How to Maintain Goal Setting While the Salon Is Closed


During this time of shelter-in-place, experts highly recommend goal-setting at the beginning of your day. So brew your favorite cup of java, grab a pen and paper (or digital notepad), and let’s breathe some positivity into our lives by organizing our mental and physical goals.

Start by dissecting your goals into categories. For example:

  1. Personal (I want to fold the laundry as soon as it comes out of the dryer)
  2. Family (I want to try one new restaurant every month)
  3. Professional (I want to pay my quarterly taxes on time in 2020)
  4. Spiritual (I want to attend a meditation retreat before Thanksgiving)
  5. Physical (I want to do a yoga shoulder stand by June 1, 2020)
  6. Financial (I want to save 6 months of living expenses after ‘RONA)

You can make it your own as long as you stick to the plan! Chores, cleaning, kids routines, bills, reading—whatever your list is, the key is to write it all down. Remember to organize each goal into a category or group. Then post your sticky notes, Dry Erase board, whatever in a location that you’ll see everyday. I personally love the Reminders app on my iPhone. Be mindful of your time spent on every goal and try your best to stick to your schedule; this way, you don’t procrastinate.

For the superstars out there, challenge yourself to achieve each goal in half the time. For example, laundry and working out takes two hours. Start by trying to knock out both while shedding 30 minutes, so that when we return to our normal routine, these principles will enhance our services and overall client experience in the salon.

Vision, organization, clarity, timing and efficiency is the secret, my friends.

Jin Bang is a National Artist for Living Proof, a Global Brand Ambassador for Cocco Hair Pro and a hairstylist at Brighton Salon Beverly Hills.