5 Ways to Take Great Photos for Your ShearShare Listing


Congrats on taking the first step to become an authorized ShearShare host!

Now it’s time to take some attractive photos for your listing. Here’s a handy-dandy “how to” based on some of the most popular hosts on our platform.

1. Natural light is your best friend!

If possible, try to shoot your listing photos with curtains and/or blinds open. Pick a time when the sun will be bright. Be sure to aim your camera away from the lighting. No worries if you are unable to shoot during daytime. Just turn on all the lights and work with what you have!

2. Shoot photos from a corner

Give stylists a true perception of your salon or barbershop. Flat walls can make a space appear smaller. By shooting into and from the corners in a room, it gives a realistic expectation of the size of the workspace.

3. Declutter the station or suite

Remove personal objects that may detract from the first impressions of your salon or barbershop. While the workspace doesn’t have to be perfect, be sure that the space is clean and neat. Toss the trash bags and wipe down surfaces.

4. Go ahead . . . show off different areas of your salon or barbershop!

Stylists love seeing the actual station or suite they’ll work from, but they also want to see the waiting area, the color room, shampoo area/backbar, stylist break room, bathroom, etc., so that they can get a good feel for the workspace as a whole.

5. The more, the merrier!

Include pics of people working in the space and photos of the outside that show the storefront. The more attractive and professional the salon or barbershop, the more inquiries!

Tip: Your smart phone is more than capable of taking quality photos. No pressure to pull out the old DSLR, lol!

Still have questions? Email hello [at] www.shearshare.com!