Angel Cut With Layers

Angel Cut With Layers: What You Need to Know About the Trend That Could Save Lives

“I’d like an angel cut with layers, please.” If you heard someone ask for this style at a hair salon you probably would assume it’s the latest trend in hair care. However, this trend is no haircut. Recently, numerous viral videos on TikTok have people discussing what an “angel cut” or “angel cut with layers” is. So what is an angel cut with layers?

What is an Angel Cut With Layers?

According to this viral video by Leda Angel Fazal, if a client comes in and asks for an angel cut with layers they are signaling that they are in an abusive relationship or experiencing domestic violence. The phrase was coined after social media buzz about the secret meaning of ordering an “angel shot” at a bar, which is also a sign of someone experiencing abuse. According to Fazal, she wished there was something like that in her own industry. “I’ve been doing hair 21 years, and there’s been some crazy situations and I wish there was some sort of code word that y’all could tell us,” she shares. “But now I’m thinking, okay, ‘angel cut, angel shot, angel cut,’ that lets us know that you need help some way. And I hope it spreads!” It’s likely that many hairstylists are not familiar with terms like this in their place of business. So industry professionals like Fazal are doing their part to get the word out there.

What You Can Do For Your Client in Need

If you have a client that signals they are in trouble by requesting an angel cut with layers, it’s normal to not know how to handle it. Fazal suggests that hairstylists should consider calling the police. “When someone says they’d like an ‘angel cut’ that lets the hairstylist know that you are not there willingly and we should call the police,” she shared in a comment. You can also offer help via the National Domestic Violence Hotline that’s available 24/7 via phone call or a live chat. They offer confidential support, and their website allows you to search for local resources in your area for assistance close by as well. 

As beauty professionals, our clients look to be serviced in a safe space. It’s so important to get support and resources for yourself and for your clients in these situations. Creating and implementing a safety plan for dealing with abusive situations is important, not only as a business owner but also as a human being. So let’s spread the word and do what we can for those in our community that needs us. 

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