These Express Services Will Save Time And Boost Your Profits


With fewer appointments, less clients in the salon at once, and for some, a week-on-week-off schedule, it can be a challenge to earn the same paycheck you did pre-COVID. “As a stylist, the only way to endure this unpredictable time is to embrace the reality that things are really different and then learn new ways of doing things so you can adapt and survive,” says Sam Villa, co-founder of Sam Villa and global artistic ambassador for Redken. He and his ArTeam, Andrew Carruthers, Anna Peters and Jesse Linares, along with special guests, Fumi Eguchi, creative director at Lunatic Fringe Salons and Hugo Urias, director of Redken Creates Design and Finishing, are spending two days sharing tips for Hair @ the Chair Today on Sunday 9/20 and Monday 9/21 on Facebook and YouTube.

“We’re focusing on finding different ways to maximize results with minimum effort so stylists can book more appoints in a day,” adds Villa.  “Stay positive, there’s a solution to most problems.” 

Here, some problem-solution scenarios:

  • Your client’s hair is brittle from lack of proper care during the pandemic. Add a hydrating deep conditioning treatment to the usual shampoo.
  • Guest doesn’t have time for color but wants fullness at the crown? Turn to a cutting technique that disrupts the interior underlayer to develop more volume.
  • Can’t double book color clients due to new restrictions? Learn techniques with less foils that yield the impact of longer services.  
  • Can’t have new guests waiting in common areas? Switch to virtual consultations to save time.
  • Can’t blow-dry due to restrictions? Learn value-added ways to style and treat hair so pricing can remain consistent.
  • Shampoo bowl backed up or taking too much time? Expand dry-cutting skills with both shears and razors that deliver beautiful texture and movement.

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