How ShearShare is Addressing the Ongoing Coronavirus (COVID-19) Situation


To our ShearShare family, please know that our thoughts and prayers are with us all, our loved ones, and each of our businesses at this time. Like many, we are mindful of the long-term impact that COVID-19 may have on our industry as a whole as we continue to address the needs of our clients. As a master barber-stylist and salon and barbershop owner myself, I know how critical it is to keep businesses running in times of crisis. Now more than ever, it is crucial to stay in constant communication with your clients to help them feel safe and to assuage any concerns on their part.

A few helpful tips for ShearShare stylists:

  • Let clients know that you are adding 10-15 minutes to the start of each appointment so that you can properly disinfect your entire mini suite or station
  • Visually model for clients how you’re taking the necessary precautions–wear a face mask, let them see you change out your gloves, wipe down the door knobs when they enter and leave, post a note on your door about rescheduling if a client is feeling ill, etc.
  • If your clients are canceling their appointments and you need to cancel your ShearShare stay, you now have up to 24 hours (versus the usual 48) to cancel and receive a refund 
  • Most importantly, do not show panic

For all ShearShare hosts:

  • Please continue to practice “client social distancing” — make sure stylists space out clients so that there are no more than 5-7 total persons in one salon or shop environment at a time
  • Give yourself an extra 15 minutes in between appointments to thoroughly disinfect stylist or barber chairs, station carts, all tools, shampoo bowl, door handles, bathroom, any community area
  • Create more room between your waiting room chairs so that clients are not sitting in close quarters with one another
  • Confirm with your visiting stylists how many clients they will see that day and at what start time so that you can ensure “client social distancing” for all stylists. If you need help, please contact your ShearShare team  at hello@shearshare [dot] com
  • Thank you in advance for accommodating any last-minute changes with ShearShare bookings. We will work closely with you to reschedule visiting stylists if the need arises

Here is a live graph to follow the coronavirus updates in real time so that you can stay ahead of general communication:

Screen Shot 2020-03-13 at 10.47.35 AM

We are taking special precaution and supporting ShearSharers as we all continue to follow strict sanitation and disease prevention measures outlined by our respective state departments of licensing and regulation. After you messaged our team about the dwindling supply of commercial disinfectant products, I provided a DIY tutorial on making sanitized wipes and disinfectant with two key ingredients that are still on the shelves: vinegar and hydrogen peroxide.

A few quick notes about vinegar and hydrogen peroxide:

  • Vinegar can help kill pathogens, including bacteria, and is used to clean wounds
  • People have traditionally used vinegar for cleaning and disinfecting, treating nail fungus, lice, warts, ear infections
  • Studies show that vinegar inhibits bacteria like E. coli from growing in and spoiling food
  • Hydrogen peroxide is a mild antiseptic used on the skin to prevent infection of minor cuts, scrapes, and burns. (It may also be used as a mouth rinse to help remove mucus or to relieve minor mouth irritation)
  • Hydrogen peroxide removes blood stains and kills mold and cleans toilets
  • Hydrogen peroxide removes wine, chocolate, grass and armpit stains
  • You can use hydrogen peroxide in place of bleach. It also sanitizes and disinfects surfaces
  • For those who eat raw, you can also clean your vegetables with hydrogen peroxide

PLEASE NOTE: for safety and storage, do not place hydrogen peroxide or vinegar in the sun. HP loses its power when exposed to sunlight and air.

The DIY video above shows how to make wipes and one particular disinfectant that cosmetologists can use to sterilize tools, makeup brushes, etc. Barbers can also use it to sterilize your hair sweeper and brushes. Here is a second recipe for a homemade cleaner if you only have access to hydrogen peroxide:

Ingredients for homemade hydrogen peroxide cleaner:

  1. 2 cups water
  2. 1 cup hydrogen peroxide
  3. ¼ cup lemon juice

In case you missed it, here are 9 #coronavirus prevention tips for salons and barbershops: 

Additional resources:

And if you are a podcast listener, here are a few options to stay up-to-date:

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This is how ShearShare is addressing the ongoing coronavirus (COVID-19) situation. Again, your safety, the safety of your clients and the safety of our amazing ShearShare hosts is always our top priority at ShearShare.

Please contact us if you have any questions or if we can be helpful in other ways. We will get through this together and be stronger,

Dr. Tye Caldwell