National Women’s Health Week

Celebrate National Women’s Health Week By Focusing On Yourself

While there are many important weeks in the year, this week is an important week for Women! It’s the week that we have an official mandate to focus on ourselves, guilt free! It’s National Women’s Health Week and ShearShare is giving you permission to dive all-in on selfcare. 

So yes, consider this your “doctor’s note” to get your hair, nail, makeup, skin routine, a massage scheduled! More importantly, check in on your mental health. With all you have going on in your day to day between, personal life and career, it’s important to make sure that your mind and soul are strong!

Women’s Guide to Better Health

The US Departments of Health and Human Services office put together a guide that women can use not just for Women’s Health Week but in everyday situations to make sure women have the strength they need to power through their day. 

When it comes to mental health here are some suggestions:

To see the full guide for National Women’s Healthy Week Click Here