How I Tripled My Income During The Pandemic by ShearSharer Season Bennett


Season Bennett, a ShearShare host and female barbershop owner, shared how she was able to triple her income during the pandemic. Yes, TRIPLE.

The secret to her strategy is also its biggest strength:

  • NO inventory
  • NO shipping
  • NO creating new products

It’s her online school: Social Barber Academy!

She’s been able to bundle up digital products that she already had and sell them OVER and OVER. A digital product can be an e-book, a checklist, a recording of a client meeting or a class that you did in the past. The online school just makes it easy for you to sell it over and over.

Can someone say PASSIVE INCOME??? Yes, you can literally make money while you sleep, and Season is proof that it’s possible. Watch above to get more tips on how to set up your online course.