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How to Develop a Mindset That Keeps Your Business Growing

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Founder: Courtney Caldwell Company: ShearShare | Location: New York, NY

Receipts: Seasoned marketing exec, Courtney Caldwell has led demand generation for giants like Oracle and has spent more than 20 years as a B2B marketer. She’s now a pioneer in her industry building a novel business and raising $5.6 million along the way.


Here’s your traction playbook, what you’re going to learn from Courtney Caldwell:

  • How to develop a positive mindset to grow your business

  • How to do things that don’t scale to

  • How to secure investor confidence


How to  Stay The Course Especially When Things Get Difficult
Find Your Inner Tenaciousness – “Entrepreneurs just have this inner tenaciousness about them to see the cup as half full instead of half empty and to keep on going. And you need to have that internally. You have to have that positive mindset” – Courtney Caldwell. Cultivate a positive mindset. Sounds cliché, and you’ve probably heard it from every self help guru under the sun. However, as Courtney says, the entrepreneurs that get sh!t done are the ones who have built resilience by harnessing the power of a positive mindset. Optimism will be your competitive advantage.


How to to Slay Sales & Marketing In The Early Stages
Do Things That Don’t Scale – Don’t be afraid to do the hard things. ShearShare grew their business by doing the small things that did not necessarily make sense in the beginning. That included going door to door to different businesses, making those difficult cold calls, etc. A lot of these things are not scalable – but they are what matter. Today’s market is focused on viral marketing but these little things are what builds relationships and build trust. Additionally, those personal conversations gave them insights and data into what their customers wanted and influenced their future paid marketing efforts.


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