4 Leadership Tips for Stylists

4 Leadership Tips for Stylists Who Are Starting Their Own Beauty Business

If you want to run a business, you need to build proper leadership skills on top of your hairstyling and makeup competencies. As an experienced leader in the salon and beauty industry, Andrea Hemmer observed that many leaders lack competencies that are crucial, especially during tough times. Hemmer explains that some lack financial skills that can help them assess the profitability of their business, while other leaders don’t know how to communicate properly with their team.

It’s no easy feat to run a team, which is why you need to build up your skills. To start, here are four leadership tips that can help you become a better leader in your business:

Learn how to optimize your finances

As Andrea Hemmer said, financial skills are one of the most important competencies you need to build.

This competency can help you assess how to manage your profits and losses, as well as find solutions that can boost your financial growth, such as ShearShare. Renting a studio every month can be a significant financial liability for new businesses, which is why we at ShearShare offer a dynamic pricing program based on each studio’s location, amenities, and booking schedule. ShearShare also provides liability insurance by the day, thus making it easier for salon owners to afford this requirement. Through this program, you can minimize your operating expenses without compromising the growth of your own business.

Foster a culture of continued learning

Your team won’t be encouraged to study the latest hair and beauty trends if you aren’t willing to learn new skills.

So, take the first step by taking classes that are necessary for your business, such as financial management or leadership coaching. Coaching is encouraged by LHH for leaders and managers who want to be experts in delegation, communication, and strategy. Through the expert advice of coaches, you can establish your presence as a boss while showing empathy and self-awareness in your own beauty business. Once your staff see the changes in your leadership style, they may be encouraged to improve their soft and hard skills, too.

Communicate properly with your staff

Experienced stylists already know how to speak with clients. However, a new communication skill that you’ll have to master is knowing how to talk properly to your staff.

Entrepreneur points out that poor communication creates uncertainty and confusion in the workplace, which can then affect the productivity and morale of your team. That’s why experts recommend communicating regularly with your team by conducting weekly meetings or even sending regular updates. You can also show that you’re available to answer any questions by checking up on your team’s day and using proper lines of communication.

Balance your relationship with your own team

It’s crucial to learn how to communicate with your staff because it will set the tone of your work relationships with them.

Barbara Pereira of Heirs of Venus shared that she got too close to her staff, only to be exploited and dismissed by one of them in the end. While it’s essential to be compassionate and approachable, the salon owner suggests that you set boundaries right at the start to be properly respected as a leader. You can discuss their worries and goals with the work, but make sure that they understand the hierarchy in the business from the start.

You’ll be working with your team on a regular basis, which is why you have to learn how to lead them in the right way. By practicing these leadership tips, you can set your team up for success and scale the growth of your operations.