How COVID-19 Is Changing the Definition of Essential Workers

How COVID-19 Is Changing the Definition of Essential Workers

In this webinar, ShearShare CEO and 30+ year barber veteran, Dr. Tye Caldwell, discussses why industry professionals should be considered essential workers, how the United States is choosing to reopen, and which businesses are allowed to open first. Spoiler Alert: beauty and barbering professionals ARE essential. Be encouraged!

If you’d rather read the video transcript, the full transcript is below:

0:01hey guys hi Carl will dr. talk over here

0:04I just want to share some information I

0:08have you know I know that we’re now what

0:11three four some people five weeks into

0:14this pandemic of you know stand at home

0:18non-essential businesses but you know

0:20what I really think is it’s so funny is

0:23the information that I’ve been

0:25understanding from the beauty and

0:27Barbarin industry is it’s quite amazing

0:30to say that you know we’re non-essential

0:34so as I’ve been doing my research you

0:36know just working building my company

0:39share share and also you know stay on

0:42top of all the information that they’re

0:43putting out here whether it be news you

0:46know some make quote-unquote call it

0:48fake news but at the end of the day it’s

0:50still news and I try not to get caught

0:52up in the rat race of all the

0:54misinformation all the numbers are

0:57throwing out there but what I can say is

0:59is that the information that I have

1:01gathered you know I think is totally

1:04important to us to understand it here I

1:07will say that I am NOT charging a dime

1:10to share this information and I don’t

1:12think that is fair during this time

1:14right now

1:16it’s not fair to for me to charge you

1:18guys to share information that is vital

1:21vitally important that we know this and

1:24I think that you know it’s unfortunate

1:26that you know others that may then maybe

1:29charging but at the end of the day you

1:31know to each his own I feel like it’s my

1:34duty as as a fellow licensed beauty

1:39professional barber barber as well and

1:42as a licensed salon and barbershop owner

1:45I think is my duty to share the things

1:47that I you know feel like we need to

1:50know and we need to understand going

1:52forward I’ve talked several times over

1:55the past a few few weeks given

2:00information sharing important

2:02information when it comes to Coppa 19

2:04businesses and the stimulus package how

2:07important it is that we as licensed

2:09beauty professionals we need to take our


2:12we need to understand that we are a

2:14business amongst ourselves whether we

2:17are owner operator whether we are

2:21operator or whether we are independent

2:23contractor Commission stylist barber

2:25licensed professional we need to

2:27understand that we are a business if

2:29you’re not doing your texts your taxes

2:32if you’re not providing proper documents

2:35if you’re not doing your due diligence

2:37by no keeping everything tracked and in

2:41a proper place for when it’s time for

2:45situations like this then you’re not

2:47gonna be preparing not gonna receive the

2:50proper monies that you really need to

2:52receive from the bank’s first and

2:55foremost they don’t take a serious

2:57anyway – a lot of banks this is a hobby

2:59we don’t provide the the proper amount

3:05of money that we make because we’re so

3:08busy trying to hide what we truly make

3:11in order to keep keep that but you know

3:14anything that you keep on the front end

3:16you’re gonna lose it on the back hand so

3:18it’s just best to really do your duty

3:22taxes for your best benefit for your own

3:24benefit so that the banks and the IRS

3:28can understand that you are legitimate

3:30and that you do make a nice income – to

3:38really make it in this in this society

3:39whatever you want to purchase whether it

3:42be a home whether it be a nice car

3:43whether it be real estate whatever you

3:45want to purchase if you show you a

3:48proper proper income and you foul it and

3:52no one can say anything about that

3:54you are a business and you need to carry

3:57yourself and understand that you are

3:59that and and they respect you that way

4:02but I want to share a few things that

4:05over the course of the last day and a

4:08half maybe a couple of days it’s been

4:11amazing to hear this information so the

4:13first thing you know I don’t really

4:15watch a lot of news i watch it only at

4:18certain times of the day because other

4:20than that I’m working and

4:22working with my my my my team but I was

4:26listening to something on TV today and

4:30they said that they were opening up

4:32businesses that really think about

4:34opening up business and they and they

4:35had it in a certain order of the type of

4:38businesses that they wanted to open and

4:41the first thing that that came to my

4:43mind was man I need to share this with

4:45with with with the people that I love

4:49the most when it comes to this beauty

4:51industry in a Barban industry and I

4:53think it’s important that we understand

4:55how is sentient we are so they’ve named

4:59it an order they wanted to open up

5:01gardening I guess the people out there

5:03know now that is springtime they are out

5:06there working more yards you know doing

5:08construction you know things like that

5:11they were opening those first followed

5:14by larger grocery stores smaller grocery

5:17stores you know some that you know I’m

5:20not sure how they’re how they’re

5:22qualifying these grocery stores but

5:24they’re maybe they’re talking about

5:26malls or certain stores like that I

5:30don’t know I think it was a London they

5:33were talking about and then they said

5:37licensed stylist and Beautiful’s you

5:43hear me guys gardening stores and

5:47licensed beauty professionals I thought

5:50it was amazing that they actually said

5:52that on TV and so many times we have

5:56looked at this whole situation where

5:58people are on TV and they’re just

6:00looking you know they’re not looking

6:02their best they’re not getting styled

6:04I’ve been watching everything and if so

6:07many people just hair growing on their


6:10the makeup is not covering certain

6:12blemishes their hair is they don’t have

6:15the color their hair tinted their beers

6:19are growing out people who are

6:21clean-shaven and it’s amazing that for

6:24so long people deem these people as

6:27high-profile and not really seeing what

6:30goes on behind the curtains that we’re

6:33back there and making sure that they


6:34cuts making sure that they have their

6:36makeups covering blemishes making sure

6:38that that light don’t shine too too

6:40heavy on their on the forehead from from

6:43whatever sweat and they don’t understand

6:46that the work that goes behind having us

6:48as licensed be professionals how

6:50important that is for us to do our work

6:52so I just thought that that was amazing

6:54that we we have been told that we’re

6:58non-essential and I can understand why

7:00but we are very essential to how society

7:04is perceived and the perception is based

7:07on looks and a lot even though a lot of

7:10people aren’t going to work they still

7:11want to look their best if they’re

7:13recording from home and they can’t and

7:16so I just think is is is it’s amazing to

7:19me that you know we’re we’re they’re

7:21starting to understand and see that we

7:25are very important to say to say the to

7:28follow through with that I recently got

7:30some information as well and I’ve been

7:34just this is this really made me just

7:36laugh but I do understand

7:39I trust me I understand when I when I

7:41share this with you Chicago mayor miss

7:45Lori Lightfoot unapologetically visited

7:48the hairdresser amid kovat 19 guys yes

7:53you’ve already right

7:54the Chicago mayor decided hey you know

7:57what I need to get my hair done and I am

8:01going to ask my stylist to do my hair

8:04when all these cities governor’s have

8:08mandated that all non-essential

8:12businesses not do services well miss

8:17Laurey Lightfoot’s there you know what

8:20it’s important that I look good in front

8:22of the public I’m a public figure and I

8:26needed to look good but that’s not

8:29that’s not the crazy thing though the

8:33funny thing is that her stylist Ted to

8:36her on Facebook it just goes to show you

8:40how some people get so excited

8:45about what they do that they go rushing

8:50to social media I put it there I’m not

8:54going to talk down to this about the

8:59stylist because I’m sure that it was

9:02important that she shared that but it

9:05could be that she did it purposely to

9:08let people know that we do need to be

9:10open to make sure that people who are

9:15public figures look their best well miss

9:20Lightfoot said she said that she didn’t

9:25get any services getting your roofs done

9:29is not essential yet as a public figure

9:33she stands firm on showing up as her

9:37best and most presentable self in a

9:41public response lifeless said I’m in the

9:43public every day and candidly my hair

9:46was not looking the way it did she said

9:49I thought if I did it myself

9:53it would be a disaster so I got a


9:57Lightfoot also assured people that the

10:00woman cutting our hair I took safety

10:01precautions by wearing gloves and a face

10:04mask let me stop there before the

10:09governor in Texas decided to shut down

10:11down the salons and barbershops in the

10:14state I was doing the same thing I told

10:19my staff follow the CDC guidelines wear

10:23a mask wear gloves do extra precautions

10:27on top of those precautions to make sure

10:30that we were being safe and the customer

10:33was feeling safe so I do understand that

10:36and how I’m sure that if people

10:38understood that they could go to the

10:40salon the barber shop the spa and get

10:43services and we take precautions that

10:45we’re going to make sure we do to do

10:47justice to make sure that they’re safe

10:50so I do feel like the beauty industry

10:55follows protocol because we already have

10:57to follow rules

10:58based on sanitation anyway but I thought

11:02that that was quite funny that mrs.

11:03Lightfoot the mayor of Chicago decided

11:07to say you know what I’m a public figure

11:10and I need to make sure that I look my

11:13best and I don’t blame her I do not

11:15blame her and to say the least it’s only

11:21right that she get it done

11:25professionally I’ve seen some disasters

11:27of haircuts of colors on social media

11:32and people are just they’re having fun

11:34with it because they know after 30 days

11:36come run to the barbershop they’re gonna

11:38run to the stylist and get their hair

11:40fix but for the most part most people

11:42are just trying to maintain just for the

11:46sake of looking good around there for

11:48just for the sake of looking good for

11:49themselves and I’m sure that married

11:52couples want to look their best and and

11:54people and they’re probably saying some

11:57people produce and you’re not going

11:59anywhere we just did my family just did

12:03a zoom for Easter and I remember my

12:07niece who’s of style it was like I think

12:09some people were trying to look their

12:11best and my niece was like you’re not

12:13going anywhere

12:14don’t nobody care how you look right now

12:17I think that that’s not true I think

12:19that people won’t look good for

12:21themselves looking good and feeling good

12:23is pretty much what people want so I

12:26just really feel like you know why not

12:31the fact that even though we’re not

12:33where they’re calling us none essential

12:36that doesn’t mean we’re saying that

12:37doesn’t mean that we’re not essentially

12:39we are very essential and I think that

12:42is only fair that you know when the time

12:45comes sooner rather than later

12:46give these give these salons barbershops

12:50as far as the opportunity to make right

12:52with with the CDC guidelines and the

12:55rules and regulations of the laws that

12:57they already that they already are used

13:03to and it’s only fair to to do that the

13:07last thing I want to talk about is

13:12something really big and I think that

13:14you guys really need to before you even

13:17think about clicking off I got some

13:20information that I want to share and I

13:23got this because I’m on the computer so

13:25I’m reading news on a computer it says

13:27not everyone is getting a $1200

13:31coronavirus stimulus check you hear me I

13:36just talked the other day about about

13:40the beauty industry how people don’t

13:42take a serious how we don’t take

13:44ourselves seriously more artistic we

13:49value ourselves more artistic than we do

13:51value ourselves professionally we value

13:53ourselves professionally when it comes

13:54to having a license when it comes to

13:57Diamond ourselves quote unquote

13:58professional when it comes to doing

14:00those things but when it comes to from

14:02comes to not being behind the chair we

14:06are not doing the things that we should

14:10consider ourselves professional and that

14:13is doing the taxes that’s doing is

14:14providing proper documents that’s saving

14:18our money and and and I say saving our

14:21money because I went through the

14:24economic disaster back in 2008 and I

14:29survived that just like a lot of other

14:31stylists and a lot of other barbers

14:33survived it and the reason we survived

14:36is is because we were still open

14:37the reason we would survive because we

14:39could still work we could still go make

14:41money this is a different situation

14:44this is a pandemic it’s affecting

14:46everybody and even though you may be

14:50open as a central business it doesn’t

14:53mean that you’re able to keep your staff

14:56it doesn’t mean that you’re able to it’s

15:01not a lot of people aren’t successful

15:03they because people aren’t getting out

15:05and people are leery about being around

15:07people so it doesn’t mean it just means

15:10some people going in every day and they

15:11can open their business up but they’re

15:13not getting any business so that’s where

15:16we had so 2008 it was different the

15:19economy was affected and people who

15:23could make money could and people lost

15:25jobs and

15:26were able to help those that lost jobs

15:27by giving discounts and and all those

15:30things but the beauty industry wasn’t

15:31affected now the beauty interest is

15:33affected and and we’re starting to

15:35understand where the cracks are and

15:36where the gaps hit what we’re not we’re

15:38we’re not doing our due diligence to

15:40understand why we don’t take ourselves

15:44seriously so and thing all that the

15:50common is here who here’s who will be

15:53left out and I got to share with you

15:55guys this list so the high wage earners

16:01will be left out students will be left

16:04out elderly and disabled people some

16:09immigrants newborn babies unemployed

16:14high wage earners and last but not least

16:17low income people who do not file their

16:21taxes I want to repeat and then I want

16:31to stick on one of them so high wage

16:35earners if you earn more than ninety

16:38nine thousand a year

16:39sorry you’re out of luck under the new

16:42law individuals with an adjusted gross

16:43income of $75,000 for a one-time payment

16:48up to $1,200 2400 for joint tax returns

16:52and 500 for each qualifying child those

16:55with little or no tax liability also

16:58would get twelve hundred and twenty four

17:00hundred for joint returns students

17:04students age 17 or older don’t qualify

17:08for students check if their parents of

17:10guardians claim them as a dependent

17:13elderly and disabled people most senior

17:17citizens will qualify for a check the

17:19exception though those claimed as

17:22dependents by their children or someone

17:24else some immigrants immigrants qualify

17:29for stimulus check if they meet

17:30eligibility criteria and have a valid

17:33social security number so we know a lot

17:36of people I’m gonna be qualified

17:41newborn babies parents or babies born in

17:442020 will have to wait until next year

17:47to receive their $500 payment for the

17:50child so if you’ve had a new baby of

17:52course they probably aren’t in the

17:54system they probably just been born so

17:57how could they how could they there’s a

18:00part not even counted yet unemployed

18:03high wage earners people who earn more

18:06than ninety nine thousand last year or

18:08who are unemployed in 2020 won’t be

18:11eligible for check this year the IRS

18:15would use the 2019 return to calculate

18:18how much this individual will receive

18:20for rebate so they would not be eligible

18:25for a rebate in the in the coming weeks

18:28however people who fail who people who

18:32fall into this category would be

18:34eligible for a rebate on their twenty

18:36twenty tax returns when they file next

18:38spring if they earn below the phase-out

18:41limits this year got it last one but not

18:46least and I say this one because I think

18:49a lot of beauty and barbering

18:53professionals don’t need to be in this

18:56bracket but we’re in there because of

18:59what we don’t do when it comes to our

19:03business and that is low income people

19:07who don’t file taxes this is hard to

19:14talk about because for so many years

19:20being in this industry as a business

19:23owner as a licensed professional as

19:25independent contractor as a mentor I

19:29have been in the banks I have been

19:32around the high wage earners I am in

19:34groups of people who make a lot of money

19:37because I’m a student and I want to

19:40learn and I want to do my very best to

19:42be successful in other areas and arenas

19:46and and doing things that that most

19:48people don’t think we can do so I would

19:50put myself around a lot of people and

19:51I’m a student

19:52I have mentored how people teaching me

19:53but I’m also doing my best to make sure

19:56that I’m sharing this information

19:59low-income people don’t file taxes

20:01low-income people haven’t found taxes in

20:04the past two years I eligible for a

20:07chick but millions of them won’t get one

20:10unless they take an extra step check

20:14this out

20:15if you receive Social Security benefits

20:17you’re all set

20:18Social Security recipients will

20:20automatically get a stimulus check the

20:23IRS will use Social Security data to

20:25determine how much you receive and where

20:27it will be sent but for others who

20:32haven’t found taxes in the past two

20:33years it’s a different story check this


20:37individuals aren’t required to file

20:40taxes if they make less than twelve

20:41thousand a year the tax preparation

20:44company TurboTax estimates that ten

20:47million Americans fall into that

20:49category and they include some low

20:51income individuals Supplemental Security

20:54income recipients and Veterans Affairs

20:57beneficiaries did you hear this if you

21:02make less than twelve thousand a year

21:05individuals aren’t required to file

21:07taxes if they make less than twelve

21:09thousand a year do you know so I’m

21:14telling you there there are stars out

21:17there that that work part-time part-time

21:19that make more than twelve thousand a

21:22year so just imagine what a part-time

21:25stylist a star that works halftime maybe

21:29half half half their time in the

21:32industry half their time another job

21:34they’re making buku dollars and just

21:38think about the stylist that works

21:39full-time I don’t even look at that but

21:42do you know so many people will make

21:45anywhere upwards from forty five to

21:51seventy five to six figures and we’re

21:55claimed everything under the Sun and

21:59make it look like they don’t make any

22:01money you can’t own the house

22:05own high hot dollar stuff if you can’t

22:10show the bank that jerk that you’re

22:12making money it’s not fair

22:15that you do yourself like that a lot of

22:18beauty and barbering a lot of beauty

22:21English industry professionals are going

22:23to be in that low-income bracket because

22:27they’re either not found properly to

22:30show they’re making money or they’re not

22:32fouling at all so it says that ten

22:37million Americans fall into that

22:39category I think it’s time that we take

22:46a really fair and broad look at

22:51ourselves and take a big step coming out

22:55of this pandemic and taking our industry

22:57serious taking ourselves as a business

23:00serious I don’t care if you own a salon

23:02a barbershop or spa take it serious I

23:05don’t care if you’re an independent

23:06contractor your business take it serious

23:10I don’t care if you are a commission

23:12based stylist take it serious and it

23:17doesn’t matter if you have another job

23:21and you dabble in this industry take it

23:25serious I can’t say that enough it’s

23:28only important to you if a situation

23:31like this happens again that you don’t

23:34want to be one of those ten million and

23:37I’m telling you a lot of people in this

23:39industry are gonna be a part of that ten

23:42million who are not gonna receive any

23:44money because they either didn’t file

23:47their taxes properly or didn’t file or

23:50they’re found no taxes and they’re and

23:53they’re claiming so much – looks like

23:55they’re not making any money and that’s

23:58just not fair to the individual you know

24:00what don’t be ashamed as a licensed

24:02professional to let the bank’s know that

24:05you make a lot of money don’t be ashamed

24:07to tell people that you are six-figure

24:10stylists you a six-figure barber don’t

24:13be ashamed to do that and don’t you

24:15don’t have to hide your money because

24:19you don’t want people to know how much

24:20you make and if you’re a cash business

24:22take that cash at the end of the day

24:26don’t take it home put it in the bank

24:30let the bank is its money its currency

24:33let the bank know you make money if

24:35you’re putting money in a bank and you

24:37have a business account and it whatever

24:41you want to call it DBA doing business

24:44as if it’s your name or if you have a

24:46suite or whatever even you can be a

24:48commission stylist you can still open up

24:49a business account and just call it

24:51whatever you want to call it your name

24:52the banks need to know and the and and

24:56doing your taxes right they need to know

24:59that you’re making money and you do not

25:01have to be considered someone who makes

25:04a lot of money but don’t look the part

25:08or you make a lot of money and people

25:10don’t take you serious that’s not fair

25:14to you that’s not fair to you as an

25:17individual as a person as a licensed

25:20professional nor as a business do your

25:24due diligence take your business serious

25:27because I’m telling you if something

25:29like this happens again in our lifetime

25:31we’re going to feel it even worse I

25:34think that this is a wake up call

25:38it’s a it’s a wake up call and I said

25:41the other day it’s a clarion call that I

25:45shared this information with all my

25:48licensed beauty professionals I don’t

25:51care what you are if you and the hair

25:54skin & Nails you’re licensed be a

25:57professional if you don’t have a license

26:00because you’re a great artist you’re a

26:01makeup artist if you don’t you are still

26:04a licensed beauty professional I’m not

26:08talking to those people who never really

26:11got the professional training and

26:12they’re working at home and they don’t

26:14have a license I’m not talking those

26:15people who are shade tree barbers garage

26:18barbers kitchen tissues you know

26:20bathroom beauticians I’m not talking

26:22about you because it is a hobby for you

26:26you may be talented at it but I’m

26:27talking about licensed beauty

26:29professionals if you’re out there and


26:31making money it’s a living and you’re

26:34feeding your family you’re taking care

26:36of your business take yourself serious

26:38and let’s let people understand we are

26:42central people are really looking at our

26:45industry and they’re really they’re

26:47really saying man I really wish I could

26:49go get my hair cut I really wish I could

26:51could could get my cut my grades colored

26:54these things are important to them and I

26:57think that if we take ourselves serious

26:59the next time this happens we will be

27:01taken serious that’s what I wanted to

27:03share guys I want to make sure that you

27:06know that I care about you and that’s

27:07why I’m putting this information out

27:09peace out

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