Beauty Businesses Respond to COVID-19 Crisis with Special Offers of Support for Stylists


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<p>AEROVEX:&nbsp; They developed a program to create revenue for your salon even if you are closed.</p>
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<p>John Paul Mitchell pivoted to&nbsp; producing hand sanitizer in their manufacturing facilities.</p>
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<p>The Hero Shield from Denroy Group</p>
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<p>AEROVEX:&nbsp; They developed a program to create revenue for your salon even if you are closed.</p>
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AEROVEX:  They developed a program to create revenue for your salon even if you are closed.

We asked industry leaders, partners, and friends to let us know how they are supporting stylists and salons during the crisis caused by COVID-19. 


We will be updating this page so keep an eye out for more special offers. 




Aerovex is getting clients and staff back in the door confidently with our ventilation equipment that is scientifically proven to capture and kill airborne viruses along with other toxic contaminants. Protecting Salons has been Aerovex Systems’ mission since 1988.  That’s why we have now created the “Salon Stimulus Package,” a digital marketing system designed to attract new clients and retain pre-existing clients by letting them know you are now offering a safe, “Clean Air Certified” salon.  Click to book a consultation to learn about our Stimulus Package, and free 90-day trial of air purification and marketing systems. Ask us how we can bring revenue for your salon even if you are closed.

LEARN MORE: https://aerovexsystems.com/salon-rebound/  



To mark one thing off their to-do list, and to make their life a little easier during a very difficult time, Andis prepared talking points and client communications so stylists can copy-and-paste, use what they need, and move forward. They prepared templates for communicating when a shop was open or closed, sanitation practices, and also a best practices for social media during this time.

LEARN MORE: https://andis.com/



Bosley’s team of hair restoration experts is conducting video consultations to service patients.  During the video consultations, the patient can learn all about the available hair restoration solutions that Bosley offers, both surgical and non-surgical solutions to hair loss,  including hair transplantation, scalp micropigmentation, laser therapy and platelet-rich-plasma (PRP).  Bosley has a special promotion with never before offered savings during the month of April.

LEARN MORE: www.bosley.com 



They are offering all their online certification for a $20 donation through their Lay Low and Learn campaign as well as Free Monday Look and Learns. The $20 donation Certification link is: https://babehairextensions.com/pages/online-education. Proceeds will be donated to Professionol Hairstylist COVID-19 Relief Funds (TBD and where needed).

LEARN MORE: https://babehairextensions.com/



BoxyCharm will be deploying up to 100K BoxyCharm boxes to nurses in two of the hardest hit parts of the country: New York and Florida. While the company knows these frontline heroes need a lot more than beauty products right now, the company’s goal is to simply put a smile on these nurses’ faces and remind them that they are appreciated and deserve some self-care. Like all BoxyCharm boxes, each will include 4-5 full-size skincare, haircare and/or makeup products. 

LEARN MORE: @boxycharm



The botanical skincare brand, boscia is donating over 1,000 units of cleansers and 1,000 units of moisturizers to those working in the healthcare industry and distributing them across the US. Additionally, boscia is calling out to the public, encouraging followers to send names and addresses of heroes in local communities to receive a personal skincare package sent by boscia. (To submit names please direct message names & addresses to @boscia directly).

LEARN MORE: https://www.boscia.com/shop/index.php



CND and the Horst M. Rechelbacher Foundation are teaming up with Beauty Changes Lives to rally the professional beauty industry in response to COVID-19. A $100,000  portfolio of $1,000 relief grants for Nail Professionals is available on the Beauty Changes Lives website. Applications will be accepted starting April 1.

LEARN MORE: https://cnd.com/



Denman International’s sister company Denroy has switched much of its production to producing the Hero Shield, a visor designed to protect healthcare workers from Covid-19 when treating infected patients, to support NHS and healthcare workers across the country and the world.

LEARN MORE: https://denroygroup.co.uk/



ERGO Styling Tools donated 1,400 16-ounce bottles of its waterless soap called In Between to NAEIR (www.NAEIR.org), a gifts-in-kind organization that receives donations from companies and distributes them to member schools, churches and nonprofits in need. Also, from April 7 through April 20, Ergo will be opening their professional store with some special offers from which we will be contributing 100% of profits to both the PBA COVID-19 Disaster Relief Fund and Beauty Changes Lives.To maintain the integrity of our store for professionals & students, they must provide credentials (copy of their current license or for students a pic of their student badge). For simply registering, they will be donating a dollar for anyone that registers.

LEARN MORE: www.askergo.com


For over 15 years, Exit One Solutions has been privileged to serve the professional beauty industry with public relations, marketing, branding, social media and more. They suggest these action steps to take now:  Build your new business plan for the balance of 2020 and goals for 2021 so that when self-isolation and quarantines are no longer part of our daily dialogue, you will be ready; Do an honest assessment of the areas you can and want to improve on moving forth and some action steps on what you can do to rectify these; If you need guidance, reach out to those you admire, wish to emulate or can help you in some way.

LEARN MORE:  www.ExitOneSolutions.com



Our thoughts are with each and every one of you during this trying time. Keep sharing all your amazing before and afters! Social media was not canceled! We will get through this! From Equibal Labs the makers of Nufree finipil antibacterial non-wax hair removal systems.

LEARN MORE: www.nufree.com



Through April, Grande Cosmetics will donate up to $50,000 to subsidize access to food for those most in need during this unprecedented time. The brand will offer 15% off and 15% off all order revenue donated to Feeding America for purchases made at www.grandecosmetics.com – no coupon code necessary.

LEARN MORE: www.grandecosmetics.com



Hairdreams USA has created a special “Help Your Local Hairdresser” voucher program. Salon clients can purchase special discounted vouchers at www.iwanthairdreams.com for future Hairdreams services at salons in the USA.  All vouchers are discounted at 25% off for clients to help salon businesses. In turn, hairdressers get to redeem the voucher with Hairdreams USA at its full value – Hairdreams USA will cover the difference. Hairdreams USA will handle all transaction costs, run the site, manage the vouchers and cover all the discounts.

LEARN MORE: www.hairdreamspro.com



In Common is reminding clients that they can support stylists who carry In Common products by using their Pro Commission referral link. Stylists will receive commission from every purchase made through their own personalized links. In Common has waived the minimum order for sign up so it’s SUPER easy and will cost stylists nothing. Commission right now is 35%.

LEARN MORE: pro.incommonbeauty.com.



Jatai International’s President Dean Wada believes that stylists and barbers should not need to experience ‘educational downtime’ along with ‘client downtime’ during this Coronavirus period.  Jatai continues to reach out to owners and artists through its Jatai Academy, a FREE online virtual library of hundreds of quality educational videos that advance all skill levels.   From Feather Styling Razor techniques and trends to men’s grooming and shaving methods, Jatai Academy is a one-stop rich resource to prepare for short and long-term creative and skill-building success. 

LEARN MORE: https://www.jatai.net/



John Paul Mitchell Systems (JPMS) will produce Hand Sanitizer to help stop the spread of the Covid-19 virus. The company is expeditiously moving forward to manufacture more than 20,000 units of an 80% alcohol spray formula, which will be donated to high-need groups who are facing shortages, such as Southern California first responders, Los Angeles police officers, and low-income families with young children.

LEARN MORE: https://www.paulmitchell.com/



On April 1st, 2020 Joico launched “The Big Give-Back” campaign and sweepstakes, weekly sweepstakes that will award a lucky pro up to $1,000.00 to help pay for salon expenses, like rent costs or booth rental fees, or even salon utilities. The sweepstakes (open to U.S. residents; other restrictions apply) will announce one random winner every week and will run from April until the end of the year. The first set of four winners will be announced on Hairstylist Appreciation Day, April 30, 2020, and one new winner every week thereafter until the end of the promotion at the end of December.

LEARN MORE: https://www.joico.com/



The brand has officially launched KM.TV, a digital education platform hosted on their Love Kevin Murphy Facebook page. KEVIN.MURPHY’s DESIGN.DIRECTORS, MASTERS, and Kevin himself are working together to bring fun, interactive education classes to the hair community to help us all feel inspired and connected.

LEARN MORE: https://www.facebook.com/LoveKEVINMURPHY.



Khairpep has officially launched #HairArtistsUnite, an initiative to ignite a ‘Support Fund’ for the hair stylist community. This 6-week initiative will run from March 23rd – April 24th via the brand’s Instagram platform. Khairpep will be receiving nominations from clients, artists, and salons for an artist or salon of their choice to receive a support fund paired with Sam Villa tools each week. The support fund will be derived from 50% of sales of the Khairpep’s stylist cult favorite masque, K18Peptide Masque.

LEARN MORE: https://www.khairpep.com/



The Moroccanoil Academy has implemented a weekly cadence of digital classes that are available for free on the Moroccanoil Professional Instagram page, @MoroccanoilPro. The Moroccanoil Artistic Team, global educators, and business experts will showcase styling and cutting techniques, business and tackle audience questions. 

LEARN MORE: https://moroccanoilprofessionals.com/



The haircare brand launched by celebrity stylist Marco Pelusi is offering free shipping (marcopelusi.com) with discount code FREESHIP.  

LEARN MORE: https://marcopelusi.com/



Mindbody wellness tech company launched a virtual wellness platform for the tens of thousands of boutique fitness, beauty and wellness business operators that use Mindbody’s integrated software. The video product, which is available for free and will soon roll out to Mindbody customers during the current beta phase, allows fitness, beauty and wellness businesses to upload and share pre-recorded videos to their customers via direct, secure links. The new platform removes the need for third-party video solutions as it integrates directly into the Mindbody software, allowing consumers to easily access their favorite businesses’ video content.

LEARN MORE: https://www.mindbodyonline.com/



ORLY International is reconfiguring its Los Angeles-based nail polish factory operations to produce 75% alcohol-based hand sanitizer. ORLY plans to begin production by the end of March, with the first batch of 10,000 units being donated to the City of Los Angeles with a special emphasis on serving the city’s at-risk homeless population. Subsequent batches are expected to be available for sale by early April on ORLYBeauty.com; an email sign up form will be on the website to alert for availability.

LEARN MORE: https://orlybeauty.com/



The Olaplex Professionals Affiliate Program makes sure for every order stylists refer to Olaplex.com you will earn a 35% commission, enabling you to use your client  “black book” to create a new income stream for yourself. Apply for an account on the Olaplex Affiliatly dashboard. Our Professional team will accept/deny applicants within 2 business days.

LEARN MORE:  https://www.affiliatly.com/af-1032237/affiliate.panel?mode=register



You can create your own online retail store, free of charge, and let them handle inventory and shipping, while stylists manage the marketing. To learn more and set up your webstore today, visit:  www.saloninteractive.com/premierbeauty.

LEARN MORE: https://www.premierbeautysupply.com/



R+Co launched a custom home-delivery program for salons and their clients to to support their favorite salons and provide clients with convenient ways to get their favorite products. Each R+Co salon was provided a unique link to to share with each product sale earning a 40% commission. Additionally, R+Co is covering all costs associated with the program and has accelerated payments to each salon to happen every Friday.

LEARN MORE: https://www.randco.com/salon-locator



Save some space on April 19 and 20 for “The Show Must Go On” – 2 full days of live FREE education with our entire team (Andrew Carruthers, Anna Peters and Jesse Linares). We will each teach 45-minute classes with 15-minute breaks between on Facebook Live (8am PST to 5pm PST).  We hope you can join us: https://www.samvilla.com/show-must-go-on.  We are all here for you.

LEARN MORE: https://www.samvilla.com/



Suite Management Franchising has launched an e-gift card portal for the Members that work out of MY SALON Suite and have been been affected by stay at home orders. Members are each given their own website portal to sell gift cards which can then be sent to their clients as a way to pre-book appointments. It allows for clients to pre-pay for their appointment down the line and letting Members still earn money while being at home.

LEARN MORE: http://www.suitemanagementfranchising.com/



A new 501(c)(3) nonprofit to support the beauty industry has been launched by celebrity hairstylist Michael Dueñas and his wife, Melody O’Flaherty. We will be filling a gap to bring the community together now and forever.  Support Creatives Programs Include Emergency Financial assistance, Mentorship, Online Education Program and Tool and Product Support.

LEARN MORE: https://www.supportcreatives.org/



To help salon owners and stylists, Zenagen University was launched. This program includes both free education for stylists, as well as free products. This includes a free live webinar every Monday at 11 am EDT beginning March 30 until Monday, May 4. These classes will equip you with the knowledge and skills to confidently discuss hair loss and give natural easy solutions. Register on our website at zenagen.com for the webinars, and you will receive a free Zenagen starter kit.

LEARN MORE: zenagen.com

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