3 Tips for Increasing Foot Traffic to Your Salon or Barbershop

In the beauty and barbering industry, a very good problem to have is having a full day of appointments, but it doesn’t always work like that.  So how can you fill the void to fill up your day?  You guessed it, walk-in foot traffic!  Here are some tips on how to see that increase at YOUR salon or shop.

Utilize Social Media

Today’s world seems to revolve around social media in a lot of ways, and it’s no different in the beauty and barbering industry.  Using the likes of Facebook or Instagram for your business gives people a preview of your work, the cleanliness of your salon, and many other crucial points that may “sell” your salon to the public without even having to go in!  That’s not even mentioning the most important part: it’s FREE!

Ask for Referrals

Social media may be important, but word-of-mouth marketing is still supreme.  When a customer leaves and is satisfied with the service you have provided, they will more than likely tell their friends about your business and will essentially be a walking billboard.  When you provide good work, the work speaks for itself.  In order to maximize the clients’ happiness, business cards could be given to customers to give out, or a discount could even be given if someone refers your salon to a potential customer!

Offer an Open House

Some potential customers feel uncomfortable walking into a salon without any knowledge and background on the salon, or they might feel awkward coming into the salon without a reason, so give them a reason! Take a day you’re typically closed or a day in which regular clients are scheduled and comfortable with other people around while they’re getting work done and invite the public to come in!  This offers the public an opportunity to see the layout of the salon, along with the companionship among your employees!

Start Increasing Foot Traffic Today!

There are plenty of opportunities to increase foot traffic in your salon, and it takes very little effort.  These three ways are all free and can be set up in a jiffy.  There are no more excuses; get out there and grow your business!

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