Beauty & barbering professional side hustles for the holidays

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Tis the season, to make more money.

It’s the most wonderful time of year for beauty pros. Your clients are filling your books, the air is crisp with Christmas joy, and your opportunities this season are endless.

The holiday season brings a ton of extra events for beauty pros to showcase their skills, please clients, and make a little extra cash. Whether you specialize in extensions, color corrections, or just fancy holiday do’s,  you may be leaving money on the table without even realizing it.

There are plenty of ways you can make a little extra dough this holiday season, and we want to share a few of our favorite ideas with you so you can ring in the season with bonus earnings from your awesome holiday side hustle.

Check out a few of our ideas and get going on cranking it up – the holidays will be here before you know it!


On-Demand Salon & Barbershop Space Rental Apps

It’s almost 2020. We know you’re probably aware of mobile apps that allow you to showcase your skills and may already be on a couple yourself. But what about an app that lets you rent salon and barbershop space almost anywhere for any price?

If you’re using any apps this holiday season, ShearShare is definitely one that can help you make a little extra cash, whether you’re working this holiday season or not.

How? It’s simple.

ShearShare lets you lease private suites or open stations by the day at a time and price that is convenient for you . . .  with no long-term contracts. Think of it as “HAIRbnb.”

Created by a 26-year master barber-stylist who earned his Doctorate in Professional Barbering & Cosmetology and veteran salon and barbershop owners, ShearShare works everyday to connect fellow owners or suite renters to licensed stylists to fill unused suites and stations on demand.

As a result, salon and barbershop owners make money on their empty chairs, and licensed cosmetologists and barbers find professional space to service their clients at their convenience!

So, if you’re taking this cheerful time of year off and don’t want to have your suite rent money go to waste- rent out your space by the day on ShearShare. Or if you’re traveling but could really use a little extra cash to hire a few more of Santa’s helpers to wrap gifts for you, download ShearShare for free and rent a chair or suite right from the palm of your hand!

Check out more of ShearShare’s benefits below:


    Super simple to rent space: Browse – Book – Work


    Variety of price ranges starting at $25/day


    500+ cities from which to choose!


    Search by location, price, date, licensed specialty, amenities, and private suite/open station


    Pictures (and some videos!) of all locations


    Stylists and Owners are both verified and licensed


    Spaces to rent for hairstylists, barbers, estheticians, nail techs, braiders, waxologists, weavers, lash techs, massage therapists, microblading artists


    Zero lease contracts. Book 1 day or 30!


    Reservation guarantee


    All payments done through the app


ShearShare also has a built in tax tool, so come tax season, you’re all set! 

For more information on doing your taxes, as an independent beauty pro, check out our completely FREE tax eBook.

Scheduling Software

Ho, ho, so busy! During the holidays, as a beauty pro, you may feel busier than the jolly guy in the red suit himself.

It’s imperative you have a reliable software and scheduling app so you’re on top of your game.

Salon Suite Solutions is our Elite go-to.

The salon suites model has specific needs and those needs are increasing due to competition, Salon Suite Solutions (S3 for short) is here to address those needs. The best part about Salon Suite Solutions, it’s FREE for the beauty professional. The cost is incurred by the Salon Suite franchise.

“This is the first and only truly integrated software solution that helps tenants manage their business and helps franchisees manage their property. It is completely free, unlike other apps such as StyleSeat and Vagaro.” Steve Griffey Salons By JC – President

But my Salon Suite doesn’t offer Salon Suite Solutions.

S3 is a great platform, but if you’re a completely mobile stylist or do not have access to S3 at the moment, check out StyleSeat the online booking software designed exclusively with independent beauty and barber pros in mind.

Beauty Professional Liability Insurance

The quickest way to become a grinch this season? Getting sued and risking your entire beauty career.

This isn’t our way of saying bah-humbug, beauty squad. It’s an unfortunate reality in our industry especially around busy seasons.

Beauty professional liability insurance protects you as the cosmetologist, from claims of general, professional, and product liability. Even if you’re the most expertly trained beauty pro in the world, some things are out of your control.

If a client slips on un-swept hair from a previous appointment and breaks their arm in your suite or rented space, you, as the stylist, could be liable. If a client has a bad reaction to a new lightner you used, and has an allergic reaction before a holiday party, they could sue you.

While instances like these are out of your control, you are not free of responsibility for a claim that arises from them.

Elite Beauty Society offers the most comprehensive and affordable professional liability insurance for beauty pros. You can insure your career for up to 3 million dollars, for less than $0.45 cents a day.

Learn more here.

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