How to Add Texture To Men’s Styles


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If there’s a buzzword in the hair world right now that’s spanning into all sectors, it’s texture. Whether it’s about embracing, enhancing or creating it, this staple is back at the forefront of hairdressing. For Chicago-suburb-based stylist Trevor James, incorporating texture into his men’s looks has become a daily routine. When James is looking to add texture to his hair cuts and styles, he turns to Sexy Hair‘s Convertible Crème. 

The product is part of Sexy Hair’s new line, Style Sexy Hair Made for Men. It features products enhanced with fragrance notes such as bergamot, amber, musk and sandalwood.The line includes a 4-1 hair, body face and beard wash that helps clients streamline the shower routine. There is also a Polished Up Pomade, which is a water-based formula that helps keep styles polished.

“The functionality of reach product is superior and does exactly as it’s designed to do,” James says. “I would recommend this line to anyone seeking to add a trustworthy men’s grooming line to their collection.”

The crème, James says, is flexible enough to reshape the hair while still holding it.

“It’s separation is complementary with the structure of the cut,” he says. “A bonus is that it won’t compromise volume, either.”

In this video, James shows how using the crème transforms his client’s overall look by adding texture:

For this style, James assessed his client’s texture and shape. “He has very dense, coarse waves,” James says. “I really like the natural movement.”

Once the hair was dry, James used roughly a half-dollar-sized amount of Sexy Hair’s Convertible Crème and applied it all over his hands (front and back) as he would apply lotion. The reason for this is simple, James says: “All parts of your hands are used in styling hair, not just your finger tips. A concentration of product in an isolated part of your hand will inevitably apply unevenly. You don’t want this!”

He started in the back of the shape and applied the product base to ends in an even manner to encourage curl and wave. “I wouldn’t normally use the amount of product that I did,” James says. “But due to his texture, it was beneficial. The best part about this was that the product and his texture worked harmoniously. It’s always important to take the right tool for the job, and the product really made the style easier to accomplish.”