Building Bridges: It’s Vital to Stay Connected



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My career has been built on relationships. Relationships with clients, vendors, stylists, friends, family, makeup artists, and many more. For this, I am forever grateful.

It does take work, resilience and perseverance, however, to maintain and foster these relationships. In my experience, outreach has been the best strategy for both attracting and maintaining relationships. Often times we lose track of all of the lovely people we do business with – and it’s vital to stay connected. 

Whenever I have a free minute, I take time to sit down and look through all my emails, texts, and social media messages, and touch base with people I’m connected to. You want to stay connected with “your people,” and eventually, as you diligently stay in business and build these relationships, you will find “your people.”

These are the people who want to help and support you, while you help and support them at the same time. Going back through your old email correspondence is a good way to get started – make it an active effort, and you won’t regret it.

I’ve been blessed to have many great mentors throughout my career, and I am proud to say that I have grown to become a mentor in the beauty industry myself. The thing is, ANY ONE OF YOU CAN BECOME A MENTOR.

Find out what your true strengths are in this beauty field – and once you’ve become established and successful – help others do the same.  Mentoring is helping.  Ask yourself — how may I be helpful to this person? When you are helping someone, the universe reciprocates back to you tenfold. Give, give, and give some more. Of course, take care of yourself first and foremost, but get ready to get up the next day and give to your neighbor. Find someone to mentor – maybe a new stylist? Or build mentoring into your job – maybe as a salon owner? As a hair teacher? Find a way to give and mentor, and you will be building respect and credibility while being of service to others.

Another vital, beautiful way to build relationships with industry professionals and with your local neighborhood is to attend networking events and hair shows. The sole function of the Chamber of Commerce is to connect you and other local businesses together. Reach out to the chamber and become involved. Regarding hair shows, and beauty shows, find out where the closest and best shows are, and GO. Make it a habit to do this. Year after year, you will see your favorite brands and your favorite educators, while connecting friends and building new relationships.

Speaking of establishing new relationships, I would like to invite you to attend my upcoming presentations. Come build a relationship with me. I love connecting with industry peers, and love to help people network if I can. I love to give back, as it gives me a sense of belonging and support. 

Bottom line? Be open, kind and supportive when working to establish and nurture work relationships. Stay connected on a daily basis, and mentor others along the way. Be proud of yourself and share your talents and successes with others. It all comes back tenfold.

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