best morning routine for hairstylists and barbers

7 Productivity Hacks: The Best Morning Routine for Hairstylists, Barbers, & Estheticians

As a professional, our morning routine can set the tone for our entire day . . . and that of our clients. And as a hairstylist or barber, nail tech or esthetician, makeup artist or braider, starting your day off right can help you feel energized, focused, and ready to tackle your clients’ needs. Here are some suggestions for the best morning routine for beauty and barbering pros:

  1. Wake up so you can GO SLOW: Try to wake up 2 hours before your first appointment. This will give you enough time to prepare for your day and avoid feeling rushed.
  2. Eat your water: Either drink a glass of room temperature water as soon as you wake up, or eat a small piece of fruit–tangerine, pear, banana–to hydrate your body and kickstart your metabolism. Fresh, raw fruits have 8 -10,000 angstroms of energy. The more energetic the foods are that you eat, the more vibrant and healthy you become. Little-known fact: we all know that water has H2O, but did you know that fruit has H3O2? 😉
  3. Complete an “Appreciation Audit”: Think of 3 things you’re grateful for, and repeat that to yourself. Then smile!
  4. Stretch: Take a few minutes to stretch your body to release any tension and get your blood flowing. Standing on one leg for 60 seconds has proven to put you in your “A” game. This can also help you feel more alert and ready to work.
  5. Dress for success: As the wise man Deion Sanders always says, “When you look good, you feel good; when you feel good, you do good; when you do good, they pay good.” Take a shower with essential oils and get dressed in comfortable, professional clothes that you feel confident in. As a beauty or barbering professional, you are your best business card, so look like it! Plus, you’ll be working in close contact with clients, so it’s essential to maintain good hygiene at all times.
  6. Review your schedule: Take a few minutes to review your schedule for the day and make sure you have all the tools and supplies you need for each appointment. (Don’t forget retail sales!)
  7. Set intentions for the day: Take a few moments to set your intentions for the day. Think about your goals for the day, how you want to approach your clients, and what kind of energy you want to bring to your work.

By following these tips, you can establish a morning routine that helps you start your day off on the right foot and sets you up for a successful day of work.

Tell us in the comments below if you have another must-have tip to jump start your day!