Fall Men’s Hair and Beard Trends


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Beards are big news for Fall 2019. This year, though, the trend is toward a chin that is covered with a full beard but not necessarily a long one. And hair? Two educators for Johnny B offer their predictions on what men will be sporting this autumn both on their faces and their heads: 


  Alan Bailey (@alan4barber), Hermosa Beach, CA

“Beards are back, and not the lumbersexual styles that we saw 3-5 years ago. Fall trends will highlight more of a scruff or fuller-but-not-necessarily-longer beard complemented by a haircut that features longer sides transitioning into a messy top. Disconnection is in so expect to see less high and tight and more styles that are longer and messy.”


 Alex Rivera (@chinnosmenshairdressing), Evansville, IN

“Men are asking for short sides but without exposing skin the way they have in past seasons. Look for longer tops blending with the sides. Hair will be more soft and natural looking as they work with their texture instead of manipulating it. Beards will be short and full and match the hair length on the sides of their heads.”