Here’s a Daily Foot Traffic Tracker for Salons, Spas & Barbershops


Brought to you by our friends at GroundTruth! If you were ever curious about the daily foot traffic in front of your beauty or barbering establishment, here’s a free tracker! Depending on the month, it looks like there was more foot traffic to our beloved salons and barbershops than to bars, shopping centers and malls. And at times, there was more foot traffic to salons and shops than there was to grocery stores!

Due to the societal disruption the COVID-19 pandemic has caused, people have been forced to change the way they interact with the physical world. The impact has resulted in shifts to the way consumers shop and engage with brands, at least temporarily. The need for fast, accurate, and responsible insights is more important now than ever before.

GroundTruth’s data provides unique and valuable insights into these changes, particularly foot traffic to businesses. As a trusted source for you to obtain quality and reliable data, we will be updating this page weekly so you can always have the latest information on consumer trends.

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