9 ways to attract stylists to your salon

9 Tried-and-True Tips to Grab the Attention of Visiting Stylists on the ShearShare App


Now that your listing is live, we’d like to share a few best practices from some of our most active hosts that will help you start to gain traction:

  1. Be sure to price appropriately for your area and amenities. EX: if the average booth rent in your city is $300 per week, don’t price your daily rental at $150 or your monthly rental at $1300. The average price that a ShearShare pro pays is about $65. Stick with a more competitive rate to start so that you can generate bookings out the gate.
  2. Showcase your ratings and reviews from other guest artists who have booked with you on ShearShare! 95% of ShearShare pros search first for hosts who have at least one rating and review. So be sure to ask past ShearShare pros to leave a review for you on the app.
  3. Turn on your weekly and monthly rates! It’s a new feature and super simple to turn on.

  4. Put your best foot forward. Make sure the photos on your ShearShare listing are bright, accurate, and highlight the best parts of your available space. Post the picture of the actual station or suite that the pro will be working out of. and that your listing includes notes about parking (very important!) and the salon/barbershop vibe.
  5. BE COMMUNICATIVE from start to finish. Make sure your app notifications are turned on on your phone and respond to your inbox messages on ShearShare within minutes of receiving them. We’ve had stylists move on and book with another host simply because the host did not respond quickly to their chat inquiry. And once you approve a reservation request, be sure to provide a warm welcome when the guest artist arrives, give a tour of the facilities, and let them know where they can find you if they have questions throughout their ShearShare stay.
  6. #SharingIsCaring. Start sharing with your social media followers that you are now an authorized ShearShare host and that they can now book your space on demand via the new ShearShare app!
  7. Copy and paste. Post your promo listing from the ShearShare app so we can repost you on our  Instagram and Facebook channels.

  8. Smile for the camera! Post a short video announcement that you are now an authorized ShearShare host. Here’s a great example from a very active ShearShare host.

  9. Give a virtual tour. Record a quick, 15-second video of your salon or barbershop space to post on your ShearShare listing. Send the short video clip to support@www.shearshare.com so we can add immediately!

Remember, the more active you are in advertising, the faster you will receive a booking. The more attentive you are before/during/after each ShearShare stay, the faster you will receive a rebooking. 😉