientele for so long

17:31my clients started telling people started wanted to know who my clients were going to so they were starting to

17:37promote me on their own and so as I began to when I moved into my own business you know some clients move with

17:44you some clients don’t so you use your clientele to incentivize building your clientele so what do you do and how do

17:49you do that let’s just say this right here let’s use for an example you got a client you say hey you bring me three

17:55and you give them a card that says you know what a name on it you put their name on it make it on give it to him

18:00that client brings that card back so say that Tonya has recommended because she

18:05loves what her son has because she recommended three people to you so those three people came in within that month

18:11and you tell Tanya I have you have sent me three clients I have the cards right

18:17I have their names right here I’m going to I’m gonna give you a free cut now if you’re a first-time haircut is $20 and

18:26she’s sent in all male all male adults who got full service beard and all that and you made anywhere from thirty five

18:33to fifty dollars off of them so let’s just go with the the 35 so thirty-five dollars seventy the last time was fifty

18:41you made $120 and you gave a free haircut for twenty-five you have a profit so do not ever think about losing

18:48money incentivize your current clients to build clientele that’s the only way sometimes is gonna make sure that you’re

18:55relevant is gonna make sure that clients don’t speak highly for you they’re gonna evangelize that you are good at what you

19:01do so don’t ever don’t ever push away from pro bono services or even discount

19:06services it’s gonna help you build your clientele because the clientele you currently have is gonna be so so willing

19:13to go out there and market for you you got to realize this also attracting new clients can cost you

19:20anywhere from six to seven times more than repeat business so it always cost

19:25more it always cost much go get a new client than to keep the current when you have so never think about okay pushing

19:32out your old clients because they’re the ones that’s gonna be there for you and believe it or not once you raise your prices

19:37the current clientele you’ve always had are gonna believe it you more than your new contest because new clients here

19:44always look at what else is around they don’t have that experience with you they don’t have that time with you to say

19:49okay he’s good at this is good at that oh your current clientele or older clientele no your service no your work now I will

19:56say that the new clientele can work for you as well because they’re used to paying a certain price so I don’t want

20:02to discount the new the new clients but you definitely don’t want to discount 200 dalliances been with you for a long

20:07time that’s something to think about and also number two to that actual clients

20:13to post their haircuts on social media if you have a client that you say hey man I love this cook you go postal I

20:19cheat can you go post it on Facebook tell them that you would give them ten percent off the next cut because they

20:25went out there and actually incentivize putting you their picture on their Facebook and now you can go repo repost

20:30and offer there either one their social media channels whether it be Facebook or Instagram because now they’re telling

20:36those people not only who you are but where you’re located so they’re sending clients to you so you got to think about

20:42utilizing your current clientele to help you benefit building new clientele and

20:48also incentivize that through either pro bono services again and or discounted

20:53prices this is one of the ways that you’re gonna continue to see yourself grow over and over again and I think

20:58that we don’t realize that we have that power and that power works for us so well number five be consistent give the

21:08same level of service every time I can’t I can’t share that enough I think so many times that you know we have bad

21:16days we have good days bad days we got I will give a rest but about any of that

21:21you have to give the same service every time consistency is key have you ever

21:26gone somewhere maybe to a restaurant and then you pay some food and you say what didn’t taste that good

21:32today well it’s because that consistency wasn’t there and me and my brother called that a bad day for that

21:39restaurant so we might not service their restaurants for another you know three six months because we didn’t have we didn’t like the service that the the

21:46last time I went there it wasn’t consistent to what we knew so you have to think about it like this clients

21:51should look and feel the same every single time they get out of your chair every single time if you’re not giving

21:56the same service you’re you’re shooting assessments which I’m gonna be honest with you repeat clientele is the golden

22:04ticket to become successful that is my mantra repeat clientele is the golden

22:09ticket to become a successful trust me I’ve been doing this a long time a long

22:14time and anyone that knows me and the service that that I provide I haven’t

22:20passed out of court I got to a point behind pass our card in almost 16 years and the reason why is because I utilized

22:28the fact that I’m giving the client what they want I’m doing the same service every time I’m putting the same

22:35importance on the the value not just dad but the level of service that I’m giving

22:41them every single time every single time do not I wouldn’t wait on that

22:49everything else you might think oh it’s not important never waver on consistency

22:54that is you that is that’s what pinpoint you to be who you are so consistency one

23:00thing it does is establish your reputation it makes you relevant and it maintains it it maintains the message

23:05that you stand for who doesn’t want to have a message that they stand for that’s why Instagram and social media is

23:12so good today because people can actually go out there and talk about themselves and actually exemplifies who they are

23:19through social media it doesn’t mean that they’re a guru doesn’t mean that they’re the best at what they do it means that they’re promoting to the

23:25world to their to their to their area whether it be on Facebook let them know

23:31I exist this is what I stand for this is what you would get from me every single time most of the time people ignore it

23:38let me tell you something it means something to go somewhere and get the same level service every single time it just makes

23:44so much sense so I want you guys to think about that so let’s look at this right here let’s look at some stats and these are real stats we don’t play with

23:51numbers numbers don’t lie so look at the arrows first we’ll go through the rest of the arrow at the top at the top left

23:58it says 48 percent of consumers say that the most critical time to gain their loyalty is doing their first service

24:05guys 48 percent say that most of the time we don’t even that’s a that’s a hot

24:11number they say they gain the loyalty through the first service let me tell you

24:16something I don’t even know that but that’s how I gained all my loyalty my nose would probably higher than that because I have clients that they don’t

24:23meet for 20 years you know I don’t get a chance to be behind the chair like that but when I do is from clients who have

24:29been with me for a long time it’s not just for people who just started coming to me no it’s not like they’ll get a

24:34chance to be by the chair like that the arrow pointing pointing to your to your

24:39left Lord 86% of clients will pay more for a better customer experience that is so

24:45true trust me if there is it most of my clients I will say that came to me told

24:52me that they like the atmosphere they like the customer experience they like the customer service they can bring

24:58their kids in there they want to feel like they’re they’re comfortable and so what does that client gonna do then new

25:05a client that runs into that client that used to go to the same salon they’re gonna say hey hey man hey hey hey miss

25:12come to this salon and ask for this person or they were punched into the right direction because this lawn allows

25:19us to be comfortable as a single mom going to a smart this this salon or barber shop doesn’t smell like a weed or

25:27then I’ll keep their shop dirty 86 percent that’s 14 percent from 100 listen to the numbers they don’t lie

25:3486 percent of times would pay more for a better customer experience let me tell

25:39you something people pay for quality people pay for value and that is valuable the bottom right hand corner is

25:47small but I read it 70 percent of the buying experience it’s based on how you

25:53treat how you treat the client and may Kimmo hurt field it goes back to the 86%

25:59so when my client came in not only did I make him feel good I was confident how

26:05you make a person feel is so important and I think Maya Angelou said it she said people were people will forget what

26:12you said but they’ll never forget how you made them feel that is true and if something like that is important to

26:18people there’s value in it and you have to take that value and you have to put it in there and you have to put it

26:24inside of who you are bottle it up and make it a part of the the service that you want to give people

26:29it just makes a whole lot more sense so let’s go through a few more stats this is the seventh s table toggling the bar

26:35will need to know to keep clients coming back for more so 64% of people cite

26:41sharing values azzam the main reason they have a relationship with their Styles very hot number again they cite

26:47shared values so basically you are the clientele is who you are you will attract the clientele that you

26:54are two percent increase in client retention has the same effect as decreasing costs by 10% people super

27:02important again client retention has the same effect as decreasing cost by 10

27:07percent this is something that you need to understand going forward in this industry so they look at the numbers at

27:13the bottom by 2020 the client experience will overtake price and the product as

27:19they as as the key brand their differentiator think about what I’m saying the client experience will

27:25overtake price because people want to experience it makes a whole lot more

27:31sense client retention improves by 42% when the client experience is improved

27:38the numbers don’t lie from the building from building loyalty to all important

27:43client experience here is what you can do today to set yourself up for success tomorrow all these things are key I

27:51didn’t become a CEO of share share because I was just sitting somewhere and

27:57I didn’t know what the hell I was talking about I became the CEO because I know how we think I understand our customers think I’ve been successful at

28:03this I want to give people the nuggets and the tools they need to understand trust me you will become successful if

28:10you just listen to these five key components that I’ve given you guys it’s gonna make so much sense I want to hear

28:17what your questions are do not feel like any questions you have is a dumb question because at the end of the day

28:24what you don’t know can hurt you any questions thank you guys for listening

28:29up as well – we’re gonna sit back we’re

28:37gonna let you type some questions in I don’t want anyone to to fall off this may be a question that uh were really

28:44helped you out and understand how you can be better at what you’re doing right

28:50all right any questions feel free to type them in Daphne Dexter

28:57kalenna we got next oh yeah let me tell you something buddy Dexter Dexter’s uh

29:04it’s one of the guys that actually work in my salon in North Texas and super

29:11cool guy he wants to learn been in industry for a long time and I think it

29:17means a lot to continue to learn and I think that you know everything but super cool guy really really blessed have him

29:25at the shop he brings another level of expertise and he’s always willing to

29:30learn as with all I got our first question in from New Jersey all right Jersey all right so so when

29:38I’m educating my clients what if they don’t when they feel like they know more

29:43about their hair than I do oh that’s great I mean a lot of times when you have clients that know more about the hair is that’s a great thing I

29:50think that clients can help us understand what type of hair they got before we even get in it and then once

29:56we get in it we can kind of finalize okay well you do have to care you do have a breakage and you do have a lot of

30:02new growth so sometimes you’re helping them understand what products they need if they haven’t already told you what works for them that’s good good all

30:09right Stacy Stacy asks how do I attract the type of clients I actually want to deal with I know you know this all too

30:15well I don’t want clients that feel my craft is a joke very true Stacy always won

30:21discounts always asking for handout so true I know you always say tide that you attract the people that your clientele

30:28ends up looking like you yeah your clientele is a direct look of who you

30:34are so let’s answer this three questions in one how do I track the type of clients I actually want to deal with the

30:39way you do that is by saying who are you got to actually push or not you know so people you know it’s just you have a

30:45essence of horror that comes off of you anyway so the type of clients that you want I have a tendency of attracting

30:53people who have who have who are really picky who are business people and

30:59sometimes that helps me up level my skill set so with piggy clients with clients who are thinning I love those

31:05classic cars not only that is I’m able to show off my service and my skill set

31:10to a higher level than just doing something just it’s cutting here so if I can talk to those people I can make them

31:16feel comfortable not only that now I have evangelistic outlook for these clients go out and get me fish for me

31:22more clients you say you don’t want clients that make you feel like your craft is a joke if you have clients that

31:27make you feel like their craft is a joke there’s something that you’re doing wrong so what are what are you doing how

31:33are you how are you allowing yourself to be professional if they think your craft is a joke because one of these I will

31:39say if they’re thinking your craft is a joke you’re not making your seams yourself same serious so let’s just make

31:46sure that you’ve seen that you make yourself very serious about what you’re doing and if you’re gonna give discounts

31:52give discounts to build don’t give discounts to keep because if you give discounts to keep a client they’re gonna

31:57always want a discount so always make sure you’re intentional about what you’re doing that’s good all right next question from miss copper wood hey y’all

32:06thank you I get so scared when approaching people me too my question is how do you overcome these

32:13fears I also feel like I’m just handing out free services just to get people in the door so she says what would you

32:19suggest for this well I think this is super amazing I’m super excited that you

32:24even asked this question get over the fear I mean

32:30why are you scared to approach people that has a lot to do with your confidence level within yourself if you

32:36got to be super confident what you do if you’re super confident in what you do you should have no problem coaching people are you funny

32:42yeah definitely if you’re afraid to get rejection then that’s saying that you’re afraid to be successful never be afraid

32:49to get rejection because success is in there your question on how you overcome

32:54those fears is just wake up every morning and tell yourself that you’re gonna do it and if you already have this

32:59embedded in your spirit embedded in your mind read some books are gonna give you some more confidence in yourself some

33:04self-help books and so you can see what issue that you may be dealing with that could help you get to the next level

33:16behind the scenes and so what I have to do to always talk myself up to you know

33:21be in front of the audience what I did in the beginning was I gave myself these little mini goals every day so my goal

33:29was to go talk to people or approach people or hand out my business card okay Courtney so today before I go you

33:36know buy myself a chocolate treat or you know look at another pair of shoes I’m going to go hand out five business cards

33:42and I’m not going to treat myself for word ward myself until I do that little thing and you’d be surprised that you

33:49know if you do that every single day and set yourself these little bitty tiny goals every single day by the time you

33:55get to a full week you’ve already handed out almost 50 business cards and you know you most likely have those people

34:01would maybe have called you back absolutely yeah set little goals and also finishing up this question you feel

34:07like we handing out free service just to get people in the door this suggests you don’t have to hand out free services do

34:14not end up you didn’t get into this business it may not make money you got into this business to make money so

34:19think about it like that if you’re giving out free services just to get people to believe in what you do or

34:25believe that you can provide the service then you’re doing yourself a disservice there’s nothing wrong with with what

34:31it’s like this if you have a face set for color and you know that

34:43the color is is 80 X 440 that you’re getting more than what the price is

34:49you’re getting you’re getting more service than what you’re charging so I think that that is important to do but

34:55don’t give our free services unless you’re willing to just no go get another job and not work in the concession that you really went to school to work hard

35:02to be in so think about that right Anna she asks what advice would you give to

35:08traveling stylist as far as retention for their home-based clients what advice

35:14would I give to traveling started as far as retention for their home-based clients well that’s the thing don’t go

35:29anywhere you don’t know anybody it’s just no use in going there’s no use in going if you’re in Texas there’s no use

35:34in going and Austin if you don’t know anybody you always have to have you have to have someone there to build off of

35:39you know if you know that someone is interested in your service you should know social media and you have a

35:54home-based client and you want to build your you want to build your service outside of that particular city because

35:59I’m thinking about Dallas to Houston but if you’re in Dallas or or and you want to go to the South sector of the city

36:05you know someone in that south secular city and then make sure that when you’re

36:12building that clientele you still got your home-based plans you may end up getting your home-based clients to not

36:17want to come where you add if they’re already in the area so you can build off your clientele even with your home-based clients if you want to be a traveling

36:24stylist so think about it like that because at the end of the day what you’re trying to build is more clients

36:29here and if you don’t want everybody to come to you you have the option now which your share to be able to build your clientele outside of where you are

36:35already section section in your home is so I think that that’s that’s a good question my advice would be do not do not shorten

36:43just be short-sighted and how you want to build clientele be broad and look to grow you know house side of will you

36:49already had alright last question here what is the best advice for new students

36:56coming out of school to build clients but those who have to start out as a boost venture not by choice but because

37:03of a tight schedule I would definitely not recommend let’s take out the tight schedule as a booth as a coming out of

37:10school student you should not have a tight schedule I think that if this is something you want to do keep your schedule open now I think the thing

37:17about it is and I know someone like this right now have a range if you’re gonna

37:22work from 9:00 to 3:00 bill clientele for that but always be open to growing

37:28don’t always work up 9:00 and 3:00 every day sometimes you want to work from 1:00 to 6:00 you gotta meet your clients where they

37:35are if you’re coming out of school you don’t have the range of time to build your clientele then you’re gonna lose

37:40because you have morning clients you have you have clients that work for

37:46lunch you have clients that want to bring their kids out to school and then you have any evening clients if you’re not sectioning off your time to meet

37:52those client tells the where they need to be met then once you get to ready to start full time you’re not gonna have a

37:58range you’re gonna be pigeon you’ve pigeon holed yourself into one time segment and that is gonna know that’s

38:04not gonna allow you to grow you’re gonna realize why am I sitting is long because you have you have conditioned yourself

38:09and you’re scheduled to work for you only for a certain time and that’s not good as a person coming out of school

38:16building clients and when you build clients you can’t tell the client as a new student coming out of school this is

38:22the only time you can get them you are shooting yourself in both feet once you do that so never shorten yourself with

38:29that because you want to make sure you’re growing your clientele as broad as you can because you just never know if you have a full-time job one day you

38:37can just walk away and leave because you have a mass amount of clientele and you’re constantly building so don’t pitch in your own self with the

38:43timeframe so if you have a tight schedule there’s only there’s only reason that I will tell you to have a tight schedule if you have a child or

38:49two that are not in school you can fix yourself around that if you have a full-time job that you that you’re

38:55afraid to lead you can work around that or if you have a certain time maybe

39:02because of health reasons that work for you but if it’s just because you want to sleep late that doesn’t work if it’s

39:08just because get along watch the TV show that doesn’t work if it’s just because you want to do something that’s personal it doesn’t

39:14work my first five years in the industry I work 15 hours a day and trust me I busted my butt off

39:20nothing else mattered and I was working a full-time job now left in three months to do that so you want to make sure that

39:26you’re giving your all to this because you didn’t go something think about a

39:37question question okay I know we are a few minutes over but that is the end of

39:44today’s webinar please feel free to follow us online on instagram at sheer share all dr. Tighe here dr. ty Caldwell

39:51he’s like Oh ty Caldwell everywhere on Twitter as well and look for the next topic that we’ll post on our I G page

39:58it’ll be coming up in two weeks I’m willing I’m willing to help you guys in any way possible and I will make sure

40:04the topics are on point and they’re gonna help you get to the next level so never feel like always look for the new

40:11post coming through for you guys to join the next webinar we’re giving out nuggets we’re giving our wisdom and

40:17we’re sharing with fun and super values and most by what we do because if I’m not doing it right and we’ll need to be

40:22doing it see you guys next time bye guys

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