Beauty to Bank

How to Take Your Beauty to the Bank

Do you want to discover how to turn what you know into a passive income online? Are you looking for technology that can automate your beauty or barber business and make life easier? Then the Beauty to Bank virtual conference is perfect for you! Discover how hairstylists, makeup artists, nail techs, cosmetologists, and barbers are making money without standing behind the chair or trading their time in for cash. This 2-day virtual event will feature an elite group of educators in the industry that will share their tips and tricks for success in this business. 

We chatted with the creator of Beauty to Bank, Season Bennett, about the 2nd annual event. Previously Vice President of a Fortune 50 technology company, she quit her job in 2017 for full-time entrepreneurship. She started her online school, Social Barber Academy, passionate about educating beauty professionals, in 2015. Now, she’s on a mission to help beauty professionals create passive income online. Learn more about Season and attend her event, Beauty to Bank, on October 25th and 26th – tickets are free!

Q&A With Season Bennett

  1. How did you get involved in the beauty industry?

My husband and I own a barbershop in Charlotte, NC. At the time, I was working in Corporate America. We got into a legal dispute with our landlord at the barbershop. It was a really unfair situation. Instead of being upset, I decided to host a food drive at the barbershop. That’s when I started doing social media marketing to tell people where to bring the food for the food drive. I discovered how powerful social media is. I decided to write my first book, The Social Barber, and the rest is history.

  1. Where did the idea of Beauty to Bank come from?

The idea behind Beauty To Bank is to inspire others to bring their knowledge of the beauty industry, straight to the bank with digital products. Everyone’s an expert in something and what you know can be turned into passive income.

  1. How does technology help you as an entrepreneur?

For me, it’s all about passive income. If you don’t use automation, you are just creating more jobs for yourself where you are trading your time for money. I love using technology and automation for my digital products. From scheduling emails in advance to scheduling social media posts and stories to creating automated funnels.

  1. What’s a common misconception in the beauty world when it comes to tech?

A common misconception is that you can’t teach a particular method as a digital product. You can turn almost anything into a digital product. Sometimes you might have to be more creative and get help from some of your more techy friends, but it can be done!

  1. With the recent boom in the beauty industry, how can professionals stand out and capitalize on it?

After the pandemic, the world is forever changed. It is now expected that you should always have a digital or an online option. Whether you are providing online consultations or hosting a paid online class–digital is here to stay and you’d better get online or get left behind.

  1. What type of speakers can people look forward to hearing from during your conference?
  • We have an amazing lineup of speakers and some super dope discussions:
  • Season Bennett (@TheSocialBarber) – I will be sharing how to get started with digital products.
  • Tamika Gibson (@Thehairdiagram) – How to go viral.
  • Marquetta Breslin (@marquettabreslin) – Faith and Funnels.
  • Sylvia Nwaozuzu (@fabluxwigs) – How she turned her in-person event into an online course.
  • Candace Holyfield (@sixfigurespachick) – Building community.
  • Taylor Perry (@Taylorperry) – Scalp Micropigmentation – Barbering + Tattooing
  • Nina Tulio (@ninatulio) – Pricing Behind The Chair
  • Daniel Koye (@danielkoyeofficial) – How To Get On Set
  • Oluchi Zelda (@oluchizelda) – Never Giving Up
  • Lorell Lane (@lorellane) – Facebook Ads
  1. Why is it important for beauty professionals to take advantage of conferences like Beauty to Bank?

It’s important to learn about new things and how to apply your knowledge of the beauty industry. It is important to see others like you doing new things. Get inspired. Get you a business bestie. It’s important to surround yourself with like-minded people when you are doing new things because everyone won’t understand.

  1. How has ShearShare helped shape your business as a beauty professional?

Though I am not a beauty professional, my husband and I own Headlines Barbershop in Charlotte, NC. It’s awesome to have ShearShare as a form of passive income. Your bills do not change if you have empty chairs so it’s awesome to have a way to fill them up by the day. Every salon and suite owner should have ShearShare.

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