Barbershops: A Trend That Will Not Fade Away

Originally published here by Stylist Newspapers

By Denise Prichard

There’s no denying the popularity of barber shops has skyrocketed over the last few years. In fact, the cultural resurgence of men getting professionally coiffed is expected to become a $26 billion industry by the year 2020. And with numbers like that, barbering could become the fastest-growing profession in the U.S.

There are numerous reasons contributing to the resurrection of the men’s grooming industry — including the introduction of several professional haircare products being targeted specifically towards men as well as men becoming more interested in self-care.

However, the main reason barbershops have taken the industry by storm is due to men focusing on establishing a strong identity and sense of masculinity through professional grooming.

Another thing to consider is the way men are being marketed to when it comes to taking care of their hair — they are being pitched a lifestyle. Let’s just say the barbershops currently popping up all over the country aren’t the type of barbershops your grandfather remembers. Now men are treated to the full, luxurious experience of receiving high-end services while being offered a glass of beer or whiskey.

Something else different is the evolution of interior design within the barbershop space. It would be rare to come across a sterile, white-walled barbershop with plain black chairs lined up along the walls — instead, you’ll see spaces with a more industrial vibe like  Booker customer, Arrow barbershop.

You’ll also find sleek, ultra-modern spaces with eclectic style that caters to the masculine senses. Just take a look at how a Booker customer Boardroom, carved out their own style reminiscent of a speak-easy by giving their space a billiards theme with wood-paneled walls.

It’s almost as if the barbershops of today are aiming to redefine a man’s space within the hair care industry by infusing these once drab spaces with the ultimate experience. It would be hard to come by one of these hip locations that didn’t sport a lounge, TVs or the option to have a beverage or two. Entrepreneurs in this space are dead-set on creating a barbershop that men want to associate themselves with.