Best Cities for Beauty & Barbering Professionals to Work

Best Cities for Beauty & Barbering Professionals to Work

ShearShare users and beauty and barbering professionals throughout the U.S are always looking for the next best move for their business. Your next move should bring in more clientele and cash flow while also maintaining your excellent service. Many beauty professionals no matter the field, are nomads and move where the work is best. For ShearShare users considering a big move, picking a city to break into the beauty industry can be difficult. But ShearShare has aggregated location statistics and trends to bring you three different possible locations for your next move. 

Los Angeles

California is a destination state for beauty & barbering professionals. Celebrities and high-profile clients await in this city that thrives on seeing and being seen. Not only is more cash flow and thousands more station and private suite listings available through ShearShare, but you also get to enjoy beautiful views, vibes, and culture. 

New York City

What is a list of the best locations in the United States without New York City? With a consistent influx of newcomers constantly looking for new beauty professionals to build their routines; New York City has one of the biggest resource centers for all your needs, even those outside the beauty industry. And just like ShearShare, there are many places to share living spaces, and save on living expenses.


As the fastest-growing city in the United States with thousands of newcomers every six months, Atlanta is a great city to build your shop or client list. Atlanta is also the fastest-growing film industry, which is known for hiring beauty professionals constantly to keep up with high demand. A huge plus, Atlanta is the most inexpensive place to live on this list.

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