Email v. TikTok: Which is Better for Building Your Book of Business?

They say email is dead. But copy expert Donnie Bryant tells us that email is alive and well these days! Learn fool-proof secrets from the master and how you can crush your email list today.

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0:00my name is Lamar Tyler I’m the creator and founder of traffic cells in profit Wilpon channels do three things drive

0:05more traffic convert more sales and grow the amount of profit in their businesses and I’m glad that you are here today we’ve been doing daily interviews right

0:12with some of the top subject matter experts across the country and really write like across our globe to help you

0:18with your sales and marketing to build a better business the businesses that get through these trying times that we’re in

0:24right now will be much stronger once they can actually come out of this position and you get stronger by

0:29actually educating yourself by learning new skills learning new new pieces of your actual marketing puzzle so that you

0:35can begin to apply tools and not just applying them when you come out of this but actually applying them now so if

0:40you’re watching do me a favor always ask folks when we first started show that if you can hear me you can see me I need

0:45you to drop down to the comments give me your name where you’re from and if you have a business share your

0:50business as well you never know somebody might need to connect with a business owner or my company just like yours so

0:56your name where you’re from your actual business drop that down into the comments as we get going I see we have people here watching already and I want

1:02to share with you who we have today this is the follow-up to a conversation we had during our quick cash summit that we

1:08did for you guys so I wanted to say hey you know we did doing that we bring them back one we’re bringing them back today and today we’re joined by Donnie Brian

1:15Donnie Brian is direct response copywriting marketing consultant he has a proven history of doubling and

1:21tripling his clients revenue with effective marketing strategy and compelling sales copy guys without

1:27further ado do me a favor and show some love as we bring on mr. Donnie Brian hey

1:35Donnie what’s going on man Lamar brother it is always a pleasure to see you and

1:42to be in the building hey Mike like say you know you’re definitely a tsp family so we appreciate you always showing up whenever we make

1:49the call and being here to help people out as we kind of navigate okay how can we build our businesses like say

1:55especially in special times like now when the economy is hurting right people trying to figure out what they should or

2:01shouldn’t do and I know you know before we did the interview we talked a little bit and I want to make sure we share with folks today you know what they can

2:07do it’s like a lot of questions I’m hearing right should I be selling should I be marketing what’s the language I should be doing and kind

2:13like in a time like this what’s working now so kind of what’s working now overall in 2020 but then in a time

2:19specifically like this what’s working now what are you seeing so it’s gonna be fun before we get started you know for

2:25people that may not have seen you before may not have have seen you navigating through these TSP streets for a while

2:31now or maybe didn’t catch the quick catch some it gives you a little more background about who you are and what

2:37you do yeah I I’ve been a copywriter me

2:44I just had a conversation with another brother everybody doesn’t know what copywriting is basically when you’re

2:51writing something with the intent of selling something that’s what I do and that’s what copywriters do so I’ve been

2:58doing it since 2007 worked with a lot of industries a lot of niches and made a

3:05lot a lot of money for my clients like like the BIOS is doubling and tripling and I didn’t even really think about

3:11that until I was looking at some of these numbers recently and the ability to say to write words that really make

3:21people want to take action can double and triple your business or it can do more than that so that’s that’s me I

3:27mean I don’t I don’t want to dwell too long on my me because we need to get

3:32into this content I I’ll say I don’t even know what I haven’t looked recently at what the revenue numbers are recently

3:40that I’m directly responsible for but like I use the last couple years but it’s like we’re doing like 10 million a

3:45year ish but I haven’t looked at it recently but too busy actually created

3:51so if you want to make millions of dollars let’s have this conversation I can’t guarantee it my lawyer won’t let me but we’re getting you in that

3:59direction all right so so if you’re interested in hearing from a man as part of a machine

4:04is pumping to 10 million ish right does the conversation you need to be on to make sure you were tuned in and locked

4:10in a day right get your notepad ready get ready to take notes normally will cost you a lot of money to learn probably just a few of nuggets Donnie’s

4:16gonna drop today but I want you guys to get a hold of so so so Donnie right you talked about what copyright nears what

4:22does a good thing is the only we just gotta jump right into it but actually you know you remind me some King you actually tell them what a direct

4:29response copywriter is because they might say all right you know my cousin is a copywriter yeah for the newspaper right are they copyright for you know

4:36authors and stuff like that what’s that direct response piece and what’s a single answer that yeah direct

4:42response is basically we’re trying to get the reader or in this case we could be viewers and listeners also we’re

4:49trying to get our audience to take action now and usually the action we want them to take is to buy something

4:56sometimes like it’s to opt in to yeah you know to sign up for your list or

5:02it’s to sign up for an event that you want to talk to but ultimately we’re driving to creating cash that’s the

5:10action we want to do so you can write a blog post that informs educates inspires that’s cool direct response about

5:17getting the money I love it I love it hey do me a favor before everyone is

5:22watching right if you’re interesting that conversation probably I’ll get into the money drop a comment down below into the actual chat as we kick this off I

5:28see we’ve got a lot of folks tuning in from all over the place as we get going so Donny you want our quick cash summit and on the quick cash something anybody

5:35missed it I know you can catch the replay wwq quick cash summit calm and

5:41you want to summon and we talked about even we talked about copy so I want to talk about little bit of that and then make sure we advance the conversation forward a little bit so we talked about

5:49you know some of the biggest issues and problems you see a lot of times people not emailing enough people being afraid

5:56to email people being afraid that that you know I sent out to a thousand people eight people told me anyone subscribing

6:02now my world is falling apart you know that that type of thing is as we do but

6:08as from what you see right now like like what should we be doing like this in 2020 and all of us two questions one but

6:14in 2020 what we should be doing but especially right now is a pandemic going on how should we be communicating

6:19especially if we want to generate sales at the end of it because all everybody doesn’t have the benefit to say I’m not

6:26gonna sell nothing for the next two months and I’ll come back you know I’ll come back in the fall and sell something in because some business won’t be arrived they take that up I just I don’t

6:33have it so what do people need to do so I think illicitly what do they do

6:40yeah even if you have a million dollars cash sitting in the bank you should not pull back now it would be

6:47suicidal and and irresponsible of the make the first thing I want to tell you is it’s your job it’s your

6:53responsibility notwithstanding the money you need to get it but like you have to serve your

6:59audience you don’t get to act like a punk just because it’s for pandemic out

7:05here it’s your job to serve your audience in the way that your you came

7:10to this earth for a purpose it’s your job to do it so don’t act like times are different and you got to be different

7:16times are hard you got to be better and so I encourage you to sell as much as

7:21ever or more they need it and then the other thing that people really need and are responding to right now I mentioned

7:28this I’m a quick cash summit is leadership meaning I know how to help you through this in this particular

7:34field or I can give you the merchandise the product the instruction can you need

7:39to do this well right now and and if you bring confidence and clarity and help

7:45those your audience your customers help them feel confident help them have

7:52clarity and and to feel in control of their situation a little bit more even

7:57if it’s just a little bit you’re going to influence them in a very powerful way and I found make a whole lot of money I

8:04just told Lamar before we have done Mike one of my clients he he was he went deep

8:10into leadership he said I’m not worried about what’s happening right now at all and here’s how you can do the same thing

8:16here’s how you can feel the same way and power the best month in the history of

8:21the company before last month was 25 we did 25 percent more than we’ve done and

8:28in our best month ever in the middle of coronavirus in the middle of shutting down everything in the middle of people

8:34are scared because we were aggressively saying I can help you and that’s the point you’re in your mind you need to to

8:40decide I can help and I’m here to help and that involves selling sometimes so

8:46that’s that’s the first thing reminds it of I’m going to serve and leave so that

8:53that part is good because and I love how you started out right the whole like I don’t know if you don’t get to be a punk right

8:59now and that’s one of the things I was even saying during the summit and as we were talking it’s easy it’s easy to

9:06project yourself as a leader when everything is going right right when when all the money is going in and

9:11everybody got money everybody got a job everybody got a business aside hustle you know even if

9:17they pretend this a main hustle right is great then but you find out who the real leaders are when when things get a

9:23little bit sticky when things get a little bit tough so I love that fact you don’t get to be a punk and what you said

9:30to it has really been a lot of the approach that I’ve taken internally right and as I’ve been talking to people

9:36and colleagues and and peers and everything you know someone can’t understand everything we don’t even

9:43giving away like a lot of free stuff when we clearly could be selling a lot of stuff we get it but that’s my thing

9:48has been like hey I just got to get my people to safety and I have all trust it when I get them and safety right like

9:55I’ll be alright on the back end of it because I think in the time like this people respect those people that show

10:01them that they cared they showed them the way that showed them you know how they can take can-can you know covered

10:07in what the basic hierarchy it needs right how they can kind of kind of cover those needs for themselves in their family and they don’t forget when things

10:14shift and when things turn around when things change either and I always say out of out of situations like this you

10:20see new thought leaders emerge you see new people in the press emerge that you

10:25never saw before but now that person is like locked in and then on your TV every night you see new businesses that you

10:31never heard of there’s a specific need in that time but when you know the dust settles like they’re still standing

10:37there so I’m I love that man I love that and confidence and clarity so we talk about confidence and clarity if I’m

10:43communicating via email right and I’m trying to get a response out of people how do i articulate confidence and

10:50clarity in my actual email marketing well you have have to well first of all

10:57be conference right know that what you know that what you’re doing is high

11:04value high quality and can actually help if you don’t believe in what you’re doing it’s gonna come across it probably will

11:10come across unless you’re a great sociopath and a liar but you know there’s none of them in this group so we

11:15won’t worry about that so but but like it pretend that you’re tough this is a

11:20great tip across the board when you’re writing copy writing an email if you’re writing a sales letter you’re writing a

11:26video script for video pretend you’re talking to one person who you really care about and who you can really help

11:33in one specific way I really want you to talk about one thing at a time but like like I’m talking to Lamar because I can

11:41help Lamar make more money or Lamar’s talking to me because he can help me make more money and he knows so you need

11:46to talk to as if you’re talking face-to-face with them sittin couch on a couch whatever bars dude whatever and

11:53i’ma tell you I can help you here’s how I’m gonna do it with confidence don’t don’t and I find like we sometimes want to

11:59water it down like I don’t want to over promise I want to under promise and over deliver but if you under promise people

12:06are gonna forget they don’t care right like I can I can kind of help you don’t do it they I know how to help you and

12:13and believe it and then just like communicate with that like one-on-one

12:19conversation as if you’re talking to somebody who you like who you know you can help and you know how to help them

12:24and then you know just be very clear about about what that looks like if you paint the picture for them also like

12:30paint a picture of what what’s going on and what it will look like when they’re finished or any maybe depending on how

12:38much detail you want to get into what what the process looks like as you’re doing it show them I can I got a clear step-by-step way to get you from A to B

12:44I can get you from you know half a million to a million whatever I can get

12:50you from a stomach bulges and love handles to six-packs and babes on your

12:57you know or whatever whatever I know how to do it that’s for those of y’all who

13:03were looking for babes Oh like you know but my way I flex my love handles by the

13:10way and you know but anyway the point is if you can help somebody do it hey I can help you get booed up I know how to do

13:15it whatever it is your sink whatever your thing is I can help and just just carry that by which you mean if you had

13:21to get self psyched up before you sit down right that’s what you need to do so this is good because as you talk about this

13:27it makes me think of Niki Klug right who’s in our community she’s watching this now see it down in the chat so

13:33Nikki isn’t interior designer and right now she has a challenge going on right she’s a boss exactly right she

13:39definitely is and she’s helping people transform their home office into this like high-performance money space so

13:45that’s like exactly what you’re talking about right like I got a formula I got a system whatever it may be to help your

13:50you know messy cluttered stinky smelly home office or whatever right go from this to this other place

13:57where I get results so would be her articulating that to email projecting

14:03confidence and clarity right I got my notes of what you’ve been saying hope all y’all got your notes too I’m talking one-on-one of that person

14:08not like I’m talking to everybody but making that person feel like winter room having a one-on-one conversation and then painting that picture from how they

14:15get from that that junky cluttered crazy tight office there now to the one of

14:20their dream so maybe it’s not even in their dreams but but Nikki paints that picture would that be right yeah there’s

14:28actually exactly right and and she adds in this is where the space where you can make money like the benefit is not just

14:33it looks cool in here the benefit is here’s where I can come my space to operate at peak productivity and peak

14:40profitability and the benefits you know what they are body bank boo tell me how

14:46to get my body right how to get my money right how to get my relationships right and when you do body banking boo you’re

14:53instantly interesting and interest in sorry instantly interesting and instantly valuable because those are the

15:01things that we care about body bank and boo all right make sure y’all get that down to Chad I want to see y’all type

15:06that in the chat to make sure you retain that right those three things little three things that I haven’t trademarked

15:12it yet so don’t steal just put that down in the chat put a time – behind it in

15:18Lamar Tyler that’s all we need to do to get that on the record right quick all

15:24right so all right so we’ve got those pieces right we focus in on all right you know those are the if I’m talking

15:30about the body their bank or their boo right then it gives me that the head starting helps connect what people really want what else do

15:38they need to know like said about communicating people in his time so if they’re writing emails and they said all right you know what Donnie told me with a quick care summit

15:44I need to write more emails no matter how many emails I’m writing I need to write more so so what are some other

15:50things there’s no about specifically writing in this time here’s one thing

15:55that we kind of hear about but I think we don’t trust ourselves and doing it we

16:00don’t do it nothing that’s telling stories and there’s so many stories you can tell so many stories that you

16:07probably don’t realize how impactful they would be if you told them and stories that will people will remember

16:15or much longer than they’re gonna remember you’re three steps you know you switch that process into doing whatever

16:20they’ll remember the story that you told listen do you remember when I was at at

16:25the mastermind I told the story about putting lemon juice in my eye you yes yes there’s a you’ll never

16:31forget it I don’t even remember what my point was I don’t do you remember my point was I

16:36was talking to dr. Murray your doctor wrote about people are willing to do desperate things but and there’s crazy

16:43stories about dead people doing desperate things but that’s the point people will remember your stories and

16:49your emails can can and should be entertaining in that way the story that

16:54you told you’re almost getting shot in Baltimore never forget it I’ll never forget it and I bet there are a lot of other people who probably still bring it

17:01up when they see you know we you had us hanging on like like when does this

17:06email coming I need to know what happened and those stories meant if you tell your personal stories about

17:12struggles that you overcame challenges that you faced you can tell if you tell them Bear Singh stories people will read

17:19those they can’t you know it they can’t not read those stories right and and

17:25then you share how you you went from this embarrassing thing to this place of confidence how you went from this place of struggle to a place of victory how

17:32you how you overcame a challenge or how you discovered something that was wrong and you can tell these stories they’re

17:40personal so they bond people with you that’s the other thing there’s so there’s an infinite number of places where people

17:45can get information there’s no shortage of to get information but what but they

17:51they’re not gonna get your stories anywhere but from you and information again people like information it does

17:58not really it’s not really what moves people they they move based on their personal motivation to achieve something

18:04and the emotions around that and story is a great way to deactivate the sales resistance I’m just reading a story I

18:11want to know about Lamar I want to know about Donnie what did he do last week or how does he deal with this situation if

18:18people are in a situation you know what they’re in and because I was in that situation here’s how I got out that story’s gonna fly they’re gonna love

18:24that but they like the stories and then they brings out the emotion so if they

18:30start to feel hope okay there’s hope in the situation that may feel hopeless I can get more of that from Marc let me

18:37click the button to take the next step or you know or whatever there’s hope and then if they say there’s there’s like a

18:43benefit for me I can I can start to feel a little bit greed a little bit agreed let me go take if there’s CEO I’m a

18:50little bit nervous but I can see how there’s relief of fear I’m gonna click that button and so you can do all those

18:56things at stores any classic stories need to happen yes that’s why I’m getting it like the things that’s working right now is you have to be more

19:04engaging and entertaining than ever before because people will tune you out if you bore them guarantee the story’s a

19:13great way to do then great one great way to do that so I love this one of the things I’m always telling you know the mastermind because I’m always telling

19:19them like as relates to selling I don’t care whether it’s products whether it’s services you need to have a story

19:26attached to it like in the story is what makes people care the story is what kind of brings the connection the story is

19:31why I think you relate to me right and relate to my problem in my situation so so whatever it is we’re selling like

19:37let’s just have a story around it so that it makes sense quickly right and the person clearly see where there’s a

19:43need for whatever it is that you have now let me ask you a question about story storytelling before we move on that Stacey Taylor shot the Stacey in

19:49the chat she said I have a hard time with personal storytelling right she’s trying to work on any any tips or

19:55techniques or specific kind of technical strategies you use for storytelling

20:01you can you can always do I have a friend who did such-and-such tell your

20:07stories as if somebody else didn’t good to that here’s the thing you laugh like

20:13that yeah you had to realize that what you have like it will touch other people

20:21people I think Conrad said if people are waiting for you there specifically waiting for you to show up they’re here

20:26waiting for you so how you’re gonna reach them and a lot of a lot of cases is telling your story the good and the

20:33bad and people resonate with that people feel like you’re my kind of person and

20:39they want to buy from people who are like them they want to buy from people who have shared they share values with

20:44and they want to keep listening to so even they’re not ready to buy from you today but they’ll hang out you they

20:50gonna back they gonna bang with you long term if they feel like you understand them and they will buy from somebody who

20:57they feel like doesn’t get their issues so your stories you just have to get over it’s just one of those things we had to do it took me some time to

21:03there’s a lot of things it you know took me years you really talk about cuz it’s like I don’t want anybody to know that

21:08but when you begin to reveal those things and you find that people not only do they not like reject you if it’s a

21:14fear of rejection I don’t know but it’s not they’re not gonna run away they’re not gonna make fun of you and they’re not gonna think less of what they’re

21:21gonna do is the right people you know bind to bond to you like never before and that’s when you like unlock the next

21:28level of influence and persuasion so something that goes even beyond words is I feel like we’re friends almost we all

21:35have those people right like I feel like I know that do I feel like I’m like we we go back in the day and he never met

21:42him before but you kind of you feel like I can rock with that person through whatever and it’s the only thing I can

21:47do that is your stores it’s the only thing I can do that take it to the next level so the tips there’s no technical

21:54tip get over it like realize how important stories are the tip is a lot

21:59of your tips you give about writing and copywriting in general right it’s just to practice and just to get kind of

22:04comfortable and used to just doing it and the more you do it the kind of better you get and and you see what people respond to I mean I think that’s

22:10kind of sing with speaking as I I speak a lot of stages so what I do is is as I speak in a lot of times it can be a

22:17story that just randomly comes up but when I get one and it resonates with the audience or they laugh a certain way or

22:24they not all nodding their head I felt like the head not factor right they all nodding their head when you’re talking about a certain pain point then I’d say

22:29you know what that’s it into the next time I take that piece and just kind of build on it a little bit more so a lot of it is just the actual practice of

22:36doing it right and working on your craft as you kind of move through all right

22:41I’m sure it’s a great point if you if you share a little piece if you share a

22:46little piece of something and get positive feedback it’ll give you confidence it’s a great point like on even on social like people you trust

22:54maybe and then you just share a part of the story and you’ll you’ll be shocked sometimes on how people respond on the

23:02quick cash summit like it’s hilarious when Cherise had to take a break to get her kids in line that’s when that’s when

23:08like it went up it went up it’s like that’s not content that’s not teaching that’s life and people that’s what

23:14people like they connect and that’s like okay I really am here that sucks immense and like I said you just kind of got it

23:21yeah you’re right you got to kind of feed off the energy of the people but you’ll realize that stories and life

23:26people connected fact more than lessons yep and I did one I’ve been tried like

23:31less I want to give a shout real quick Josh Jones Josh say Donnie is awesome at what he does between his post on

23:36Facebook and LinkedIn I’ve learned a ton he offers valuable content and stacey

23:41following up to what we just said right to heard nothing said that’s great advice get over it let your audience get to

23:47know you make them feel like they can rock with you I hear you thank you she said a hashtag I’m not so there we go

23:52Stacey I look forward to seeing these these prolific storytelling emails that you’re about to start sending out I’m

23:58starting this afternoon so Donnie right now I think TSP is a great place to kind

24:03of test some of that stuff out you can you can like make posts and tsps a supportive community there’s already an

24:08audience of people and you can just see how people respond to those stories and then take them out and do your emails and all everything else you do yeah just

24:15don’t be trying to link to your opt-in and all that y’all we’re go ahead we got I’m have to delete your wonderful stories where your chance if they work

24:21but I yeah like not say just tell you tell a story with links we’re trying to push them to buy the bad stuff from you

24:27all right so so we talk about what’s happening right now just overall its kind of take a step

24:32back and look at like you know this year is a whole 2020 what are some of the trends right that you’ve seen as you

24:37send out emails you know you’re part of a ten million dollar year machine I think the quick cash summit you said

24:43y’all recently ran the email sequence it did like six hundred thousand and two weeks or something like that something

24:49crazy like two weeks yeah what are some of the trends that you were seeing that are working now that maybe you weren’t

24:56trying before or even like the device versus like what some of the things that you used to do that you no longer do because they just don’t have the same

25:02amount of effectiveness yeah it in it

25:08seems like this is gonna sound counterintuitive or it’s gonna go

25:13against what I said before we are sending a lot more short emails I like

25:18writing long emails when it comes time to giving money a lot of times you’re

25:24doing a shorter email but driving them

25:29to a piece that does sales in a more formal way like a video where you can sell in whatever mode you operate in

25:36best that’s where you need to send people to but a lot of times a shorter email like really short huh can you just

25:44want to get people in the right frame of mind and then drop them off at that sales piece that you know is gonna work

25:51really well if it’s a video if it’s a webinar and webinars are still working whatever hours are still killing it

25:57right now events and or like a long sales letter things like that but you’re

26:04using shorter emails instead of trying to tell the whole story in an email and then sending them someplace where they can just fulfill the order I’m seeing a

26:10lot more of the short emails sending them to a longer sales piece for I think

26:17that and I think the main reason is because people are there on the phone more and more and they don’t want to

26:22read a super long email from it well I’d said I don’t want to say that they they

26:28love the short email if they can get one long emails still work and I still rectally pong emails but short emails

26:35really do work as long as you’re sending them to something like a dedicated and I

26:40look at lips well thought-out sales Pete the UH the

26:46other thing like well let me say this right now you cannot use the word

26:52coronavirus or Koga 19 in subject line you’re gonna go to spam if you get

27:00delivered at all like they they’re not doing that in Facebook ads they’re gonna they’re not gonna let thing I’m not gonna prove those I think Google

27:06displays the same thing so you have to be careful right now you’re using those terms you’re gonna have to I don’t know

27:13if they’ve cut onto Rona that Rona but if you say coronavirus

27:20you’re gonna get rejected or go to spam and in koban 19 so be really careful and

27:26also like if you’re doing like a face to forget the landing page they might check that out too so you you might have to

27:32find your way around that I’m not sure the best way to address those and just talk about what the opportunity is okay

27:41so that’s like a side point again I’ll go back to what I said before about being entertaining in some way I don’t

27:47necessarily mean being funny although this funny like ready tailor email they’ll get you going right but like if

27:55you’re if you’re telling the stories is entertaining and you could tell part of the story and then send them someplace

28:01else to read the rest of it if you want but if you’re telling like shocking news

28:07like a hidden part of the story that you don’t know and and more and more I think

28:15people are relating to well not more and more but like it’s always it’s always been popular but it’s very popular to

28:21tie in to current events trending topics like whatever is on TV or Netflix I

28:30guess is better than TV car these days celebrities you can use celebrities forever right you can use politics in

28:382020 there’s a lot of even tying to political stuff like like it’s nothing people are gonna respond to those things

28:45that are kind of news related or popular story related like Billie Jean sent out

28:52an email this morning you know why Bernie Sanders deserve to lose you know you want to read that what’s

28:58really gonna say about Bernie it’s gonna be funny so people are responding to and and

29:03continuing to read entertaining people they won’t do boring they need you to be

29:10entertaining in some way so like if you’re if you’re letting them giving them behind the scene view of something that they’re interested in you’re giving

29:16them an alternate perspective on a topic that everybody’s talking about like I said Freddie Taylor’s like the

29:23man at that right he’s gonna take something and just make it saucy right you’re just gonna make it crazy and yes

29:30celebrities trending topics and you can relate to you know everybody’s watching Tiger king whatever you talk about

29:36whatever you know everybody’s talking about don’t feel like everybody’s talking about so I’m not gonna talk about it just everybody talking about I’m gonna

29:43tell the story that nobody’s telling about and so though entertaining is very

29:48important sort is working don’t feel bad about writing longer but just make sure it’s very tight don’t spend a lot of

29:55time like using extra words and hemming and hawing and stuff get to the point

30:00and and keep keep the emotions high and those are the things that when I’m

30:06writing like I try to do all today your first line should be something that like punches the reader right in the teeth

30:12and suck them into a story or it’s

30:18whatever because they’re people tune out really quickly though you need to start out with energy and then maybe explain

30:24yourself later but shock them or grab their attention right away cuz people

30:31are are quit they’re something other things like a look at and they will so don’t give them that option you know soon as they get their attention

30:36you know earn it you got to earn it alright so that was great so so as you

30:44were talking about the shorter ones right you mentioned it kind of in passing but you mentioned like mobile devices phones and stuff like that since

30:51more people are you know reading and pretty much doing everything reading scrolling viewing from sales pages of

30:58emails to social everything on a mobile devices have there been changes over time besides you know shorter length

31:04emails that you make because of that are keeping that in mind alright it changes with the subject lines because the subject line length is different

31:09on a phone versus you know on desktop or images or any any other things that you

31:15see kind of difference in yeah if you can this is gonna sound weird also like

31:21I was just talking with a data scientist who makes entirely too much money to provide information that you can’t do

31:26anything with but he did a subject line breakdown of it was dozens of subject

31:33lines sent to hundreds of thousands of people and he found that like you want

31:39to try and get four words like if you’ve got more than four words don’t quote me on this every awful this is different

31:45every audience is different every industries are a little different and individual cases may differ but in

31:52general the shorter you can make an email the better because people need first of all on mobile like you’ve got

31:58probably at the most forty character you shouldn’t count on having more than thirty five or forty characters there’s

32:03counting spaces counting punctuation you got contact Wow cut as many letters as

32:11you can make it as short as you can and get to the point very quickly so so you

32:18really need to be aware but he said like four words and every word in our case he

32:23was what client was a huge list every word over four words takes like five

32:30hundred out of the value of the email something like this so you had to just

32:36kind of test but try to make your email subject lines shorter and you can you

32:42know you can get all the juicy stuff once they open but you got to grab grab the attention pretty quickly if you’re writing along for sale no matter what

32:48but try to put some of the powerful attention-getting words near the front don’t put 17 things that you might want

32:55to consider about this big thing but put it put the big thing closer to the

33:01beginning so people see it right away there’s also a thousand emails that they got out scroll through so you so you have to make sure they see the big

33:07important word if it’s six-pack abs or if it’s you know divorce or its credit

33:14repair whatever you want to get that closer to the front yeah it’s yeah you

33:20see your points or subject lines I that’s what I’ve been hearing towards shorter I still write some long

33:25ones you got to put juicy stuff in the subject line don’t expect people to just give you you know okay I got an email

33:33open they’re not gonna do that and you already know if you look at your statistics 70% 80% of people aren’t

33:38opening so you have to you have to really convince them this is worth

33:43opening so put a big promise or put a big curiosity point or put something shocking or whatever in the subject line

33:51so that they say okay there’s something here for me and be specific like people

33:56try to be clever don’t you know clever is okay but really you need to make sure they know what’s in the email for them

34:02or it’s something they really want to know like you know I know a guy I’ve told him he never listens to me it’s

34:09like poetic and never open the emails from him because Rosa red vowed to

34:15I could not care about what’s inside I don’t care right you know it’s like 18

34:21ways to make a million dollars today I don’t believe that but I want to know it just to see if there’s an something in there I can I can take and use so you

34:28know put a benefit let them know there’s a reason this you should open this is there’s something specific here for you

34:33that you want but you got to do it fast yeah I mean I don’t know there’s more

34:39and more videos being used so if you’re not getting comfortable video yet you gotta get comfortable too you know I’m

34:44still very far behind personally on video my clients use it a lot and we find video pretty much always is a mode

34:51that’s gonna bring you more money you still have options to do text and other things but incorporate more and more

34:57video people it’s hard to read a thousand words 2,000 4,000 words on your phone but a video you can just set it in

35:03another play and even if you can’t look at it you can listen to it and and video

35:09is helping a lot okay let me just so so with emails are you guys when you when

35:16you look at it are you taking video

35:21images or gifts previews of videos something like that and putting them in emails and to get people to the actual

35:28video two-part question right that’s one point and the second one is like what about images and emails is images and

35:36emails a no-go Phil I know most direct response copywriters right all you see is gonna

35:41be text text only should we dabble in images at all like like what if somebody watches like Lamar I got my man on

35:47Fiverr made me the most amazing header at the top like are we ditch anoles 500 headers and just going straight text

35:53what are we doing done yeah the headers are gonna depress responsible in most cases you need to

36:02hit them with text you I I really have found you got to be careful not to

36:07overdo it but images do work as long as they’re meaningful images don’t just put

36:12something in there because it’s cute or just because you feel like you have to have something in there but if you have

36:18like let’s say you’re doing you could do a beauty product right you have a

36:23picture don’t put a picture probably of the product put a picture of somebody using the product or or something right

36:30if you have exercise things show the guns off show somebody with the guns but you put that like further down you gotta

36:37have open up with a big promise or or big opportunity or whatever you’re gonna do a weird story and show the picture

36:46later on so picture I don’t I don’t put them in every email especially when

36:52you’re doing the really short ones driving them to a sales piece but if you want to add a little bit more detail like here’s why you need to understand

36:58that this is a totally new way of doing this and you may have a picture in there I just hate you know if you have over

37:04formatted like with the with the big header you know although from the desk of Donnie Brent’s we’re banned people

37:11don’t figure don’t write that way to other people you just say you might say

37:18hey this is Donnie and I’m gonna tell you six ways that you can you know get your goatee to grow full and beautiful

37:24like because I can’t do it so that’s a pain point for me here’s how you do it and then maybe you have a picture

37:30further down but if you start out with a picture of being like what is happening I don’t know what’s happening you got to get them with work yeah so I mean I

37:38don’t I don’t like I don’t use them every time I think though that they do help and when I was looked I remember a

37:43test that I did so this wasn’t in 2020 is maybe the year ago but we were just

37:48running a bee test and it was it was in financially you know I do financial a lot one had a chart in it

37:56and one didn’t and we got like a 33% increase in orders with the one with the

38:02chart in it it doesn’t happen every time but when you have a reason to use a meaningful image you should totally use

38:08it and I haven’t found if you do it responsibly night like one image it’s

38:15not gonna increase your spam rating if you put seven images in there it’s gonna look much more spam and then uh Gmail

38:22like whoever’s gonna say they’re gonna flag it but if you use one and you got a lot of words a good amount of words it’s

38:28still gonna it’s still gonna get delivered you know regularly so I think

38:33that yeah images are good but I wouldn’t use like headers and don’t make it look like professionally designed make it

38:40look like a regular email alright I got a I got a question in from Tasha Loraine

38:47what’s up Tasha Java Tasha when it comes to creating content do you brainstorm a list of topics to talk

38:53about emails and then plan them out months or weeks in advance you know that des projets to take or maybe like a

38:59shorter shorter cycle in between what would you kind of recommend for folks yeah it’s a great question I think I

39:07never think more than a month ahead just

39:12because so many things can change between them and then sometimes you can use stuff over a longer period of time

39:18if you write if it’s not tied to anything in the news or tight anything

39:24celebrity wise or tie to anything that’s like currently happening if it’s just here’s why oregano is good for your

39:31blood pressure or whatever you can like that anytime but I usually try cuz I like to keep timely as possible so I

39:37usually will write you know a gun uh you know whatever group of emails seven or

39:43ten or whatever in like two weeks ahead if I’m doing like a big promo I like I

39:50like to write as close to the time they’re rolling out as possible but yeah so I do bring a great storm and

39:56strategize cuz I also think in series and you kind of should think about this – you don’t think of like I’m gonna send

40:02one email and it’s gonna solve all my problems you’re gonna send an email Oh three emails this week and what do you want to

40:08accomplish this week with those three emails so you you may tie them together you may not but think about what am I

40:14gonna cop this week and then you would brainstorm here’s three things I really want to highlight this week about my

40:20product my service my opportunity or the problem and yes

40:26okay I’m gonna I’m going to talk about a on Monday and we talk about be on Wednesday I’m going to talk about C on

40:32Friday and and then you could do it that way so yeah I do brainstorm and I and I

40:38intentionally try to highlight in each email a specific like a pain point or

40:43benefit or a you know something that they need to know in this is an email

40:49and then in this email so I want I figure out how many how many things I need to cover and then I will find a

40:54story or find research or find whatever and plan it out that way I hope that

41:00answers the question seems like really obvious to me but yeah I think I don’t

41:06wanna make it sound like I’m over simplifying no I think it does and it also reminds me of a comment I saw a

41:14little while ago too from chef Nina Sheldon chef Nina chef Nina said that she already has like

41:20three or four new email ideas but but a little while back you mentioned one of the ways the storytelling you can do

41:26behind the scenes and I was thinking like maybe for chef Nina Riker chef Nina you know she is slurpee chef based out

41:32of um Jacksonville Florida right has some NFL pro athletes clients for the Jacksonville Jaguars and she’s feeding

41:39and making amazing meals for and she’s part of my TSP mastermind fam so she posts us like pictures of the food and

41:45behind the scenes of what she making and then she showed us she showed us recently when she went to like Sam’s

41:52Club or something how she shops and I was thinking as you were talking like that would be a great behind-the-scenes

41:57of like how a celebrity chef shops right or like these are the things there that I that I pick up but these are the

42:04staples that I pick up to make X amount of meals for or even Donnie I was thinking too and let me know think about this maybe her crafting something and I

42:12don’t know like I’m sure it’s a technical term used right sound less Martin how I’m about to say it but but drawing a parallel between

42:18it’s a lot of parents right home that it’s a lot of parents home right now that are saying WOW like my kids are

42:24eating a lot because they’re normally not home all day like this so I’m trying to have to figure out like how can I

42:31make this food stretch from a little bit to a lot and all that or things like that and I’m thinking through storytelling maybe she can draw a parallel between if

42:37I can get this amount of food and hold off these NFL players they’d have to consume 3,000 4,000 4,500

42:45calories a day then this will work for your family and maybe take them along on a behind-the-scenes journey or something

42:52like that I just something came to mind yeah I think that’s a fantastic idea and your point is a good one people love that behind the scenes like

43:00just for uncut stuff you like that uncut junk because because it feels authentic

43:05it feels like I’m gonna get the inside scoop that it’s not official and like I’m gonna let you see how yeah how I

43:11feed linebackers I don’t care how hungry your teenage boy is he’s probably not

43:17eating more then then the Jacksonville defensive line he can’t he’s probably

43:22not I think that’s a great that’s a fantastic idea yeah that’s a great yeah

43:31the pictures with your friends man don’t just see the picture with your friend pictures with the people who can pay you

43:38but if you make them feel like they’re getting a glass tube they’re gonna they’re gonna eat it up pun intended I

43:45love it it’s a great question Kumari shouted Kumari he said I know some

43:50people say that you should be selling in every email however for more relationship intensive industries do you think it’s better to

43:55send education emails Versailles emails i well i to me every email to sales

44:03email even if it’s education or even if it’s announcement i don’t send a lot of

44:08nasan emails finally there are ways you can sell in everything that you do you can tell you know i’m gonna give you

44:14seven tips this kumari ellis is it different come on yeah that’s Kumari I was yeah that’s okay if you’re talking

44:20about the tax that Kumar’s my guy tax the new tax filing new tax laws okay

44:27you can say here’s seven different things but you can tell them why they your help to figure them out or you can

44:34tell them there’s six things that you could do Ron’s gonna cost you you know $800 $844 if you do it wrong and then

44:41let them know you shouldn’t do this by yourself there’s new laws you prop you may not get them but if you talk to a

44:48pro they’re gonna save you headache save you time get you get you more money back or at least make you pay

44:53less depending on who you’re talking to and so then you still sell in that way so I I do think education is fine but

45:00just know education is not 2 thing that sells what’s gonna sell them is the emotion that I’m scared of not getting

45:07the refund I could get I’m scared of only when I don’t want to owe or only more than I need to oh the fear of the

45:13duct audit he’s coming I’ve been audited it’s not fun and I deserves it i deserted when I got

45:20audited but yeah you don’t never want that to happen again and look you can tell them

45:26if you have it off and if this thing can get you on but if it’s true I don’t know I don’t know come on you need to send

45:31more emails period so yeah your relationships are important educational

45:38from what you do is important but in each case just let them know I’m going to give you all these tips but still if

45:44you want it done really well you go to the professional you don’t try to do

45:49your own dental work that’ll be silly you probably pay a barber to cut your hair right and and

45:55this is the same thing only we’re talking about your money you know do you did you know about this deduction you

46:02didn’t did you okay well there’s a there’s 45 other ones that you may not know about there’s only one way to find out

46:08that’s the holler at your boy I love it I love it I love it y’all so again if you’re just joining if you jump doing

46:13late my name is Lamar Tyler creative founder traffic sales a problem here today with a direct response copywriting

46:20expert goat daddy Brian right the goat

46:26is being breaking it down a sham was working right now across email and

46:32across email marketing and specifically with everything in these times and out breaking things that we got going on now

46:37and just in general to like for this year what he’s seen in the marketplace dhaniya give me I want to thank you for

46:42coming on and sharing what the audience as always how can I you know reach you how can they find out more information

46:48about you how can they follow you or just you know if they want to be a part you got a great Facebook group man tell

46:54about a Facebook group – yeah you know I was I was I after the quick catch someone eyes somebody mentioned I think

47:00was Ashley D says hey why didn’t mention the email copywriting corner I said

47:06that’s because I’ve been neglected in the group and I feel bad if people go there looking for me and I’m like ignoring them email copper end corner if

47:13you search it you know it’s it’s our group Conrad DS has been putting a lot of really smart stuff in there and I’m

47:19gonna try and get in there a little bit more so there’s that if you’re in LA I

47:24scared to say this cuz there’s gonna be people trying to get into I’m gonna reject I have a black copy writer

47:29coalition group if you’re not a professional copywriter I probably will block you just so you know because it’s

47:34for its for we’re talking about copyrights who are trying to do it as a profession you might be able to bribe me

47:40we’ll see but if you are black copywriter or trying to be there’s that group you can search search that or send

47:46me a message and then we’ll get you in there if you if you if you fit the type there’s a little it’s very exclusive

47:52there’s less than 400 people in that group my website is Donnie – Brian calm

47:58I feel like a criminal because I haven’t sent a single email since the quick cash summit I’ve been inundated with home

48:04schooling and I’m gonna I’m gonna be

48:10sending email that let me say two things I’m gonna shut up I know you gotta go if when you’re sending emails try if you can’t to bring something new to your

48:16readers like abuse if you were talking about something old find something new about it or find a new term to call it because people are responding to new

48:23stuff right now you say this is a brand new way of doing this or this is or you could say it’s super ancient like a new

48:30twist on something ancient but don’t let them think that there’s something they’ve seen before her before it’s got

48:35to be new and then they really want something that’s safe if you can tell them help them feel like you’re reducing

48:41their risk you’re reducing their exposure to danger you know the big

48:47guarantees or whatever safety is important for people right now as well so new and safe are important things to

48:53highlight your offer can be old as dirt but you need to put a new spin on it so people will not feel like they’ve seen it before

48:59they like they’ll oftentimes ignore something they feel like they already understand and know about awesome guys

49:05and throws you folks were asking down in the comments I just dropped a link down so you can easily access the email

49:11copyright in corner so I’ll drop the link down to that make sure you go in there if daddy’s not post enough and

49:17then get on him just like the way he got on kumari about not setting up email say man you ain’t do enough status updates yeah come already knows I love him you

49:25know what I love him and he knows I’m right all right man so Donny again thank

49:31you for showing up as always my importance in CSP community we appreciate you appreciate you and and

49:37everybody in the group – I’m pay let’s let’s go get this money everything about the money puff I just don’t care yeah

49:43there we go y’all you heard it there right and that is a great way to close out today’s topic today’s interview

49:50right we talked about what’s working an email and direct response copywriting across email marketing right now hey

49:56this means nothing to get you all if you do not apply it so make sure I want you to send out email next 24 hours it could

50:01be now can be tonight it could be tomorrow morning whenever just send out your next email next 24 hours apply some

50:08of the things Donny talked about

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