in my chair video podcast featuring connie chanel of texas

In My Chair Podcast: Season 3, Episode 2 Featuring Textured Hairstylist Connie Chanel

The second episode of the season features textured hairstlyst Connie Chanel, who used ShearShare to relocate from the Carolinas to Dallas, Texas! Connie has been a beauty pro for fewer than 5 years and relies on hair growth tips she learned from her grandmother to make her clients feel and look their best. When asked what advice she would offer the next generation of cosmetologists and barbers, Connie shared the following:

  • Be careful who you take advice from, because not everyone has been where you’re trying to go.
  • Make sure you have freedom and flexibility in how you grow your career. (Use ShearShare!)
  • Find an authentic community and support group you vibe with.

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