Beauty Professionals Look Ahead to a Great 2018

Originally printed by Jayne Morehouse 

To end the year on an inspirational note, I asked some of my beauty friends what they’re looking forward to professionally and personally in 2018. What’s clear is that they’ve made BIG plans and they’re ready to go. Here are some of their answers:

Beth Minardi, hair- colorist, educator and creator of Beth Minardi Signature Shades — “Per- sonally, I want to find the love of my life and take a vacation with my darling daughter, Christa. I also plan to continue living a happy, healthy and exciting life in New York City, actively supporting equality for women and working to preserve our environ- ment. Professionally, I’m working on bringing Beth Minardi Signature Shades to an amazing level of colorful success by supporting our wonderful, changing and challenging industry every day. I live to change the lives of colorists facing challenges with the very best advice and support, as well as the best possible product collection. I also intend to lead a rebirth of creative taste and respect for the health and condition of the hair.”

Jayne Morehouse “Personally, I will continue to pursue community involvement with an eye on becoming a member of our local community board to help more people and to help make real community change.”

Debra Penzone, president, Charles Penzone, Inc., Colum- bus, Ohio — “2018 will be the start of our company’s 50th an- niversary. With that said, Charles Penzone, Inc. is ready to recreate our company brand and our industry with our new salon plus spa lifestyle concept. We will be trailblazing once again to set the standard for the next “GRAND” salon like we did in the ’90s! We will also be exploring our brand extension through our first barbershop, The Royal Rhino Club and our yoga and wellness brand LIT LIFE + YOGA.”

Charles Lane, creative director at Toni&Guy, Montclair, New Jersey — “In 2018. I am looking forward to major growth in the hair industry. Personally, I want to sharpen my cutting, coloring and styling skills. I plan to train extensively to work in TV, film, fashion and editorial and to develop my skills as a master designer and global educator, so that I can learn and teach worldwide.”

Nina L. Kovner, chief awe- someness empowerer, Passion Squared — “New Year’s Day is a symbolic reminder that we can always have fresh eyes and a beginner’s mind. In 2018, I am looking forward to continuing to empower plus grow the creative humans I love and finding new, creative ways to do that through our membership programs and workshops, as well as what we con- tribute online every day. We are also adding people to Team Awesome at Passion Squared to help turn that vision into a reality, and that is something I am very much looking forward to. Personally, it’s been 10 years since I began my personal enlightenment journey and I hit a big wall in 2017. Is a 10-year itch a thing? Anyway, that wall has allowed me to go more deeply within and in doing so, I have discovered some new layers that need to be explored. And that, for me, is something to look forward to. As I empower and grow myself personally, I can, in turn, empower and grow others.”

Alicia Orabella, owner, Orabella Color Studio, Oakland, California — “I’ve been in our industry more than 30 years. Four years ago, I opened my own studio and needed to expand within the first two years. I’m anticipating the growth potential that awaits me. I have two renters now and am planning to bring on a third next year. Who knows where that will lead me? I have so much to share, so much more to learn and so many ideas. I’m focusing my spare time on outside education, learning what I have to offer and where I’d like to invest my time for future growth.”