How To Teach a Beauty or Barbering Class Online

How to Teach a Beauty or Barbering Class Online

Have you ever taught a class online before? Is teaching something you’d like to cross off your list but don’t know how? Get a pen and some paper and watch this informative video on the Dos and Don’ts of how to teach an online class!

If you’d rather read the video transcript, you can find that below:


Oh hey hey hey let’s see who’s on so far


everybody is just joining when you come on in go ahead and drop your name in and


where you’re from into the chat I want to make sure you guys get the full effect okay the full effect I’m here at my


house in Charlotte North Carolina let me know what you guys are joining from I know a lot of people are coming in I am


really super excited and I’m only super sad you guys right I’m super excited to


talk to you guys about this but before we get in I’m gonna go in and welcome everybody we got Shelly from Los Angeles


Miranda I don’t know where you’re from Deanna from Connecticut okay and if you’re joining him your phone you might


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things out we’ve got Syleena Johnson and Stockton California I can’t even keep up with it okay so Chantal is from Georgia


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El okay Donna’s maybe it was too long okay Florida amber from Florida okay Richmond


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Carolina okay so I’ve got a question for you guys are you guys ready to get started if you’re ready to get started


go ahead and raise your hand hopefully your app is up-to-date and you’re able to raise your hand right in here okay Oh


Ohio Barbour chick from Ohio yay yay


okay see some hands raise so I want you guys to see and and get this full effect I’ve


been using zoom for over five years now I’ve got a lot of fun things to share with you guys here I’m gonna go ahead


and share my screen now I’m gonna tell you as we’re walking through this presentation I want you guys to know


that I some of the things that I’m doing and I want you to know that these are


things that you can do as well okay so if the corona virus has stopped your bag has stopped you from making money I


always try to look at things as a positive okay I know that sounds funny


but the way I got started my business and I’ll share this with you guys right now um let me share my desktop here for


you okay and this is I’m joining from a computer right now and then you can teach these classes from your phone okay


I do think it’s a little easier to do it from your computer but you can do this from your phone okay so this is the


little app how it looks on my computer but I’m gonna close it right now okay I’m just gonna close it I’m just gonna


move that out of the way okay um I can still so I’ve got a little meeting bar up here at the top so you might see me


trying to move it I’m gonna go ahead and take a little screenshot here and then I can share my screen shot with you guys


because while I’m in the meeting it doesn’t allow me to UM show you guys


what’s going on so I’m gonna show you guys by taking a little screen shot okay


and I’m gonna share my screen shot so you guys can see what I see okay let’s see if I can make this bigger here for


you okay I’m gonna move this up so you guys see right here what I got going on


here so I’m able to mute my mic I’m able to cut myself on the terrible thanks here but I’m able to mute my mic I’m


able to stop and start my video right here I’m able to also see how many people are in the broadcast right now


now I will tell you as a paid feature if some if you had a paid class that you were doing and somebody joined your


class that wasn’t supposed to you can kick them out okay so somebody shared the link or something because I know


sometimes people you know I know sometimes people get worried about


hey like what if somebody joins that you know they didn’t pay don’t worry you can


actually pick them out or there’s all kinds of features we’re gonna talk about that in just one second up hey and I’m


also able to see the chat let me know if you guys can see the chat on my screen okay I am using zoom okay and I’m gonna


be going through this whole presentation don’t worry I hope you guys brought your pen and your paper so I’m gonna let you


guys know really quickly if you guys are just like me I’m always like who this person is talking to me and are they qualified to talk about this topic okay


so my name is Steven Bennett that is my government name and I am the CEO of the


social barber my husband and I own headlines barber shop in Charlotte North Carolina I am the author of actually two


books that that you guys may not realize you guys may know the first one the social barber the second one is the community barber shop and I’m also the


owner and educator of the social barber Academy which I’ve had for five years and that’s why I’ve been using zoom for so long okay you can see the chat


perfect so you guys can kind of see what I see too so these are some different options you can see as well okay um so I just want


to tell you like it’s kind of crazy where social media has kind of taken me I you know if you guys kind of know my


story I showed up in corporate America I was not interested in social media you know married a barber got sued by a


leasing company but I found a passion I started doing community service and I found a passion for social media


marketing so since then I’ve spoken at several and educated at several different beauty shows I’ve worked with


some big brands like Kim Kimble the official razor chick book CBIZ some


really exciting things like going to Paris Fashion Week Here I am at Paris Fashion Week okay so just a you know let


you guys know a little bit about me so after we got sued from that leasing company I started doing social media


marketing I started doing community service I truly believe you reap what you sow I started doing community service and that


is how I actually got that is how I actually got my passion for social media


marketing because I just said you know I want to do something positive that first food drive it was in the Hawaii News Now newspaper


we got a an award for the Aniston / company we were featured in a magazine and since then I’ve also been featured


in people CBS News Inside Edition and news what but back to zoom okay um catch


some want receipts first right guys show more receipts first okay so first thing I want to talk to you guys I’m going to


show you guys where to go somebody’s asked me what app is this we’re going to show you right away I’m gonna make sure I hope you guys have a pen and a paper I


am recording this right now I will also send out a link afterwards make sure you check your email make sure you check


your junk mail by the way if you unsubscribe to the emails you will not get the goods okay people pay for


classes they unsubscribe them like dude now am I gonna get to you okay so don’t


unsubscribe because you might miss out on something good so we’re going to show you where to go so you can sign up for


zoom there is a free version the account we’re gonna go over the different types of accounts um I’m gonna talk to you


about meeting versus webinar right now we’re in a webinar we’re gonna talk to


you about the pricing features how to you can actually charge for your classes okay you can actually charge your


classes security has been a big question so I’m going to talk to you about that a little bit here and most importantly a


lot of people are wondering look I’ve seen people do meetings I’ve seen them share their screen like you’re doing and


I’ve seen them talking and maybe they share their video sometimes and maybe they turn their screen off and they’re


just talking right um but I want to talk to you a little bit about how you can still do hair nail makeup what


everything that is that you do if you teach classes and those things you can do them using zoom okay yep yep yep okay


all right so I had a little question section here can you guys see the question section as well and let me know


if you can give me a thumbs up okay good good good okay so Selina said


she could see it okay so that’s another way people are able to just ask questions in the in the in the app okay


cool cool cool all right awesome awesome awesome okay all right okay cool so


let’s talk about the good stuff all right so zoom got us so if you were looking


for it like what at this zoom got us not to join this meeting as soon as you click the link to join you probably were


prompted to automatically download the app right okay you were prompted to download the app and so this is where


you go I’m gonna show you that looks like I’m going to show you behind the scenes of my account also okay and I’m


gonna answer questions for you guys so don’t worry okay I’m gonna make sure I give you guys the good so this is actually my account all right all right


so so zeusie us is where you go to sign up um let’s talk about cuz I told you


already I’m gonna I’m in a webinar right now I think you guys have seen the meetings the meetings are kind of where you guys have probably seen people


posting all these pictures and people look like they’re on the Brady Bunch right and they’ve got all the little boxes and you can see people’s faces and


all that good stuff that’s a meeting in a meeting anybody can show their video they can unmute


their mic and they can talk okay this is a webinar now the reason why you would use a webinar instead of a meeting is


because um if you want to record this to use again sometimes when people join


meetings they are not aware they’re not used to using this type of video conference conferencing a lot of people


have been using it for multiple years like I have and so when they join you might hear a baby crying in the background you might hear guys I’ve


heard monkeys in the background before I am not lying okay when I was in corporate I don’t know what we’re doing had a monkey but somebody had a monkey


in the background I swear to goodness okay so people don’t mute their mic when they come in you know you hear toilets


flushing and things like that and if you want to record your video and use it again it can be a little bit you know


annoying if you hear toilets flushing and people are always you know kind of leaving their their mic open okay that’s


kind of annoying right so you might you have to you have to kind of make that choice let me show you what the pricing


what like that’s the next thing here so you go to zoom dot us forward slash pricing


but I already haven’t pulled up now by the way if you guys are not used to me I


get super excited about this stuff because I I want to make sure that my beauty industry people are not left


behind okay there is a true thing called the technology divide and the thing is that people that don’t start getting on


board with technology will be left behind economically okay and we’re


seeing that first hand right now so I really want to do this class for free usually when I do webinars there’s something to buy at the end there’s


nothing to buy at the end I’m sorry until you’re nothing to buy okay this is just free information I want to make


sure that you guys have the information and because I know about online classes and I also know about the beauty


industry I’m able to share some information about how you guys are gonna be able to benefit from using this app


okay all right gotta do this for my beauty industry peeps okay okay perfect okay so let’s look at the pricing here


so one of the things um I’m gonna move this little thing out of the way so I can click on my you guys can’t see it


because I showed you my screenshot but I had to move that little bar out of the way so I can click up here so I’m going


to click on plans and pricing okay so you guys are probably all on this free


account which there’s nothing wrong with the free account okay like you know I am good for some free 9 to 9 I love it but


basically with a free account you can have up to 100 participants right and


these are this is the meeting where you have the boxes and you look like like you’re on the Brady Bunch you guys know


what I’m talking about if you don’t know please please tell me okay that’s what


I’m here for okay if you’re not familiar you’re not the only one okay all right so basically


you can have up to 100 participants but there’s a 40-minute limit on the group meetings okay there’s yeah there’s a


40-minute meeting limits so that means that when you get to 40 40 minutes this is gonna cut off okay it’s gonna be hard


to charge you’re gonna you’re gonna be you’re not gonna be able to record there’s some other stuff you’re not be


able to have okay so depending on which now if you just want to do quick little client calls or if you want to do


one-on-one sessions of people and you keep thirty minutes freeze fine it’s


perfectly fine you have to set up a invoice send them an invoice outside use your booking system that reminds me that


something else I need to talk about here today is you can use your books in your


booking system and let them pay okay you could actually let them pay up front


okay yep use your booking system and let them pay up front and then you can send them your


zoom link okay and you could do like a one to one session now I will tell you this guy’s um a lot of you may think oh


I can’t do coaching sessions but people have called you and they’re like hey how’d you write a book hey how did you open that spa how did you have you open


to spas how did you do this how did you do that right guys right you’re not the


only one people ask you questions all the time so hey that information right now that’s something to charge for okay


that’s not gonna charge for anybody who is anybody that who is on


okay hold on just one minute I’m sorry let me pause for just one moment okay


sorry I have a couple people that are like we’re negative all right sorry guys


just cut a text Facebook messages and


everything else you


okay gotcha gotcha okay perfect perfect perfect okay and and quick question


okay we’re gonna talk about that diana saying how would i do a class for a custom to here consultation we’re gonna do that at the end thank you so much


let’s pause for just a moment okay yes


only four participants voting okay I’m not quite sure what you mean about


for all participants okay all right okay all kinds of questions in here all right


okay hold on guys hold on here we go all right so when you come in here you go to


the the basic one this is the free account okay this is the one that we talked about the free account okay now


the next one is $14.99 a month okay guys this is the one that I usually have all


all the time this is the one that I usually have all the time yes this is


the one that I usually have all the time you can have a hundred participants there’s unlimited meetings it says the


meeting duration limit is twenty four hours whoever has a meeting for 24 hours Wow go you okay it will automatically


record now if you go over that one gig which it’s easy to do because we’re doing video we’re streaming video okay


so it’s gonna use a lot of bandwidth um if you if you’re doing this you’re gonna go over that one gig okay I’m gonna show


you where the recordings are okay so all you have to do what I usually do just because I have a lot of space in my in


my Google account so I do record things so I’m gonna show you here so I have a


paid account and I go down here to the recordings and I have so many recordings okay but what I usually do is I make


sure that I download the recordings like let’s say if I go in here and I don’t even know what some of these are I’m


afraid all right let’s see okay here’s


one that I did on Facebook live okay so I might go here and I hit the download


button and then I hit delete okay I hit the delete button that I also make sure


to go too much rash and make sure it’s deleted if not I would get charged extra money for those recordings okay now what


I want to share after I’ve done a recording and you guys are gonna see that I’m gonna share the link with you guys when we’re done cuz we’re recording


right now I’m gonna share the link and then this is my shareable link but it’s only gonna be available for a small


amount of time because you’re not gonna you know I gotta delete this okay cuz it takes a lot I have tons of storage in


other places but the zoom storage can be pricey okay that’s kind of how I get around it okay so I delete here right


you hit the little trash button right here I’m not gonna hit it right now because I don’t want to I don’t want to hit the trash quite yet and then you have to make sure that you


go to the trash can I found this out the hard way guys so you see right here there’s a trash can right here and then


you have to delete from the trash can okay yep you have to actually delete


from the trash can if you don’t you’re still gonna be charged until it automatically deletes okay yep all right


so we’re talking about pricing if you guys just joined yep we’re talking about


pricing I want to make sure you guys know what kind of things that you need okay now this that I’m telling you guys


about right now um the webinar that we’re on now when you add a webinar on


it costs $40 to have a webinar for um for a hundred people okay and it goes up


from there alright so if you want to do a webinar where you want to teach a live class and it’ll be a good idea because


you might want to keep the recording and upload it maybe if you have an online school or things like that so I’ve been


working with a lot of people setting at helping them set up their online schools and that’s another feature also that you


might watch you might want to go ahead and download it and put in your online school okay okay alright okay so and it


goes up from there so the $19.99 a month that’s 300 participants for the meeting right that’s for the meeting part you


can create like a custom URL like I can say zoom us forward slash the social barber right but I still have to add on


for the webinar piece now for up to 500 people on the webinar I might think it


was an extra it was like an extra hundred and fifty dollars or whatever but you know but you can have at least a


thousand people if you wanted on your webinar okay you can have that or if you want to do some of these other plans all


right but yeah any of these usually I use this plan most of the time I do usually have the webinar feature I’ll


tell you one other secret about the webinar feature when you have the webinar what happens is that when you go


live and I’m gonna again again I’m gonna do a screenshot so I can show you guys cuz it doesn’t let me show all of my it


doesn’t let me show everything so I’m gonna do while I’m in here let’s see what translator there


we go so I’m gonna open this up so you guys can see this okay what I see it’s kind of weird right okay so basically


you guys see right here at the bottom there’s three little dots right here when I click on them I can actually


broadcast live on Facebook so if you guys saw the webinar that I did with the director of the health department that’s


what I did is I broadcasted live on Facebook okay yep I broadcast live on


Facebook and you can also do it from YouTube so it’s a little easier than what Facebook has going on so if you guys have never gone live on Facebook


and you try to share things and shared your video or or talk to people so let me show you I’m actually gonna pull up


my my video with the health director because it was really cool so you guys


can see so you can actually do a split screen and mm-hmm and it looks really good okay now I didn’t even try to boost


this video there at Facebook’s always trying to get you to boost some huh they


would think that quick cash grab all right so I’m gonna pull ups a little bit


surely now I’ll tell you guys this little secret zoom does make your um


your band width kind of slow sometimes meaning that it makes your computer run kind of slow sometimes okay so let me


show you live yes here we go so I did


this on Zoom and I broadcasted live okay


see if they’ll let me fast-forward oh here we go here’s that click here okay


okay good question so we can actually talk side-by-side warrior so if you’ve


ever seen anybody do this this is what they were doing okay all right and since we were in there I’m


surprised nobody asked me this yet I’m surprised nobody asked me this yet oh


you can’t see the three dots when you’ll see the three dot but you’re it’s only in the webinar okay yep it’s only in the


webinar you can’t see the three dots I was showing you what happens after you click the three dots all right now I’m going to show you I’m surprised


nobody has asked me about this so far but you can actually click on I don’t


know if anybody has found this here there are actually virtual backgrounds that you can add and it can make your


stuff look really good okay now I learned the hard way that sometimes it


does a mirror image okay when it broadcasts so right now my name is the right way and you guys saw I don’t even


have a green screen or anything so this is awesome check out my YouTube video if you guys want to make a custom background but you can even do this in a


free account of course you can’t record it but it’s pretty fun for you to write and they have like so these are just


some fun little things and you can do these you know with your classes or if you’re kind of like I know some of my clients sometimes are like I don’t


really like my background um don’t worry about it yeah and you could even do like moving places and all that good stuff


okay check out I got a youtube video about it and you can actually see that but I think maybe I should keep this


what you guys alright yeah so all you do


you guys have access but right now your video isn’t showing so you’re not gonna be able to try it but right next to the


video there’s a little spot and it says choose virtual background okay if we were in a meeting each one of you would


oh my name looks backwards okay this happened at you see this is something okay I’m gonna work on this


this happened to me on my side it’s it’s facing the right way okay that is good


to know thank you yep that happened to me before guys no


fun okay all right how about this is it the right way now


you you still not the right way okay all right


so somebody said it was backwards now you’re still saying Becker’s okay I’m just gonna take this one off and play with this because there is a


mirror-image spot but for this one it seems like it it always wants to feedback whereas all know what’s up with


that guy I’ll know what’s up with that all right okay all right so I’m just


gonna take this one off or have a distraction but yeah even when you’re on a meeting you can change your virtual


background so it’s kind of fun we did that we had a little virtual party with my barbershop so yep yep okay so and I’m


actually gonna go and take this off all right just in my boring background okay


all right so let me share my screen again with you okay all right so let’s


talk about some of the features why I love zoom so much okay so I’ve already been sharing my computer screen with you


and I’m doing that now you know I’m definitely doing that right now


okay I’m sharing my screen with you I can also share my phone screen with you okay I can also share my phone screen


with you which I’m closing my apps because I have 500 million okay


okay all right you know I’m still closing apps ad guys dad’s ads okay so sometimes


like when I teach my master class and some of the other classes that I do I like to make sure that people have the information on how to do things from


their phone because a lot of people don’t have computers and and I still want to make sure they can do things that’s why I like zoom so much because


people can actually do things from their phones and it’s and it’s iPhone and


Android friendly okay yep no sharing um I don’t believe that’s a I don’t believe


that that’s a paid feature okay so I’m gonna share my my iPhone screen so if you guys have ever been on my classes


you guys may have seen them before I’m gonna show you this I’m gonna do this quick screenshot so you guys can see


what I’m looking at it was a long one


okay all right


we’ll do it again I’m going to share with you guys before I share my phone


screen I’m gonna share this again so that I make sure that you guys can see what I’m looking at oops


do you can also draw on the screen by the way all right


you okay so let me share my screen so I can show you guys how I’m able to share my


phone okay let me pull back up my screen shot that I had here this is the best


way that I can really do this because um my screen shots been disappearing that


hold on just one moment I’m kind of trying to trick this system so it’s kind


of funny because you know usually people don’t want people to see their meeting controls so I’m really like literally


kind of like tricking it to show you guys what’s going on over here


all right you


lately I’m rebooting my computer for this


alright let’s try that again well right now my computer is giving me a little issue but basically there is a spot


there and you can actually choose


you you you


all right there goes the video all right


so let’s share the phone screen


you you


all right if you guys didn’t hear me go ahead and give me a thumbs up I need to make sure you guys can all hear me go


ahead and give me a one in the comments here


you okay perfect perfect perfect okay lost


my little skirt here okay so I’m gonna share my phone screen with you we’ll try this little thing again it’s giving me a


little I’ll just do this real quick and then


you guys can even see everything I’m seeing


all right so here we go here’s what I’m seeing so you can see I have these when I hit share at the bottom you see this


little green spot right here there’s a little bottom and it says share so here I can use my iPhone or my iPad via


airplay okay now this is only an iPhone or iPad and so it’s iOS that you can share um you can do the Google Chrome


here that’s my that’s actually what I’ve got open or my desktop okay so it’s asking you what you want to share okay


so now let me go ahead and I’m gonna click my I’m gonna go ahead and share my phone just so that you guys can kind of


see how you can do it okay that’s what I’m gonna make sure that you guys can see how you can do it okay so right now I’m gonna share via


cable sometimes it gives me a problem sometimes it doesn’t we’re gonna find out but even if it does give you a


problem sometimes what you can do and it went right away I just hit resume share okay so then you can you guys can see in real


time my phone right so it’s really easy for me to teach classes on apps and show people what I’m doing on my phone while


I’m talking alright so even if people are like wait stop go back what did you do I can’t see you know that kind of thing it’s really


dope okay it’s really dope cuz I’m able to see all of that okay alright awesome


so you know even like if I want to go ahead and do things right away create Flyers whatever it is that I want to do


I can do it right there okay good stuff right isn’t that dope okay so this is a


little key for for later okay I want to take a quick quick break here I want to


see who was paying attention I’ve got a some prizes here I didn’t tell you guys I had some prizes did I okay I didn’t


tell you guys I had some prizes okay so I have a class about how to create your


own t-shirt business and and merchandise business I’ve done this for some of my other clients from t-shirts to totes to


I’m still waiting for my little Nick start thinking I’m really excited about that to come in my face covering thing


if you guys want to learn how to do that whether you have a website or you don’t have a website my class shows you how to


do that so what I’m gonna do I’m gonna see who’s the first person I don’t see who the first person is they can tell me


what is the meeting limit right what is the meeting limit on a free account how many minutes


ooh that was fast ooh I gotta go let me see who’s the first person wow that was really fast


okay it was shaquiesha simcha Keisha Sims you got


the free class so definitely I will be reaching out to you shaquiesha okay yes


it’s it was 40 minutes limit on a free account okay a 40 minutes limit on a


free account okay yep yep yep all right all right so just want to see you guys


pay attention you’re not okay wake up all right so let’s get back to our presentation here let’s see here


okay yes yes just something to keep it fun just something to keep it fun okay


you can you can share your screen your computer your phone you can record meetings that’s a paid feature it’s easy


for iPhone or Android so your attendees can have iPhone or Android I’ve seen some of you guys are joining from iPhone


some of you guys are joining from androids and that’s fine but if you’re running the meeting obviously you can only share the screen for your for your


iPhone their or your iPad okay yep yep


you can also record video and audio it’s super easy to do this and to and I also


mentioned another thing right that you can broadcast live to Facebook and YouTube I mean there’s a lot of other that’s not my number one feature because


there’s other tools that you can do that for as well but that is another feature that they have okay so let’s talk about


people can actually pay you okay people can actually pay you so you guys I don’t


know if my webinar registration page is gonna come up but let me show you so basically you have to have a place where


people can register so they can take your class right how many of you guys want to teach a class where people pay you how many of you guys all right I’m


sure a lot of you do that’s why you’re here okay look at all those hands raised whoo love it’s okay not gonna I gotta


tell them the ends down that whoo they’re still going they’re still going I love it love it all right I hear you


guys I I hear you okay yes that is why I’m here I hear you okay so you need to


there’s a way and this is with a paid account that people can actually pay you okay now remember you have to have that


webinar feature now you can the webinar features at least 40 dollars for a month but it’s something you can turn off and


on so if you just need to use it for one class you can turn it on and then turn it back off okay and you can just write


it down as the cost of doing business okay now let me just say this okay let me just say this don’t get cheap on me


don’t get cheap on me and the reason I’m saying this if you’re doing a paid class and people are paying and you’re used to


teaching classes where you’ve got to pay for a place at a location $40.00 is nothing just think about $40.00 is like


you’re paying for your events pace forty dollars a paper event space that’s cheap right okay so don’t get don’t get upset


about forty dollars okay it’s $40 and that’s what you need to pay so that you can charge people and and


all that kind of stuff then pay the $40 and you can just reach back out okay so the $40 is just for to do a webinar it’s


an add-on so you’d have to pay at least the $14.99 right go back to the pricing you’d have to pay at least the $14.99


plus $40 so that you can have the webinar that’s what we’re on right now we’re on a webinar okay now lunch other webinars people


don’t talk as much back and forth but I wanted to make sure that I can have enough people on here so that’s kind of


why I did this and if I have so many people coming in and out and people have babies and they’re doing all con stuff cooking dinner whatever else you guys


got going on okay so there is no annual fee for a webinar they charging monthly at least $40 now I’m on the 500 um 500


person webinar and I believe that with an extra hundred dollars okay but I’m gonna downgrade it after this I don’t


always have webinars this large all the time I do a lot of my master classes and things like that and I just need some meetings so people can talk directly to


me okay yep so you can if you’re teaching the class one month you can add the webinar feature on for the $40 and


then you can just downgrade turn it say take that feature off it’s an addition okay okay how much is a webinar usually


to charge for class that’s up to you that’s kind of some research in very some people charge hundreds of dollars some people charge


$20 some people charge ten so it’s up to you to really choose your pricing and you can do research and sometimes you


don’t have to do what other people did okay sometimes you don’t even have to worry about doing what other people did alright does that make sense


so you know maybe start out at one point and just see how many people register now if you get a packed house let’s say


you decide to charge $20 okay and you’re you you have a hundred person webinar and everybody called you got you got you


know over a hundred people with it then you know that your price was too low okay then you know okay next time I’m


gonna do 49 right


okay sorry guys here in North Carolina there’s so much pollen okay don’t don’t look at me like that okay got a couple


of it all right not a good time to cough okay all right so I’m going to show you guys here how


to create a webinar hopefully it won’t give me a problem while I’m doing this this is hard to test without doing it


but I’m going to show you what it looks like okay so I’m gonna go over here to webinars and I’m gonna say schedule a


webinar and everybody can see my screen right yes okay perfect okay so I’m gonna go


ahead and I’m gonna hit schedule a webinar and here you just can call it


whatever you want to call it okay so we’ll say test Wu test in the


class okay um demo webinar right for display I don’t


know whatever that was dry I’m super dry you can actually set up webinar templates I usually don’t you can say


what time you want it to be how long you want it to be it’s not gonna cut you off so if we go over the time limit it’s not


gonna catch you off so I usually try to keep my classes to about an hour because then I feel like people start losing their attention span okay um you can say


whether or not it’s a recurring webinar or if it’s required okay you can require


a password if you want and then you can also set these these settings ahead of time where the host or the panelists can


their video so I can have somebody else on here even though I have a webinar I can have a panelist come on so I’m the


owner of the webinar but somebody else can also talk and show their video as well you can invite other people on okay


audio I can say whether or not people when you use the telephone with a computer audio lately for free accounts


they’re only allowing you to use computer audio because zoom has like 20 times the amount of people that are


usually on or on okay um you can do QA


you can enable practice sessions so you can practice it before you go live you


can enable HD or HD video so better quality video for shared screen video I


will tell you that a lot of times the video it’s not as high quality when you’re watching the recording but I’m going to send it out I still think if


you’ve got useful information people are gonna want to get it anyway okay there’s some settings that you can change to


make things higher definition but just remember when you do higher definition video that’s gonna affect how much space


it uses in your recording okay remember if you have it when it records that’s going to use more space okay FYI okay


you can set it up so only the authenticated users can join the people that register right and I always have my meetings and


everything recorded automatically just because I do not want to forget so I put them in the cloud and the only you can


actually record to your computer and then you’ll never run over that cloud storage limit but the only reason I put


it in the cloud is because since I have an assistant I have a virtual assistant overseas and so she’s able to go in


download the video and upload it into my mastermind class for me okay so that’s


one way that she can help me if I record it to my computer she can’t access my computer okay does that make sense I’m


gonna pause here to see if there’s other questions real quick I want to show you


the place where before we get off this screen I want to show you guys um okay


perfect okay I’m gonna hit schedule here now this is ugly we’re gonna come back and edit well actually you know what I don’t wanna hit


schedule and hit cancel here okay I’m gonna go down here to let me pause I’m gonna pause my screen share for just one


minute but applaud my screen share and let me make sure honestly mostly everything I have in my


zoom account is public information okay that’s my business phone number and everything so everything I have in here


is really public information okay


all right so let me show you where you guys can add the place where people can pay now I’m gonna tell you guys this


okay so I’m sharing my screen against a minute I’m gonna tell you guys this okay when people usually do online classes


they spend a lot of money on software from landing page software to I mean


automation saw I mean it’s so much stuff like they there’s it’s crazy it cost a


lot of money okay so I purposely I usually use fancier pages in all this but I purposely use


the free registration page that comes


with zoom okay and if you go down into your account right and you go down into


the let me see here where was I webinar settings click on webinar settings and


you scroll down now what they zoom has zoom has a lot of settings okay like it has a lot of settings like really if you


scroll down here there’s a place where it talks about Pay Pal okay let me see


it’s under okay here it is you say allow option to


charge registration fee so you have to hit edit here and then you would say check this box and then you would


connect to your PayPal I’m not gonna do that right now but that’s how you would do it this is probably the easiest way any of you guys


are just starting out doing this I would just make it really easy and just do it through paypal FYI because sometimes


people come to me and they say I’m at PayPal um you can actually with PayPal you can use a credit card okay you don’t


have to have a PayPal account for people to pay through through PayPal they can use their credit card okay fYI okay so


let’s say so you can charge right through zoom okay kind of dope zoom is


really like they’re adding so many features if you guys see um there’s just so many like features confirmation


features and emails and email to the presenters and the attendees and the panelists and follow-up to the absentees


and all of this okay it’s got all of these features and this is just for the


webinars right if I go to the meetings there’s also some other features there okay there’s like tons of features I


have some scheduled meetings in here we’ve got if you go down to the settings ok there’s tons of features in here okay


this might be a good time it’s out of its out of order but this might be a good time to address security I know that the news is talking about ozone


security in this net I may be asking you a lot of times people probably don’t really know how to use the system really


well that’s probably why they end up having these issues with the zoom bombers I really don’t think that’s a


huge issue to be honest what you can do and they’ve actually defaulted this on


all new accounts that it requires a meeting passcode but when you go at the top of your profile you can literally


just copy and paste your link and and you can actually add the password in okay so let’s see I might have to


download the latest feature here okay yep it’s letting me know there’s a new version I keep downloading they’re doing


a lot of stuff okay but you can actually go down to your settings and it talks about requiring a password and they’re


saying that that can help you on you know that can help with with people joining your thing that


aren’t supposed to be in it okay so require a password when scheduling new meetings alright or require a password


for instant meeting so an instant meeting is if I’m you know I’m just like hey do you want to go ahead and jump on


a car real quick let’s talk about what you got going on okay that’s an instant meeting and I would just turn it right on and start start a meeting right away


okay all right let’s pause for a just a moment let’s pause for just a moment I


want to see if there are questions I know we’ve got a lot of other good stuff going on let’s go ahead and try a I


wanted to show you guys this feature as well are you going to show you guys this


feature as well let’s see I’m gonna launch this poll are you interested in


teaching a class on zoom so this is a feature that you would get as a webinar so now we can actually see you live okay


we can actually see live people voting all right so it’s been going for 12 seconds so far we’ve got 16 people who


voted 20 24 right going right up right


up right up and it shows me the percentage of people who have actually voted live and in real time and it shows


me how many yeses how many knows all of that it divides it right now 47 out of


68 people have voted we only have one no 2% out of the people who’ve actually


voted have actually said no so that’s one person okay so I can see all of that


are you guys able to see the poll do you guys see the poll


you guys don’t see the pool okay i’ma do a screen shot sometimes what I can see is different than what you guys can see


and so that’s why this is kind of a weird class because it’s hard for me to


share this kind of stuff with people on on the actual on the actual class okay


so I’m gonna end the poll right now okay and I’m gonna share the results with you


guys all right so we have 98 percent of the people who voted are going to to do a


class okay yeah hey Bailey all right pretty cool right and that’s


in a webinar that’s a webinar feature okay I pull okay so I’m gonna stop sharing that all right yep pretty nice


pretty fun and I’m gonna share my screen so you guys can see what I was seeing you guys I make the craziest faces okay


I make the craziest face all the time I’m going to show you guys over here okay so this is what I was seeing


okay so I had this little thing going and it was counting down the seconds and it was showing me what percent of people


you know out of everybody he was showing me 49 out of 67 percent so seventy-three


percent of the total people in here voted 48 people voted yes that was 98


percent so it got very technical the numbers right yes super technical quick but it’s it’s pretty cool it’s it’s good


to keep people interactive especially you know when you’re doing these webinars and people can’t actually talk


to you it’s really good to be able to have that okay yeah everybody can’t vote


sometimes people are multitasking and that’s why when you do a webinar it’s good to do it because if somebody’s cooking dinner or they got kids like


even right now since I’ve been sitting here my daughter has walked by five times probably because she knows it asked me when I’m on when I’m doing


something can I have some ice but anyway that’s another story okay all right okay


so let’s see here okay


all right cool cool all right so let me share my screen I want to make sure I’m looking at the time and I want to make


sure I get through all of this information here so we you guys see how to charge okay did you guys see how to


charge remember we connect it integrates of PayPal okay


everybody saw how to charge raise your hand blues all right cool I love seeing these hands


raised whoo just fills up my whole screen all right good stuff good stuff


um I don’t know I don’t think you can see the participants yeah I didn’t show


you how to create a poll I can show you here it’s in the webinar features I can show you that if you want to see that


here there’s actually a ton of features here so let me share my screen with you once again and let’s go back over here


my settings I’m gonna go let me make sure I’m in the webinar settings now go to webinars oh yeah sorry


settings there’s just so many right so let’s go to


isn’t it crazy like how many settings there are in here so okay so if you want


to create a poll okay so let’s say we we schedule this webinar right and we say


I’m just gonna do test real quick test you know just so you guys can see you


can actually create a template if you wanted and do something here require rubbished registration if you want to


put a webinar password the video you choose all this stuff okay then you say um let me see in a I like


to enable a practice session I like to enable HD video um and then you hit scheduled right once you do that you can


actually go back in and edit some other features also so if you want to go see there’s all kinds of settings down here right so that’s the link to join the


webinar and here’s email settings right Brandi okay now this is really cool


because you can actually really customize your page okay so you can go


into canvas so any of you guys who know me know I love me some canvas you can go in here and I think this might be maybe


oh this is from my youtube okay oh those like something I got for my youtube


thumbnail a little template I used okay then I can upload my logo I can find it


all this stuff on here okay so you can actually brand these pages so even though you know it’s the webinar page


through the zoom you can actually do a lot of stuff and I’ve got so many logos on here it’s crazy so I’m not gonna go


through here just because I don’t want to spend too much of your time doing that alright and then you can actually


go ahead here and I saw some I actually put a survey at the end so when you guys


in the webinar there’s actually a little survey you guys can take so I created a survey you can use Google Forms I use


jot form and you can put a little link there so people can take a survey when they end when they end the actual


webinar okay here Bailey is where you would create the polls and you’d say add here and you can type whatever you want


you can make an anonymous if you feel like this is kind of a personal question but you want to get their answer and you can do a single choice or a multiple


choice they type in their answers okay yeah they can’t type in their answer but you can


put multiple questions in here and when during the webinar I can just share the poll like I did okay and then it’s


showing you let’s look at our let’s look at our little registration page today


[Music] you I think what I didn’t do is I think I


didn’t require the registration so let’s automatically approve and we’re administration is required so we hit


save also that should give us a link here okay here’s the registration URL so


I’ll show you what it looks like so you guys can kind of see I didn’t put the logo on there stuff on my computer okay


all right so pretty easy right and they make it here so you can just share it with other people on Facebook Twitter so


people can share it and invite other people to your webinar okay pretty cool right and this is free guys but you can


also take payments remember yes okay let


me just check my little chat and see if I have any more questions here okay there’s some more goodies we’re getting


down to the good stuff now okay you can do pre-recorded videos okay yeah I have


a Mac but I’m gonna tell you this if you do it on your computer I have my either


neck cord plugged in okay do you guys know what the ethernet cord is


okay you know how you plug the computer it goes straight from the internet you’re not using the Wi-Fi okay some


people are saying no so let me go ahead and share it I’m gonna share this this is gonna be so weird guys okay hold on


I’m gonna show you that looks like so much stuff on my desk okay hold on I’m gonna I need to that’s a great quick I’m


glad that you asked that question because that’s super important okay when you are doing these zoom webinars


okay when you’re doing these hoon webinars what ends up happening a lot of


times is it takes up bandwidth okay so you don’t want it to be difficult for


you to run your class okay I’m gonna hit resume share I’m in my okay so I’m just using the camera on my phone and so you


see this little you know this little thing I have mine plugged into my macbook right here but I’m on my PC I got a PC over here too it just plugs


into the back you guys familiar with this little the blue part is what I’m showing I have to put an adapter for my


Mac but you guys are you guys familiar with what this little plug looks like mine’s blue you might have a black one a green one yellow okay that’s the


ethernet cord you should definitely and I’m not using Wi-Fi when I’m doing these meetings I learned this the hard way


you need to make sure that you are hard-wired in okay this is what it means this means you’re hardwired into the internet you are not using Wi-Fi okay


yes a great question I don’t even plan on talking about that but that was that was a great question


okay yep yep okay


how did I screenshot my laptop oh gosh it’s like shift-command and three the number three it’s really


weird on the Mac had to get used to it but for online stuff the Mac is really great okay right yes you definitely


don’t want to have dial-up okay so what would the other thing I saw a few questions hold on


okay um I’ve made a lot of questions here is advice we’ll have a lot of storage on your iPhone or computer I


don’t I’ve never tried to download the video to my iPhone I would probably just let it go and if you’re doing it from a


phone I would probably just let the recording go to the cloud and then download it okay they’re not gonna instantly charge you


so you have a little bit of time to go in there from a computer or go on Google Drive and download it or move it to your


Google Drive okay yes you can do pre-recorded content Danielle saying would zoom work well


with creating video content for YouTube without going live yes you can and I actually I’m going to move my light because it’s actually


really close to me hold on real quick and that makes a difference by the way


found out the hard way I look like a ghost in one of my um it’s not so much better so much better look like it goes


okay alright yes you can do pre-recorded videos okay alright so let me make sure


I’m just making sure I’m covering all these questions okay yep okay so alright


so you’re asking about pre-recorded videos you can they weren’t you guys want to see how they work okay let me so


I can find one all right I’ll share my desktop let me go over here I haven’t


plan on doing this part you guys I have something really dope like you guys are gonna be the first people to see something okay so please do not let me


forget I got to show you guys this you guys are gonna be the first people to know this like this is like nobody knows


this literally nobody knows this okay you guys are gonna be the first people to see this alright so let me show you


okay so some of these I actually um here we go here’s one of my youtube videos I


recorded you guys hear it okay alright I will


stop this now so you can share videos okay good stuff right very robust tool


great question alright let me check on here okay so I want to show you guys how to do this how


how to run these classes okay this is a nitty gritty okay little bit nitty gritty do we need another do we need


another question another quiz right now you guys ready to get to the nitty-gritty what do we what should we do should we do another prize


so we do another prize


you all right


okay another prize another prize okay okay we got one minute gritty and a whole bunch of prizes okay okay okay


will do will do one more prize let’s see let’s see let’s see what is the feature


okay what is the feature that the extra


feature that you have to pay for to do to have this meeting like we’re doing


now Oh angel got it angel was on it angel was on it yep


Selena’s like $40 okay angel yes you wouldn’t be class the t-shirt class all


right angel I’m looking for your last name you said it’s so quick angel okay angel pointer okay yes yes yes okay


congratulations congratulations all right okay let’s get down to the


nitty-gritty okay what you need you definitely need require do you have to have a webcam or a cell phone okay I’m


gonna show you guys my webcam okay you really should have good lighting okay you should have good lighting now if you


don’t have a ring light like I do you can you can also just make sure you could turn toward the windows I’ve got a


couple windows in here even though it’s dark now but you can turn towards the windows you can go to some other places


okay but you need to make sure that you’ve got good light you’ve got to have good luck okay you got to you got to


have I would highly recommend don’t do this on the free account okay if you’re doing a paid class come on man okay I


would highly recommend actually a webinar just to make sure your class will go much more smoothly all right so


let me show you here I’m gonna share my phone screen because I want you guys to see what I’m doing okay I want you guys


to actually see what I’m doing here okay so let me share again my phone screen


yeah so girl let’s see resume sure okay so I’m using my phones I can show you


guys so I’ve got my ring lights back here okay it’s kind of hot in here


here is my webcam this is so weird I can’t let move my camera over here so you guys don’t have that mirror effects


going on so this is my webcam now I’m gonna show you guys the difference between me using my webcam and not okay


I’m gonna show you guys that so I’m gonna stop sharing I just want to make sure you guys can see my webcam and the


light okay so I’m gonna stop sharing my phone and I’m gonna just look at you guys here all right so I’m on my webcam


camera right now okay it’s a HD webcam I’m gonna switch to my now mind you guys


okay I’m kinda I’m a little salty about this okay cuz this is a very expensive MacBook I spend a lot of money on this


one cause it’s for my business you gotta invest right so I’m going to show you guys the difference between be using this HD webcam and I’m going to use the


built-in camera isn’t it crazy and this is still with


the light I don’t understand okay I’m mad about this okay so I would highly recommend but of course if you’re doing


the webcam you’re gonna need a computer okay you do it to a computer you just plug it in on the side it’s it’s almost


isn’t that crazy just some very expensive computer guys I’m like really come on so I’m gonna go back over you


okay it’s crazy it’s a huge difference it’s so crazy okay I actually probably


really need to move my office is not that big I really need to move my light further back but um anyways and


I’ve got mine here okay all right so


we’ve got that I’m gonna show you guys also now if you’re going to be demoing something I would highly recommend


having this right here okay so just like a little you can have a little tripod I have a big tripod I have several tripods


okay but yeah you’re gonna need a tripod okay um yep you’re gonna need a tripod


to hold the webcam or the phone okay now we’re family here right are we


family in here so I’m gonna show you guys I’m gonna be honest you guys my nails have become a victim to the


coronavirus I’m not trying to make light of the situation but I have not been


able to get my nails done and I’ve been so busy and that’s why I wanted to share this with you guys I wanted to share


this class with you guys because since all of this has happened since all of this craziness in the world has happened I have been swamped okay and I want to


share this with my family like you know a lot of people are saying hey I’m not working I’m not making any money and I’m


like I have been swamped and I’m not saying this to brag I’m saying it’s cuz I’m like you guys can make money too I


want to make sure you guys have the skills so you guys can make money awesome okay so I’m gonna show you guys how this works I’ve got a little cell


phone holder also so if you want to use your cell phone the iPhone camera is amazing like I have an iPhone 11 Pro the


camera on it is amazing so I’m gonna show you guys both ways that you can do this okay so this is my webcam now the


webcam because it’s so fancy sometimes it is kind of zooming in and out so I’m gonna actually pick it up here but it


actually has this is really awkward but the webcam actually has


a place to screw in the tripod on the bottom okay but if I was doing here if


you were demoing doing here I have not done my hair but if you were demoing


doing here you can see really well right okay and you can see these crazy nails alright if you want a demo doing


eyebrows or anything like that makeup it can certainly be done right I know this is really awkward okay but I


doing this because you guys are my family I need to make sure you guys have the information okay so this is my webcam and I’m gonna be sending out the


links um you know to all the stuff that I have so you guys can I’m gonna make sure that I send out links it so you


guys can get the stuff that I have okay now I’m gonna do it I’m gonna do this on my phone and I’m gonna go ahead you can


easily just go ahead and plug it into your phone right set it up now this this


is kind of cool I could actually put my tripod and lean my phone down so let’s say if I were doing nails right let’s


say I’ve talked to several people about that that’s why I decided to actually have this webinar because I’ve had a lot of my clients coming to me and different


people and they were saying hey I already had classes that were scheduled okay how can I go forward because I’d


rather do the class and have to refund the money and even the people still want the class okay we’re gonna go back to normal eventually okay we don’t know


when but someday okay so you kind of have to make sure you got it balanced really good but I’m gonna go ahead and


share my phone screen you gotta make sure you have some good light I really didn’t plan this burn go with the light but at least I can give you guys an idea


I’m actually gonna take this off this tripod right now um but I’m going to show you so if you guys were doing


makeup or hair even if you had to have somebody else hold the camera for you and move with you if that’s easier for


you you can easily do that as well but I’m gonna show you guys here okay and


obviously if you were doing a class you’d want to have a prettier background than what I got going on okay but you


can easily okay yes guys don’t judge me don’t judge me okay but yeah you could easily if you


were doing a nail class people could easily see what you’re doing right right can you guys see


all right so and even with the hair right you can almost you can see very well


right get those kids that are home give them a job you like uh you’re gonna work


in my class right here you’re gonna help me teach people how to do something over


here the eyebrows hair nails okay all right so it can definitely be done


are you guys surprised are you guys surprised by this I’m sorry I’m my mouse


does not work on the plain clear part okay are you guys yes are you guys so


surprised yeah guys this can be done and this is not the way people have usually


used um zoom okay this is not the way people have usually used them but I want


to share this because I need to make sure that you guys have that um this last video that I did that was my iPhone


okay that was my iPhone the last mean idea was my iPhone okay so it’s pretty


good so everybody’s got their phones okay yes everybody’s got their phones okay yes that camera on holds good right


okay yes okay now I told you guys I promised you I was gonna give you some


exclusive oh my gosh you guys this is exclusive okay like literally nobody’s


seen this yet okay hold on real quick I’m gonna open this up okay I’m gonna open this up so a lot of you guys so


I’ve talked to you about zoom now you guys understand yeah we can use zoom okay so I’m excited about it because


this is something that I do not want my peeps to get left behind all right so


I’m gonna go back to a meeting okay and I did not plant guys you guys want to


hear a funny story this is how life works okay this is how this is how life works


I was already planning to do this webinar okay now you I did not okay I did not


plan this okay I did not plan this piece okay I’m a booksy ambassador and I


didn’t even know that they’re working on an integration with zoom guys an integration so how many of you guys in


here are already using booksy okay how many of you guys in here already using


booksy alright let me know if any of you guys are in here are using booksy okay


so book C is a scheduling app um yep and guys I even play this wasn’t even on my


agenda to talk about this just happened they just told me about these guys okay yes yeah okay check this out guys this


is exclusive like hot off the presses like this is this is nowhere okay this is nowhere okay so this is what


happened right so they found out doing this weather on their like oh we’re integrating zoom and booksy so right now


you usually people are just doing um you know in-person clients right you’re


doing hair nails whatever services that you offer it’s for in person right now book C is offering so I’m gonna give you


guys an exclusive behind-the-scenes look of what it looks like I was so excited just because you guys I


just get really excited about this on there okay okay I embrace it okay so let me go back here and see okay so these


are some of my test meetings that I did but I just want to kind of show you guys let me pause for just one second here


make sure I don’t share any sensitive information hold on just a minute


all right see okay so here was a meeting


okay so I’m gonna do my share here all right yay somebody just signed up okay check this


out okay so this is a meeting that somebody booked with me I actually did like a test oh wait a minute make sure there’s work before I show


everybody okay now if you have books you already this is not active it hasn’t even been announced okay I think they’re


gonna announce it in one day okay guys this is like you know tea okay this is


all the way the the information here okay so he did like you know we did a


little test here but I want to show you this so this is this is my customer right here he booked an account with me


so this is for me internal note viewable by staff only so all I have to do so I don’t have to use


my own zoom account they have a zoom account that has the paid feature with recording they already set it up for you


in your book see okay there’s some way you have to get them to activate it on your account


more on that stay tuned to my account I will keep you guys up to date on this okay but all I have to do when I see


that I have an appointment right I’ll say oh I need to meet with Jacob so I click here right go to the details and


then I can click start meeting right here I’m not gonna click it because it’s a different zoom account okay I don’t


want to have no problems okay and then it also this is the link that gets provided to Jacob so it says note for


client the service is provided via video conference join the meeting here so it’s not dope guys so I’m gonna show you also


what my profile looks like in book C this is just an update just because I need to make sure I take care of my


people I didn’t plan on talking about those guys it’s so funny I’d plant I told them hey I’m having a I’m having a


webinar just by the way okay actually go to the regular you go to the regular one


flipsie dot us remember how do you go to the regular thing when you get the here


we go so this is like the client side okay so if somebody we’re going here so


okay so let’s go in here to my profile so I’m looking at my profile like a customer right and so see how it has


this little thing it says online services so it’s letting people know they don’t have to be close to you to


book the services okay how dope is that cuz I need to know they


were working on those that’s you know that’s so it works guys a song works right okay booksy the least expensive


account is $29.99 but go ahead and reach out to me and we can definitely um okay


you know reach out to me go ahead and DM me if you want to try it out okay so that’s all they would do okay and it


even works from the phone it’s dope like I tested it out okay so I’ll show you


guys with that same meeting so it still works from the phone and you don’t even have to worry about signing up for zoom


and stuff it does it for you I’m super concerned about that okay there’s more


details this is just something new it hasn’t even been released to the public yet um let me pull this up so I can show


you I always want to make sure I show people how to do things from their phone as well I know everybody doesn’t have computers so I always let me see where


I’m logged in the book Seattle while didn’t have the wrong person hold on I got I’m logged in to all kinds of people to come let me login to mine


and I’m gonna show you guys I want to make sure that you guys have the tools that you need I will tell you this


whenever I talk about anything I love to talk about good better best okay good is having your phone right better


invest in this case is having a computer right a lot of stuff even though you can do it from your phone a lot of stuff is


easy it’s kind of easier to be honest to do it from a computer um for a lot of


the stuff that I talked about doing um you can actually you can actually do


like a Chromebook Chromebook so what you’re finding for one something like you know okay so you’re saying I saw a


question here and you’re saying does booksy only work on a paid account so booksy is a paid account but the zoom


feature I think is free okay so they’ve got like a pane style of um zoom as part


of your account so I don’t know what the with the account limits are if it’s a special kind of thing that partnership


that they worked out with Zoo okay that’s a great question I don’t have those details I just know how it works


right now okay I just know how it works I’m super excited because they actually create your own account so guys think


about this you could do classes I probably wouldn’t do a huge class because I believe it me it’s not a webinar okay it’s a live


meeting so you want to be able to mute the mics I will tell you muting mics and


stuff on your phone can be kind of a pain I would not probably recommend running the webinar from your phone but


let me show you I’m gonna share my phone screen with you again just so you guys can see how this booksy feature works so


crazy that this happened guys I just found this out like two days ago okay so I’m gonna click on Jacob staying here


and look he just click start meeting and that’s the link that he would see so if he’s like hey Stephen I didn’t get the


email I didn’t get one of my right if you said that to me then I can copy and


paste this and I can go ahead and email it to him I can send out you can actually go ahead so you can actually go


ahead and I can say copy link here right and then I can go to the messages right


there’s a place where you do the let’s see there’s a marketing message blasts


right and then what you can do is you can create like a text like you can set it so if you have multiple meetings for


that day online meetings or something you can send out a message blast or an in-app message or you can also send out


an email it’s all in the it’s all in there so you can teach classes and everything kind of crazy right all right


let’s see a whole nother question or comment here yep yep and shunter I want


to make sure that I answered your question there so the books the account is paid right but I mean it’ll still


you’ll still get all the features even under a try okay even under trial you get all the features okay and that will


not be the least okay guys but isn’t that dope alright


alright so I’m gonna stop here for a moment I wanna see I wanna see if anybody has any other questions there’s


so much guys zoom is like amazing and I want you guys to fall in love with it


like I do I’m gonna be honestly part of the reason that I actually started using zoom also is because the reason that it


was a lot cheaper than a lot of the other webinar platforms to be honest that’s for starting I was like I don’t know


oh I gotta pay for this I gotta pay for that I could you know and it was one of the less expensive platforms though um


yes I have compared you know I actually used to manage all the brand ambassadors


at booksy before I came became a brand investor so I’m probably one of the most I know a lot about that let’s just say


that I know a lot about the app okay yes so let’s see millionnaire Davis that I


can tell the difference again from having a webinar versus a free account sure let me share my screen here one of


the biggest things okay let me see it’s one of my other slides here one of the biggest differences is that when you


have a webinar it’s for bigger groups of people and other people can’t talk does


that make sense they can’t talk or show their face they can only communicate via chat the polls the questions okay so


that’s like the biggest thing but it makes a big difference because now my recording doesn’t have babies crying in the background the toilet flushing


dinner cooking kids getting yelled at


right all right


yep that’s the bit that’s the biggest thing so if you’re doing a class and you want to reuse it I would recommend you


know doing this in I would recommend definitely doing a webinar not a meeting


now I’ll tell you this now somebody asked this question earlier now if you want to record YouTube videos and you


want to show how to do things on your phone or on your computer doing it in zoom is one of the easiest things down


the wet the quality might not be as high as you want to be but that’s one of the easiest way the video is all together it


has you already talking while you’re doing it on your phone it’s so it’s awesome okay


Selena I’m not quite sure what you mean you said you could pre-record using a webinar yes you can record things if you


have the paid account so you can look at the $14.99 a month account and there’s no contract guys okay um


even at that level you can set it up to always record so I do a lot of one-on-one client meetings with people


and strategy sessions and and just all kinds of things with people so I set my account up to automatically record so I


can share the recordings with the people that I have the one-on-one sessions with does that make sense but it’s awesome


for YouTube and other how-to-videos it’s one of the easiest things okay I don’t


know keynote why haven’t you done this yet okay yes now I will tell you this if you guys do


have classes planned or anything like that hit me up if you feel overwhelmed if you don’t feel like you’re gonna be able to


do it hit me up a river right let’s see kind of ham said what’s a brand ambassador and how do you become one oh


that’s that’s a whole lot of story that’s a whole other story so basically I am a person that talks about books


ebooks and asked me to share I do get paid as a brand ambassador to share and talk about books see okay I got


compensation okay can you record with the camera and download Disney but why would you want to use Enya so you’re


saying you’re trying to increase the video quality I’m not quite sure why you want to record with the camera and


download the room okay hmm you could try you could try well I’ll do


this you singing it I’m gonna send out after this meeting is over guys I have to wait it takes a little bit of time I’m gonna send out a replay video to all


of the people who registered okay yes I’m gonna sound a replay video and you guys can compare the video of me talking


from my webcam and the video of me on my phone and then you guys can decide you know and I’m even I shared a video on


here so will you guys go watch the recording you can just um you can just kind of like go forward and compare the


video quality in different spots okay alright and then I had another question how do you get in touch with me yes


thank you thank you so everywhere I am the social barber honestly sadly I he’s


gonna get in touch with me through a DM on Instagram I’m better than that then text messages it’s sad I know I don’t


know what the deal isn’t me I don’t know but definitely you could definitely do me everywhere is the social bar okay


everywhere Facebook Twitter Instagram I’m the social barber my website is the social barber calm okay that’s social


barber calm I can share that with you right here let’s see here


I will share my screen again it’s so easy so this is something I’ve been teaching


these online classes um if I’m logged in as Kim I am okay all right


okay so everywhere you can just click and you know just DM me the social


barber all right all right any other questions before we wrap up here guys


yeah so there will be a limited replay okay


okay so let’s see Stacey is saying if you do a webinar of a pre-recorded video


and then I can also be in there talking to answer in live questions like you’re doing that you can just what I try to do


Stacey and you and you might not feel comfortable yet but what I try to do Stacey is I try to make sure that I can


I always have my webinar like my I put my Google slides together which by the way if you guys are you know CEOs of


your own business I definitely want you guys to use Google oh my gosh it’s


amazing okay it’s so amazing for your for your business okay um but I create my Google slides but I also want to be


interactive so when people ask me questions I want to be able to go to the website or pull this up or demonstrate something okay that’s just my own thing


but it’s up to you you have to practice and and you probably aren’t going to be good at the beginning okay it’s gonna


take some practice okay how did you do a PowerPoint under teach classes online option has I do a PowerPoint okay um how


did I do okay I think takea my grandpa asked me that


okay here we go let me share my screen here you’re saying how do I do the PowerPoint I’m Google’s slides Google


slides you guys Google slides that’s not just talking about Google everything okay it’s free okay remember how I was


talking about the storage situation so I use Google Google only charges me a


dollar ninety-nine a month for a hundred gig of space you get 15 gigs free but


that’s for your email and everything in pictures but I get upgraded to 100 gig and it’s only a dollar ninety-nine so


it’s pretty good so I made these slides that I made and everything they’re all in Google okay yep cold city


oh I’m not quite sure to say that what app to use for mass text and mass emails and that’s a good question because


usually I’m gonna integrate this and use my convertkit I like to use convertkit convert is so


easy I know a lot of times they do have a free version now but a lot of times people use MailChimp cuz it’s free but


let me tell you mail Tim you got to work in mail cheap I have a matches it’s


offered at all minute MailChimp is not the easiest thing okay for me even okay um let’s see make sure I don’t make any


other questions now by the way when people are doing webinars usually this is the part where


they would be telling you something okay all right am I gonna do a class on Google slides I


don’t know there is a replay on here guys there’s a replay there’s a quiz that you guys gonna take let me know in


there what you want to learn about next ok let me know ok let’s see how long as


we play less it’s probably not gonna last longer than two days they got to delete it out of my account yes Google


will definitely work for you zoom should work for you they have tons of international accounts when you go down


to the bottom there was um but yeah you can you can easily Google that they have tons of international emails like when


you’re doing the the invitations there’s tons of that ok yep so it


definitely works internationally okay Shunta the the class for the let’s


see okay I think you should another t-shirt class yep that’s already recorded and


done good to go I’m gonna be adding a new piece where I show people how to make these face coverings like I got and


I’m kinda I really like these a lot I added these two Kim’s website as well these are ones I added to Kim’s website I like these a lot because when I went


to Vegas and we went on the dirt bikes we needed something like this I feel like this is something I’ll be able to use even after now okay and then you


said you recommend letting your participants know that the video will only last two days now usually when I


have a paid class this is just me I have an online platform um great question by


the way okay this is just the way I saw my classes and it depends on how much you want to sell your classes for but


okay so this is my online school social barber Academy I actually have a lot more classes in here but I’m switching


some stuff around but when I do the class and zoom I will go ahead and I upload it right I go ahead and I upload


it into so even though the classes on zoom I uploaded into my online platform


and I tell them that they have access to it later okay that’s how I do it so somebody’s paying


for education but that depends like maybe they pay to come to the live class you give them limited access to the


replay and then maybe you charge an extra fee if they want to have unlimited access to the recording okay because


people are used to kind of come in to male hair classes in person and they don’t get replaced right and doing it on


your phone with other people they’re they’re not even gonna get as clear of of you and they would get from your webinar right on a webinar they’re gonna


get really clear view all right so definitely I would you know consider


that putting it onto a platform that they could have unlimited access to okay all right any other questions all right


please make sure that you go ahead and fill out the survey okay pull up the


survey and stay tuned for the replay you’ll be getting the email for the replay all right thank you guys talk to


you soon bye you