How Hairstylists and Barbers Can Practice Good Eye Care

Hairstylists and barbers deliver a crucial service to their clients, ensuring they can help anyone sitting in their chair achieve the look of their dreams. It’s a rapidly growing job as well, growing at 8% from 2022 to 2032, faster than average for other occupations. As someone who works in the field, you’re expected to offer the right service or treatment, from shampooing and coloring to cutting and styling. Hairstylists and barbers also have to get the right education to ensure their skills are up to par with customer demands. In such a precise occupation that focuses on shaping others’ looks, your eyes are essential for making suitable recommendations and cutting or trimming in all the right places. Poor vision can lead to unsatisfactory outcomes and damage trust in your clients, impacting your reputation. Hairstylists and barbers spend a lot of time focusing on their clients’ appearance, but your own eye health is equally important. Here are some ways you can practice good eye care:

Get regular eye exams

Changes in vision are normal, especially with age, but issues like prolonged UV exposure and poor health habits can increase your risk of developing eye conditions such as cataracts or macular degeneration. There’s also an added risk when working as a hairstylist or barber. Working at a salon can strain your eyes and expose you to various chemicals, which can impact your vision without you realizing it. As such, scheduling an eye exam and doing so regularly can help you keep track of any changes or problems with your eyes and vision. An eye exam allows your eye doctor to check your prescription, detect early signs of eye conditions, and spot other health problems that can affect your eyes. They’ll give you the right vision correction or treatment to help you maintain eye health for longer. A quick search online for “eye exams near me” can direct you to the closest location to your home or your shop for easy access. 

Wear protective gear

A salon is where beauty thrives, but it also has its dangers and hazards, which can affect and harm your eyes without the right protection. Exposure to chemicals from sprays and personal care products can lead to irritation or infection when they land on the surface of your eye, causing problems like keratitis, which is described as an open sore on the eye’s cornea. Tiny hairs can also enter the eye when trimming facial hair or cutting hair, which can also irritate the eye or cause a corneal abrasion. These problems can cause blurry vision, discomfort, eye strain, and potentially vision loss when unaddressed. Wearing protective gear can help you protect your eyes against chemicals and irritants. Protective glasses with a wraparound style cover the eyes from all angles, ensuring better safety from stray hairs, sprays, and products. 

Practice proper health habits

A balanced diet and regular exercise are often associated with weight loss, improving wellness, or overcoming burnout as a cosmetologist, but these health habits also play a role in enhancing your eye health. Fruits and vegetables rich in vitamins A, C, and E can maintain and boost the function of your cornea or stave off diseases like cataracts and age-related macular degeneration. Omega-3 fatty acids from fatty fish, such as salmon and mackerel, can help reduce the risk of high eye pressure, which can cause glaucoma and can also help prevent dry eye symptoms. Physical activity can get your blood flowing, ensuring your eyes get the nutrients they need to function well. To maintain these healthy habits, you can pack a healthy lunch or snack to sustain you as you cater to clients throughout the day. Taking a brisk walk during your breaks, biking to work, or jogging first thing in the morning helps you stay active during work days. Your eyes can function at their best for longer, and you’ll feel more energized even after a long day at the salon or barbershop.