in my chair video podcast with traveling hairstylist angel thornton

In My Chair Podcast: Season 3, Episode 4 Featuring Traveling Hairstylist Angel Thornton

The fourth episode of the season features Angel Thornton, a traveling hairstylist who splits time between Atlanta, Georgia, and Los Angeles, California. Originally from Mississippi, Angel is a third-generation beautician who was encouraged to attend conventional college rather than pursuing hair. She studied psychology but was not passionate about anything outside of the beauty industry. When asked what advice she would offer the next generation of hairstylists, Angel shared the following:

      • Pay attention to your passions. Don’t let anyone talk you out of your destiny. 

      • It’s ok to be an expert or a generalist in this industry. Just know that the riches are in the niches.

      • Stay up-to-date with technology, because software is eating the world. Use tools like ShearShare to make money both as a pro and a host!

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