Forecasting Professional Backbar Inventory


Chances are, you are crazy busy after re-opening and it feels like you’ve been in holiday-mode since you walked back into the salon. While the intensity of the past few months may seem like it’s salon bootcamp getting you fit for the holiday season, you may also feel like you need a few things to be simple and easy so you can get some rest occasionally. This webinar is focused on just that – giving you some ideas for quick wins by streamlining the forecasting process and ensuring you never run out of color, while not over-investing and carrying too much. Especially of the wrong shade.

Vish has some built-in tools to help you see trends on usage and also use that data to forecast what you need to order to service your clients in the coming months. And, the best part is that it’s based on real data, right down to the gram. Vish Chief Innovation Officer, Tim Howard and Tom Bentley Taylor, Managing Director of Vish EMEA, will co-host this session covering:

  1. Industry trends to plan for
  2. How to look forward for appointments
  3. Vish tools to help you automate inventory replenishment
  4. Methods for replenishment that helps salons manage levels

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