Mistakes New Salon & Barbershop Owners Make

4 Mistakes New Salon & Shop Owners Make (& How to Fix Them)

How do you know you’re ready to open up your own independent salon, suite, or barbershop? Listen as ShearShare Cofounder and CEO Dr. Tye Caldwell highlights the four biggest mistakes new owners make and how to avoid them! Hear how challenges in his early years prepared him up to now run an award-winning salon and shop for nearly 30 years.

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2:54okay wonderful by my clock it is 12 o’clock let’s get started oh hi guys my

3:00name is Courtney Caldwell I’m the co-founder and CEO of cheer share we’re the first mobile app that lets stylus

3:06print space to work by the day and give salon owners an opportunity to make money on their empty chairs stations and

3:13sweets dr. ty Caldwell is joining us today and is going to give a talk on for mistakes

3:19new salon and barbershop owners make and how to fix them

3:27dr. ty has over 25 years of experience in the beauty and barbering industry he

3:32actually wrote a number one best-selling book called mentored by failure 5

3:38secrets to success for maintaining long-term success in the beauty and style industry it’s actually available

3:43on Amazon now he always says that this is the book he wished he had when he graduated from Beauty and barbering

3:49school twenty-five years ago he’s owned his own salon and barbershop combo for over two

3:55decades it’s an award-winning business out in Plano Texas that’s North Dallas for those not familiar with the Texas

4:03area and he mentors up-and-coming salon and barbershop owners has tons of

4:08conversations with stylist barber college students and cause students

4:14actually sits on the advisory board for beauty and barber and colleges around the nation this is something that he

4:21loves he always says that he loves this industry more today than he did when he first started and actually he could be

4:29speaking you know on 40 things 40 mistakes that new salon and barbershop owners make but these are four that he

4:36wanted to pull out because he hears about these almost every day and he actually committed these mistakes

4:42himself and had to learn the hard way from the school of hard knocks I’m his goal today is to give you guys a

4:47few tips on how to save you some heartache and some time in learning from

4:53the mistakes that he fell through and so with that dr. Thais hello everyone I’m

5:00thankful to be here preciate everybody for logging on I really want to set

5:07set the tone early you know I really did a lot of a lot of research over the

5:14years just becoming successful myself wanting to understand what does it take

5:19to become successful I had so many people to say well how have you been able to stay in business for 20 years I’m like hey man it’s a lot of hard work

5:27you know even though I am great at my skill I mean it takes acumen it takes a

5:33lot of understanding it takes a lot of failure to really really focus on how to

5:40really maintain the business the business is so important outside of your skill set and probably more so than your

5:46skill set because you know I think a lot of times we we think about opening a business that’s just really based on

5:54what we bring to the table and which is a skill set most people aren’t on doesn’t don’t have that business acumen

6:00don’t have that background aren’t looking to develop it so they just think okay well I want to go open the barber

6:06shop going to open the salon because I have so many clients I would prefer to just have my own business when in

6:13actuality I think that they’re thinking about a salon suite even though you have a salon suite having a business it’s

6:19totally different because you have over here you have staff you have people to take control take taking consideration

6:25and a lot of other things that are important that I will talk about today so I set the tone by saying let’s level

6:31set and let’s talk about how we can just really understand this business I always tell people you know when I’m in this

6:38business that numbers don’t lie over my few years in this industry I’m still

6:44young I would think a salon and barbershop with fewer than 500 employees is classified a small business any

6:50business more so to speak but one of the things that we don’t understand that this is a twenty eight million they’re

6:57almost twenty eight million dollars twenty eight million small business in the US and over 22 million are self-employed so when you think about

7:03the salons and barbershops we only represent four percent of these small businesses and if you want to look at

7:09numbers and go deeper nineteen thousand three hundred eighty eighty-five new salons and barbershops get started each

7:15month but believe it or not there are so many more that are closing as these are opening so

7:21the license Kosmos and barbers are expected to grow 16% between now between

7:272016 now and 2026 and this and the fastest-growing sectors in freelance

7:33right now our repair shops beauty salons and dry cleaners to even be mentioned in the freelance growth beauty salons that

7:41that’s amazing and revenues are just amazing with numbers a little bit over

7:47thirty five billion so let’s think about let’s talk about the the salons and

7:53barbershops that that really don’t think about the numbers as far as failure

7:59success rate 80 percent of salons and barbershops fail within the first 18

8:05months people that is an astounding number more so that is such a short

8:13period of time I’ve always known except for a few years maybe 10 years ago that business will

8:20stay open two to five years now we’re looking at one two three so you think about businesses closing 80% and being

8:27you realized after about twenty four months there’s a big dip and so it’s not

8:33as many closing and then it actually rises between eight to twenty four

8:38months all the way to 60 so you think about 60 months that you got this rise and then you got another little bit of

8:44dip what happens in that rise is that people who hang in there for 18 months start to realize they got a really focus

8:51on the business how they’re gonna grow how they’re gonna maintain they’re going through some failures most people that

8:58fail the big number of reason people failing is because they decided okay I fail too much I’m gonna quit but most of

9:04the people who can handle the failure they get that uptick a little bit they say well you know what I see that I failed but let me know redirect my path

9:11and understand that I have to to figure some things out so the people that are actually up leveling and this this tip

9:19going up to the right is because they figured some things out and being you see that after about 120 months it goes

9:25down again and it levels off a little bit as they get to 180 so this really strong salon owners are the ones who are

9:32really figuring out the strong barber shop owners are the to understand that it’s more about business and less about skill well I

9:40talked about this in the last webinar I had there are 1.2 million cosmetologist in the world and there are 300,000

9:46barbers those numbers are gonna grow amazingly more as we go forward so let’s

9:52get into talking about these mistakes you know one of the mistakes you got a

9:57really understanding is mistake number one is not understanding two words

10:03fiscal responsibility this right here is like I want to say I don’t want to make

10:09it the number one but I think that I would consider it number one simply because we as barber shop owners barbers

10:16salon owners cosmetologist makeup nail artist we don’t realize that if we don’t

10:22understand the money of the business how are we gonna maintain a business so I

10:29put this in my book men to about failure Tabatha Coffey said it’s really it’s not

10:35really about the hair and it really isn’t so if you think about it talent

10:41alone is not enough you have to have business acumen in order to be a salon or a barber shop owner you either need

10:48you either need to go to school that’s a need you really need to get some

10:53training some mentorship or you need to it has to develop in time through

10:59failure through the processes of up and down and really understanding that this

11:05industry makes a lot of difference so this is me in front of my salon you know

11:11I gotten past a few humps to get to this point where I was expanded and rebranded

11:16my salon so I mean I was super excited I learned some I learned from a lot of

11:22failures I learned from a lot of successes but I thought when I started my own salon that it was just me I had

11:29super amazing big clientele my clientele was so big that you know I could

11:35actually give my nephew some of my clients and he’s here he hit so much

11:40money within that week so the aspects that I think people need to take in consideration it’s

11:46is really looking at what we think versus the reality I mean you got to look at what I’m putting here in front

11:53of your face to think about all these things that are gonna make you understand ownership of the business

11:58there are so many other aspects that take that you have to take in consideration you know reading contracts

12:04understanding contracts what type of business owner are you going be what do you want do you want to

12:10be a sole proprietor do you want to do LLC or do you just want to be a c-corp these things that these are things you

12:16get to take in consideration to really understand how you’re gonna run this business also when I put in my notes you

12:23got to think about the phone the phone you know you got to get a contract getting about phone bill you gotta think about electricity you got to think about

12:30cable and Wi-Fi things that you want to provide your clients you can’t forget the lease the lease and plus you know

12:37most time when people get at least I said okay well my lease is is gonna be that’s Thor number out there let’s say 1800 a month you know you got probably

12:45about anywhere from 12 to 1500 square feet well in that least even though it’s

12:501,500 a month you gotta take in consideration they’re gonna be cam charges so those carriages could be anywhere from a hundred and eighty to

12:57four hundred dollars a month and that’s taking care of the the surrounding areas

13:03the shopping center that your hand all these things are something to take in consideration you also got to think

13:09about the marketing span that’s super-important we can’t forget about inventory you know cleaning supplies if

13:16you’re gonna bring in a cleaning crew are you gonna provide snacks are you gonna reply refreshments for your

13:23clients all this is in your in your spend in order for you to kind of dictate how your salon is gonna be

13:29represented what you want your customers to feel internally once they come in your salon and we can’t even forget

13:37about the salon owners that really don’t know the business but they look at

13:43owning a business as a real estate click now this is a touchy subject for people

13:49that don’t know how to run the business of beauty and barber and cars because

13:54we’re artists our artistry stands out we’re different kind of we have a

13:59kind of mindset our mentality is is really artistic freelance and so we

14:05really want to make sure that if you’re gonna be an owner and you don’t know anything about the industry there are so many there’s so many things are taking

14:13consider into consideration other than that just being a second income you have to know the business but you have to

14:19know the business of beauty and barber that’s just the first name out front we’re not just know we’re different but

14:26we’re not just an employee this is not a restaurant like a McDonald’s or chick-fil-a where they already have the

14:33corporate things in play you go in there and you you start the business you work in the business you learn how to cook

14:39you know how to make sandwiches you learn how to hire they have all this stuff in place for you but when you own a salon that you’re that you’re building

14:47outside of maybe a great clip Supercuts you know any of these franchises you know you really have to understand the

14:53artists the stylists the barber is the makeup artist you have to understand us from a perspective like we can really

15:00feel like you understand what you’re doing in the beauty business only on salon a barber shop yes you can’t

15:06entrust your business over the licensed stylist to manage but you still have to understand and control the business for

15:14them as employees you cannot not say this you cannot buy a great business

15:20that’s just not gonna happen because it takes people to run a business it has to be developed I would suggest if nothing

15:27else I would suggest you go to a beauty Institute or learn how and learn how we operate as artists I think if you you I

15:37think that you’ll see why we love what we do your success will hinge on knowing your why to really want to get into this

15:44industry and owning a salon because that’s gonna make a difference mistake number two you know it’s big

15:55thinking you’re an island unto yourself when I first got into this industry and

16:00I left the salon you know I felt very quickly because you have to realize that

16:06just because you were wrenching a chair or working as an employee or Commission

16:12when you open a salon all of the things that you’ve never seen now fall on you

16:18so if you were bringing in boo coos of dollars now you’re about to bring in a

16:23third of that you’re not gonna keep all that money to yourself you’re gonna have to do all these things that I said in in

16:29my mistake number one in order to have a successful business and also run your

16:35household so you haven’t even really thought about separating your personal and your business so this is how most

16:42salons and barbershops owners fail so quickly they end up working by themselves or having little or no staff

16:48the type of customers you want to serve with a pen on how people how the type of people you hire so think about what type

16:56of small you want the type of people you want representing your space you want representing you don’t be judgmental

17:03when you think about this because you have to be selective and Persky and prescriptive about what you’re looking

17:08for inside each individual because this is really going to determine who you are as

17:14a person because you’re looking for the right things during this hiring process so you know when you think about the

17:22things that you want in your business it will save you significant time and energy you have to trust your employees

17:29you have to trust your team because one of the things that people don’t realize is that you know you’re at your business

17:36more than you’re at your home you’re into business eight sometimes all the way to 15 hours a day so if you got the

17:42right staff if you got the right team if you got the right a business mind to really get the right people around you

17:48you’re going to enjoy going to work just as much as as you’re gonna enjoy going home so you won’t have to have this big

17:55high turnover rate because you have not really done the right things that put

18:00the right hiring processes in place one of the things I know you attract who you

18:06are is that you know happy and energetic salons and barbershops will succeed I think that most customers really want to

18:13go into a business where they are really understanding that this is an environment that I can bring not only my

18:19kids to I can bring my friends too you know I feel like this is home for me they want to feel that and

18:25you have a business like that you will grow and you will expand superfast you also attract other great stylist which

18:32will be employees and people want to work in great businesses that have these things in place so you keep your

18:37retention rate high with your customers and but most of all you keep your retention rate high with employees and

18:42stylists as well let’s think about the internal team you know what what’s

18:48really important is the stylists that manager and that front desk receptionist

18:53when you want to think internally but I think so many people never think about the external aspect of their business

19:00having an attorney having a CPA having a tax account having an insurance agent

19:05you know really looking at who’s gonna bring your products and having their relationship with product distributors and mentors so what about things like

19:16these relationships that make a difference is you got to build these relationships early and you have to

19:22build them often things are gonna change people gonna change people gonna come in and out you may change managers you may

19:28change front dis receptionist you know you want to make sure you get strong attorneys strong CPAs and tax

19:35accountants we can really help the attorneys are gonna help you understand the contracts the CPA is gonna keep your

19:40books together tax accountants gonna understand the laws and the things that you’re putting in place and how you can

19:45stay abreast to the to the new laws and then those mentors are gonna just say

19:50you know they’re gonna help you see the forest for the trees because there are so many things that we don’t know that

19:55we need to really understand that in order to be super successful in order to get to that next level you know you have

20:03to have to experience and go through these things there is no there’s really no book that

20:09can tell you this you really have to go to it for yourself a book and give you the information let’s end the day you

20:17really don’t have to learn these things on your own so I think that no having the basic information that’s great but

20:23going through it it’s even better mistake number three forgetting about

20:29branding when sales are strong most of the time we we forget about branding and

20:34a lot of stuff goes in branding you know when you think about branding you think

20:40about you know Pepsi you think about McDonald’s you think about Walmart you

20:45think about American Airlines think about all these big brands but what about me what about time what about

20:53Cindy what about Terrance what about Chris your name if you’re a salon owner

21:00becomes a brand regardless of who the stylist is in your salon everybody goes

21:06to a business to to get serviced by a certain person but these people are representing the name of your salon

21:12whatever that name is they’re representing that salon so if you want

21:19to think about the brass tacks of it business is business no matter how you slice it no matter how you slice it you

21:25have to determine what’s right and level of service you are going to provide to the customer first and foremost never

21:32forget clients are the reason you exist you have to always keep them first how

21:38you treat them determines your success so the reputation that you’re gonna have is gonna make all the difference but

21:44word of mouth I believe it or not word of mouth is still King and clients love to share who does their hair for

21:51bragging rights to make those people understand that I have the best stylist I have the best barber everything is all

21:59good when you’re looking nice when you’re feeling good because hair makes a difference makeup makes a difference

22:04anything about your appearance makes a difference so anytime you’re doing a great job to your clients they’re going

22:09to spew it out to the world but that is just limited so now we have social media

22:15social media which you got IG you got Facebook you got Twitter people are going crazy ballistic now putting

22:23reviews and talking about their stylist not only to the people around them but

22:28now other people across state lines can see this so the advantage and the

22:34opportunities that are that you can take from this these are tools we need to grow our business all these social media

22:39platforms and technology as a whole these are things that we need to to grow our business so if you add word-of-mouth

22:45to this new social media age now you are exploding with success if things are

22:51really good you have to understand now the social media channels are moving faster and they’re growing wider in the

22:58reach and it’s tough and it’s telling a lot of people about you at one time so you want to think about that but on the

23:04other end of the spectrum there’s the reality of the negative we all should know that bad news travels a whole lot

23:12faster than good news so I put this in my notes how you treat people the

23:18employees or the customer will affect your business greatly if it’s negative no one wants to experience bad or subpar

23:25service you know at the end of the day people do business with you because they like you but you can’t consistently

23:33can’t consistently could give subpar and bad service because if you do it’s going

23:39to travel fast and you want your business to grow you don’t his business to go down remember the

23:46journey the journey a brand building will change but the way you treat people should remain the same one of the things

23:52I like to talk about a lot is what Maya Angelou said she said something I never forget people will always forget what

23:59you did to them but they’ll never forget how you made them feel so how you make the customer feel feel is going to be

24:07one of the things that are gonna propel you to that next level of success that’s one of the things that really made a

24:12difference in my career not just as the barber starless but also as an owner because talking to people getting to

24:20know people speaking to people you know not bringing your issues on them but they’re always seeing you and

24:26understanding you as a person they’re gonna always have they’re gonna create a level of respect for you that’s gonna be

24:31above anything else you would want because at the end of the day that’s what that’s what you’re doing this

24:36business for mistake number four in the last mistake that I always talk about is

24:42not having measurable goals you know why would you

24:49get up in the morning and drive you a car and you don’t know where you’re going why would you decide you want to

24:57lose weight but you don’t know how much weight you want to lose why would you decide to do anything and now have a

25:03point of reference to how you’re gonna get to these goals that you’re gonna set

25:08forth you gotta have SMART goals you know creating weekly monthly quarterly

25:14and annually goals are what make a huge difference to your business success believe it or not you know how many

25:21products do you want to sell how many new walking’s do you want to get in a week in a month what is your top-line revenue not just

25:29weekly but monthly and then you can do all those goals and you can come in and say okay this is what I’ve done in this

25:35annual year I want to do more going into the next year so now you have numbers

25:40that represent the next level of how you want to measure your goal is to be met you know think about pricing you got to

25:47think about pricing as one of those goals make sure your prices are fair don’t be

25:53afraid to raise your prices I think a lot of times you know people um become nervous they’ve had their clients for so

25:58long they don’t want to raise their prices they think they’re gonna lose their clientele don’t ever be afraid to raise your

26:06prices sometimes you know it will be a little uneasy but if you if your

26:11clientele likes you if your clientele understands the growth and inflation that’s natural and inevitable process

26:19customers expected even if they don’t like it or they may complain side note to remember people do business with

26:26people they like I continues I can’t say that enough people do business people they like most new salon owners and

26:33barber shop owners may and and many seasoned owners I say that too one of

26:39the things I think they do not have a roadmap to success but when it comes to numbers tracking your growth it will

26:45only benefit your business if you think about it create a chart to measure growth and profit and loss when you see

26:52numbers go up and to the right it will make you smile trust me anytime you see numbers do this it’s gonna make you

26:57smile it’s when those numbers start doing this they taper off and they continue to go down that’s gonna make a major

27:03for the negative but one thing you need to realize take heed to that make some major changes you would eventually have

27:10to think about the future of business whether you want to stay open or whether you want to close because if you’re doing things that are not helping your

27:16business is gonna really give you the opportunity to make some really harsh decisions that may not be something that

27:22you want to think forward so this is something I want to leave you with I always tell people to trust the process

27:29if you do not trust the process you’re going to fail so many times and with a

27:34lot of failures people quit some people quit on one failure some people quit on ten failures but if you consistently

27:40understand that failure is a part of the process you have to know this to be true so take yourself serious because that’s

27:47what matters at the end of the day when no one else takes you serious you got to take yourself serious short term is

27:53being short-sighted so if you say okay well I’m opening Solana open this barbershop up and I don’t really know

27:59how long I want to be open you’re not gonna be open long if you’re thinking like that at that moment you’re gonna

28:05fall into an abyss and you’re not gonna be open long at all another thing trust and believe it will get hard it will get

28:13hard I will tell you that don’t think about the hardness of it learn from the

28:19mistakes just know that you will fail it’s only a temporary setback again now

28:24I said again it’s normal small failures are supposed to happen that’s a sign to help you get focused

28:31and stay on track but at yourself why am I doing this why did I start doing this

28:37why should I keep going and most of all why would I even think about quitting you don’t even want to think about

28:43quitting quitting is a dream killer keep your dreams alive and keep going most

28:50importantly I want to say this this is probably the biggest and most important

28:58info that I can give you as a salon owner as a stylist as anybody that really want to be successful in this

29:05industry and be in it for a long time take care of yourself I’m talking about holistically take care of yourself your

29:12mind body and spirit your health is your wealth if you get caught up and to trying to make money and not

29:18taking care of yourself eating bad or not sleeping well at night putting in a lot of hours are not resting not

29:25exercising not not doing a thing that’s gonna take to be to be successful in your health you’re not gonna be in this

29:31business long anyway so remember your health is your wealth I hope that I’ve given you these four points that are

29:38really going to help you these slides are major to taking notes and something

29:44to look back on you can always connect with me on Twitter share share or at doctor talk are well you can also email

29:52me after this and let me know anything else that you have on your mind or if

29:58you want if there’s certain thing or topic you want me to talk about so you can go to tyre share comm or you can go

30:04and to learn more about your show you can go to WWE show um I think is important for you guys to know that so

30:11if you have any questions I’m here to answer alright thank you so much dr. tie

30:17that was phenomenal guys this will also be available to those who have registered and who are on

30:23the webinar today as an audio file so we’ll be sure to share that with you guys after today our first question

30:30comes from Maison in Atlanta and she asked I just opened up my salon two

30:38years ago so I’m kind of at that I’m kind of at the in-between stage I feel

30:45sometimes that I want to close because things have gotten so hard and I didn’t realize how difficult it would be

30:52transitioning from stylist to owner was there ever a time when you want it to

30:57quit I want to quit after my first six months believe it or not I one of the

31:02things I did I took all the money that I had that I saved up and I started my

31:07business and I was at zero one of the things that that made me want to quit

31:12was I lost all that money I didn’t understand personal and business acumen

31:18when it came to money and I was at I was at a crossroads so I really wanted to

31:23make sure that if this was something that I wanted I wanted to be in the beauty industry I didn’t know if only

31:29what’s the thing but I had to really sit down and take some hard look at how I’m gonna do this got a great CPA great tax

31:37attorney and once I went over the numbers and all the things I could do believe it or not that next year was a

31:44turnaround which gave me the opportunity to see the money that I was making to

31:49have some goals that I wanted to set and that made me really look at things in more positive way so you know that’s

31:56what kept me going and here we are you know 19 1/2 years more later than I’m a

32:01salon owner thank you next question is from Greg from Los Angeles Greg says I’m

32:09thinking about opening up combo salon and barbershop like it sounds like you did I’m how did you decide whether

32:15you’re gonna do Commission or booth rent that’s a great question you always want

32:21to think about the person that’s coming to you if that person has met your hiring needs let’s just say that they’re

32:28just great I just finished graduate of beauty barber school if they if they fit

32:34what you want it they’re teachable if you can train them you always want to give them the option to do a commission

32:40that’s gonna help them grow they’re gonna understand the business they’re gonna work hard until they get their

32:45clientele built up and it may take anywhere from a year to five year to five years even a little longer for them

32:52to feel comfortable for they reach out and go on to to be an independent contractor but I think that you know

32:57giving those new people a chance also people that are moving into the city if they meet your qualifications you also

33:03want to ask them about if they want to go on Commission too so they can build their client set up most seasoned

33:10stylists and barbers know how to build clientele they just needed that quick little start to get there before they

33:16really take on both rentals wonderful next question from Natalie she says I’m

33:22a cosmetology student with only 900 hours and want to open up front from a

33:27home salon my ultimate goal is to have a full-service salon in Maryland that is a

33:34great question yeah I’m really gonna be really careful

33:41about how I answer this question I’m not a debbie downer but I wouldn’t

33:46open up a salon coming right out of school there’s too many things that you have to understand about the business

33:52you really need that mentorship I really would suggest you going to a salon that

33:58has Commission even a smart Styles

34:03whatever these these change laws where they can kind of teach you how to cut faster teacher the business you can

34:10watch now you can just kind of understand how business flows how to engage with the managers things you’re

34:17learning how to sell product you don’t really want to do that right up front and you don’t want to put yourself in a

34:23position where you’re not meeting the law requirement I would love to say yes

34:30do that and you said your ultimate goal is to open a full-service salon in Maryland go out there and work around

34:37people of like mine build up your reputation build up your business acumen build up your personality to deal with

34:44not just clients but deal with people that you work with and people gonna be working for you so that you really can have an understanding of what it takes

34:50to be a salon owner that that’s gonna be more important than you just being a stylist so think about that going

34:57forward dr. Tighe know you’re big on mentorship what do you think about mentors mentors I’m telling you if you

35:03don’t have one start developing one if you have any questions for me going forward I do give training classes I

35:09charge a little bit for season i charge different prices but you definitely want

35:16to get me up at tire show calm for any questions and how we can get some mentoring going on lisa me lisa Mikko

35:21axe how do you deal with difficult clients Lisa let me tell you something great question but I want you to

35:28understand my perspective on that is you can always deal with difficult clients

35:33it’s do they know the type of business do they know what you have in place for

35:39your business do they understand what you’re doing how you’re representing them because at the end of the day you

35:45really represent the client so it’s really about a type in this business you

35:51can definitely you can definitely turn down services if you feel like that or you know try to work with the client let

35:58them know that you’re really here for them but difficult clients are gonna come here and there I’m the king of working with difficult clients

36:05I prefer difficult clients because they help hone my skills not just in working with people but in in creating a bit

36:11creating me to have better skill sets for my craft as well so difficult is not

36:16bad it’s the negative clients that you want to do that you want to remove yourself on and you have in the past had

36:22to fire clients I’ve definitely at the fire client I have I haven’t had to fire many well one reason why I’ve had to

36:28fire clients is because either they’re super disrespectful of my time or they

36:34don’t respect the business a lot of times people think salons are low tier

36:40businesses they don’t think they don’t understand that it’s a business just like any other business and how how we represent our business is how the

36:47clientele is on the reference in our business will so be careful if you’re represent your business the wrong way

36:52thank you next question is from Monique Monique says I’ve been a salon owner for

36:58three years Staffing has been a struggle for me which affects the culture of the salon

37:03what advice can you share I had one stylist at his Commission and she is not dependable I haven’t managed

37:10to find any stylist with goals or hustle any platforms you can recommend to find

37:15stylists and before you answer that question I know that you’ve spoken a lot about how this new generation of

37:21stylists is changing can you share with Monique definitely a great question

37:27Monique I feel your pain I was there early on but one of the things you have to keep in mind is when I talk about

37:34hiring the hiring process is its major don’t be so excited when people want to work for you that you just bring them in

37:40and you got to you got to shuffle them around and build their confidence up and create dependability you have to have

37:48people to come in already have that hustle now I already have that grit you know it’s kind of like the Marines you

37:54know they only want a few good men and that’s what makes that’s what makes a difference in this on in the beauty and

38:00style industry with barber shops and salons you only want a few if you get the right one or two they’re always

38:07going to represent you will but you as an owner – has to think about this new rising

38:12generation social media is running everything right now everybody wants to be an overnight superstar everybody

38:18wants to be a superstar everybody wants to think that they know it all you have face you have YouTube training so people

38:26think that because they’ve gone to schools that data they know everything they need to know but you have to understand the bringing in the right

38:32people is gonna make a difference there are different platforms you could go on I would I think that Craigslist has

38:39always got people on there I think that that’s one of the reasons why I share so great for this industry because we’re

38:45giving people a platform to be able to find space to work so if you want to talk to my team hit us up at share

38:52sharing we can kind of see how we can kind of match you up with some stars who want to work by the day and sometimes that’s a place for you that’s a plate

38:59it’s about a try before you buy so give me a try before you buy when you meet stylists who are really sometimes

39:05looking for home but they really are working by the day because they’re working for themselves so just

39:10understand that the industry’s changing we got to change with it and so don’t be afraid to to to to to understand the

39:17individual first and not what you want first and understand what you want

39:22second to understand them first over the last 25 years you come up with with the way that you think about having a

39:33three-tier process of hiring you people gonna come into your salon and say I like your salon are you hiring you have

39:38empty chair think about it like this when they come in and they do that always take them through take them

39:44through a tour let them see what you have so that they when they go to other salons they already know show them the

39:50the amenities that you provide it’s not always about the walkins it’s really about the business the business will

39:56come to you once you really understand how the business works then in a second in that second process you tell them hey

40:03go out there and look for a salon and if you find something that you like now you have something to measure it to and if

40:08and then give them a contract if you come back with this contract you read all the things in this contract if you decide you set the second set the last

40:15one the third hiring process said that and they either

40:21come back with that contract signed or they gonna say hey you know what I like it I like what the contract is now you’re at tier 3 and now you can sit

40:27back and tell them all the things that you expect because really it’s in the contract but you can also help them

40:33understand who you are as a person because the most people really want to work at a salon where the owner is really a good person and they’re looking

40:39at for the stylist they want to they want to grow so think about that when you’re thinking about getting new

40:45workers in there as well Christopher from India says that’s great about the

40:50contract do you have a template that you would be willing to share I do I do have a template let me know hit me up at

40:58Taisha calm that’s great ok we have a question in from Chicago Lalita says I

41:05opened a commission-based salon how do I get my clients and my new clients to

41:10want to go to my team instead of wanting to stay or come to me to be serviced you

41:17have to I had to do this about 10 years ago you have to talk to certain stylists

41:26and let them know that you will be pushing them over and be talking to your clients about them and you also have to

41:32introduce your stylists to that client and that and you have to let them know

41:37that there they have been watching and they want and you’re going to be pushing them of them so you have to have that

41:43client that you that you know that can go to the stylist that can give them the same quality of hair care and artistry

41:51that you’re doing so that you can so that you can make them feel comfortable it makes a world of difference when when

41:56you introduce people the right way it makes a world of difference when people trust you that you’re that you are gonna

42:03always be there for them if you need them but introducing them to the right stylist so they can find a new home with

42:10them is gonna be major into the introduction into how you meet them and then also to that stylists watching you

42:16on what you do to that client as well question from Cynthia out of Ohio Ohio

42:23she says you mentioned that I need to focus on myself because if I’m not good

42:30my business isn’t good I think that’s a great point what things can I do to make

42:36sure that I am the healthiest for my business you know we always gonna go

42:42through life life is gonna be up and down is the really major thing I try to tell people is to create a mindset of

42:50positivity you know it doesn’t really matter what life is you know if you make

42:55it through today you get a hold another 24 hours to to redirect your course and

43:00an uplevel what you want to do different the next day being healthy is is one of

43:07the things that I really specifically tell people if you’re not healthy in

43:13your mind how are you going to train people right so just being positive treating your staff well being an

43:20example and also just realizing that people are always watching you it doesn’t really matter even when I’ve

43:26gone into people always watching how I deal with clients how to speak to clients even if I go in there and people

43:32haven’t seen in a long time they want to talk to me they want to go out to lunch you only have so much time in a day you

43:37want people to want you you want people to be interested in what you what you have to offer and and that bleeds into

43:45your staff that bleeds into the other stylist because they’re realizing that you are representing to the highest form

43:51of positivity the highest form of success and people want that so they’re gonna always watch you they’re gonna

43:58always mimic that so you are actually creating culture within and you don’t even know it

44:03I want to get back to my ‘she said specifically specializing in men’s hair

44:08one of the things that when you look at looking at stylist specializing in the

44:14man’s hair you know make sure that they’re comfortable with doing man’s

44:19hair because men always they don’t have a problem with with with women

44:24doing their hair men have a problem with with you knowing how to do here so make

44:31sure that if they’re specializing in Mia’s hair make sure they’re doing a super-duper job on that I’ve had the opportunity

44:41soon I feel your staff meetings you’re running the salon and what I do appreciate I have to say is that you

44:47always challenge your staff with five things and this I think is good for all of us dr. Tighe would always say you

44:53guys we got to make sure that we’re eating well throughout the day that we are hydrating well the line does not

44:59count make sure that we’re sleeping well to be able to better service clients

45:06make sure that we’re socializing well you have to have time when it’s not just you and your own box you’re out there

45:12you’re actually putting in working and spending time with other people and then you have to be able to move Willis as

45:18well so you know that’s just a walk around the neighborhood when you get back from working in the salon and being on your feet for 14 hours a day you know

45:25make sure that you’re doing those five things well eating well drinking hydrating well sleeping well socializing

45:30well and moving well continue to always know refresh yourself and then sometimes take meditation it takes walks on the

45:36part that takes sometimes just reading a book you know reading something that’s positive motivational quotes sometimes

45:44just just listening to people talk about their neck how they became successful I

45:49always think about these things when you want to get to the next level I believe that we can do more than we put our

45:56minds to we just have to be willing to try y’all do willing to put our best foot forward and we have to be willing

46:02to take chances if you’re not willing to take chances life is gonna be exactly

46:07what you make of it very less than you’re going to always find a reason to

46:13say why you can’t do something I have emptied my bank account three times in my career to be successful and I haven’t

46:20been scared each time I did it let me tell you something money comes and goes but you cannot give get time back so if

46:26there is a goal or if there’s something that you want to do you got to do it don’t wait till you’re I’ve traveled to

46:32five continents don’t wait till you get old on which you have to save a certain amount of money save your money go on your trip do

46:38things go be exposed because that’s gonna make a difference in your growth exposure creates growth you know not

46:45just good doing this a monotonous thing every day its exposure so what you want to do is take

46:50chances in life don’t always just keep doing the same thing if you if you want

46:56to do something different with your business do it because you need to go and enjoy in our community group and as

47:01a business group do that it’s always good to expose yourself to different mindsets different ideas I know I’m

47:08gonna give you so much information over the course of months that you know I want you guys to just just take it in

47:14gorge in it and really really really understand that you’re gonna become a better stylist from become a better

47:20salon owner you’re gonna become a better barber shop owner it’s gonna make a definite difference take the necessary

47:27steps I always tell people take the necessary steps to go from good to great

47:32that’s the only way you’re gonna benefit and becoming the best of who you are guys thank you so much I know we went

47:38over 15 minutes but we wanted to make sure you answer all of your questions phenomenal time thank you again we’re

47:44gonna have everyone’s gonna get a copy of the audio as soon as we are done today and if you have any questions that

47:51we did not answer please be sure to follow share share on Instagram and DMS and somebody will get back to you and if

47:57you have a question hit me up at Thai Air Show comm and if you want me to speak a little longer like idea today

48:02let me know that because all I’m always respectful of people’s time have a good day thank you so much thank you guys


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