Back to School: Let’s Talk Routine Now That You Have TWO Jobs


Quick Tips for Navigating Virtual Learning

  1. Give yourself grace whether you are a parent or a teacher. There will be challenges so don’t be too hard on yourself.

  2. Overcommunicate: This is not only for teachers, but for parents as well. Let each other know when there are challenges. Parents feel better when they know their children’s teachers are talking to them.

Tips for Getting Back Into a School Routine

  1. Start early. If your children haven’t started school yet, now is the time to get them used to the new routine. Communicate with them about upcoming changes. Start making changes to their sleep schedule and daily routine that will make the start of school a little easier. If your children are already in school, you can still start working on a new routine. Once again, communicate all changes. 

Self Care Tips for Parents

  1. Take extended breaks. If you know there will be a season of little rest, plan to rejuvenate and shut everything out for a while. 

  2. Define what self care is to you. It’s about what helps you maintain sustainability. 

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